Grrr Argh!

Have been so busy with work and with the holidays and in general not feeling well. The weather here has been colder than normal and it’s been raining more than normal, so of course my entire body decided it was gonna be mean and hurt. This has more or less put me more behind in getting back to people who have sent e-mails or notes via elsewhere. Sunday I will be off, so in between hurting during the rain we’ll be getting and catching up on housework, I will be working on going through e-mail, FaceBook, etc. I have not forgotten anyone, it’s just some days it’s too painful to sit at my desk, even when I make a ‘bed’ out of my desk chair and a kitchen chair. Thus another reason for wanting a laptop. I can take it back to the bed with me, or the couch. Ok, I know, I can use Twitter and FaceBook on the XBox 360, but seriously, I just want to game when I have that on, or watch something over Netflix. That and its a pain to hook up the keyboard, and I have no interest in a chatpad. And I’ve run off on a tangent :). Anyway, I will catch up on Sunday. After that, as long as the Boss cooperates with me (Hey! I only went home early one day and even though I should have called out at least one day, I’ve been to work, in pain, and getting the job done!) my next day off wont be till the 18th. And I have no plans on getting in touch with ANYONE that day. No offense all, but it’s mine and Hubby’s 10th Anniversary. We don’t have any plans other than to stay home, which is fine. Money is tight, so a night at home, the kids occupied in their room, and us with a good movie will be just as good. Though if anyone is willing to babysit and foot the bill for Miyabi’s, I won’t complain ;).

Man, married for ten years and together for twelve. Wow. Just wow. Love the Hubby!

Speaking of which, I have to brag a bit here. Now, Hubby is a 10th-grade dropout, and it’s been, what, 18 or so years since he’s been to school (not including Navy time). So, when I say I am proud of my Hubby for completing his first semester of college, and also that I am proud of him for doing so with STRAIGHT A’S, I mean it. Yup. You read that right. An A in every class. Hell, he scored a 98 on the Serve Safe Test that is needed if you want to go into management at pretty much ANY restaurant (even if you own your own place). Now I’ve helped two or three of my managers with their certification since they have to re-test every five years to keep it current. If you enter management at a restaurant they will direct you to a place where you can a class that will last a day or two and spring for the book. Now, most people will usually average out at 85-90 (at least at my job). So, I honestly think Hubby got the better end of the deal when he took the actual semester long class and passed the test with a 98! YEAH! My Boss was actually jealous. I think the highest score at our store right now is a 90 (don’t quote). It’s not an easy test, but it’s also not the hardest. If you use common sense you can pass it, but it’s nice to see my Hubby pretty much own the damn thing! Yes, I’m jazzed about it.

What else? Oh, movies. I haven’t said much about the movies I’ve been watching lately. Basically playing catch up from the Summer movies that were in theatres. As much as I love going to the movies, it’s not economical and we typically save them for VERY special occasions right now. Otherwise, at least once a month or more is what we used to do. But, we managed to score a few on Blu Ray recently, thanks to Wal-Mart. They have been having the new Releases on Blu Ray priced at $20 when they first come out. So that helped with Transformers 2 , Gi Joe, Star Trek and Terminator Salvation (but damn Christian Bale is growing on me! I’ve almost forgotten the whole American Pyshco thing!). And then guess what Hubby discovered, and yes, they are still doing it, so check and see if your local Wal MArt has it if you want it, but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price is 15 and change. I shit you not. The Blu Ray version. I think the Standard DVD is about 13, which is still a good deal, but since we really want Blu Rays now (the only reason we still have the PS3, except maybe for one or two games) this is an awesome deal. We haven’t checked out Harry Potter yet, it’s still sitting there on the shelf, but I took the kids to see it for my Birthday when it came out thanks to money my Mom sent for my birthday. Most likely tomorrow night or even on Sunday we will though.

Out of them all I have to say its a close tie between Terminator and Star Trek for my favorite. Terminator was handled very well, and ignored the thrid movie to a point. And it was nice to see Helena Bonham Carter in a movie other than one of TIm Burton’s. Love him, don’t get me wrong, but I think she’s wasted there. And even though it was a small role, she did a great job. And Christian Bale is growing on me. First Batman and now John Connor. He needs to stop. Seriously. Then we have Star Trek. Not a huge Trekkie, more of a Star Wars fan girl, but I still like to sit down and watch the shows and movies, but I was never really into it, except for Voyager. That was one my mother and I loved watching together. And even though JJ Abrams was behind this one, we were still cautious, Hubby and I. We adore JJ and all, but he was still responsible for Felicity. I think Fringe has made up for it, but still. Anywho, he did a wonderful job, and made the movie make sense as to why things were different and would be different from now on. And Zach Quinto as Spock?! Oh my gods in Asgard! I’m a Sylar fangirl at heart, so to see him as Spock was surreal, but awesome. He did a great job and I would love to see him in future movies as the 1/2 Vulcan. And the romance for him? Wouldn’t have pictured it in the previous movies, but damn it works here!

All right, I think that’s it for tonight. Feeling the writing bug hitting, so I may write a bit and if I can stand it, play a little Sims. No Dragon Age tonight. I love Zevran, but to have my Player Character romance him this play through, I just… I miss Alistair. A lot. *sigh*. That and I should finish up my ‘planned’ play through with Mass Effect, since the second one is coming out next month and all the little tidbits they have been releasing soon, well, I want that game so bad!

Vader at Grandma's. He loves going there, I think not just for Grandma and Grace, but for the yard!


I can't help but not love him in Dragon Age. *swoon*
Adore the Elf, but he's no Templar!

Note, bottom two pics of Alistair and Zevran are from the game and taken from the Dragon Age Wiki site.


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