Twelfth Night

Today is the last day of the year, the decade and of Yule. So I thought I better update the ole blog and let people see what I’ve been up to. Which of late has been a rather nasty combination of mostly being sick and working hard. I was supposed to work a long 10 hour day today, but after the Boss got us all going and set, I was told I could go home. Of course the Drama King he is, made a production out of it, saying he was tired of hearing my bitchin’ and complain’ and to have a Happy New Year. He is so messed up at times :). Honestly I was looking to leave maybe about 3 or 4 at the earliest, so I could get myself ready for tonight. Nothing big planned. Mainly staying up, watching the Yule candle burn and spending time with the family.

Speaking of which, and I wont go into a lot of detail (another if you already know then you are meant to), but it is quiet around here now. The Oldest is going to be away for six months, so we are adapting to that right now. We will be going to visit with her and all, it’s just so quiet.

Kids made out like bandits this year, even though we really didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend on anything really. I guess I owe a lot of it to Amazon. Hubby watched that site like a hawk since October and we managed to score A LOT for them. Between them and, we did the majority of our gift shopping online. And no, I didn’t have to pay shipping. Amazon Prime is the best program ever, and Wal-Mart I believe had a special on shipping when we got the BluRays for the kids. Which if anyone is interested, the physical stores are still pricing new release Blu Rays for $20 still. I know my father-in-law got a Blu Ray Player for the holidays, and I know a few others who have, so they all need to check it out. And what I am liking about it (and we scored it w/ the kids’ movies) is the majority of the new releases have it where you have the Blu Ray disc, a standard DVD and a digital copy. So if Hubby and I want to watch a movie, but it’s not family friendly, then we can send them to their room to watch one of their new ones. Or if I want to check out a movie and Hubby has a game night with his friends, I can take it back to the bedroom with me. Lovin’ it.

Ok, enough with the sales pitch ;).

Vader getting ready to go to Grandma's!

Anyway, I’ve been pretty sick this last week, though I am feeling better. Last week I dealt with an ear infection of the type I haven’t had since I was in my early teens. Pretty damn bad. It knocked me out for awhile and ruined a few plans, but we still made it to Grandma Wanda’s for Christmas. Anywho, my ears have been playing funky games with me. I think it’s sinus related, but they have been so clogged up lately it isn’t entertaining to say the least. It’ has made things hard at work with running the drive throu and talking on the phone has been a chore at best. My right ear is almost totally plugged up and the left one has moments of clarity. There is a lot of “what did you just say?” around right now, which does nothing for my mood. Ask the Youngest what sets mommy off the fastest. She will tell you repetition. I cannot stand repeating myself or having others repeat things to me. I will become Queen Bitch. They experienced that a few times at work this week. Poor guys. Thankfully I did keep it under for the most part, but still. There was a lot of cussing and swearing in the back room. Hopefully they will clear up soon so I can hear again. It’s hard listening to my MP3 player as well. Had to crank up the volume for RoosterTeeth’s Drunk Tank Podcast and still had to back it up at odd times so I could catch what was being said. *sigh*

Grace 'helping' the girls get ready for bed...

Anyway, more about the time at Grandma’s… We had good food and good company. Typically when we go we have a Prime Rib and Turkey for dinner with all kinds of side dishes. We did this year as well, only Popeye did the Turkey with his new “Infrared Turkey Cooker” (not sure if that’s the official name or not), and let me tell you, that bird was delicious. I love the Southern tradition of the Fried Turkey, something I have grown quite fond of since moving down here. If you haven’t had it yet, you need to try it. But the Infrared Turkey was better! And a little less dangerous. My father-in-law could actually leave it unattended for a little bit and not worry about setting the place on fire, or have oil spill out from overflow, etc. And it was jucier and had the best flavor. Will have to see about getting one for us, once we get a bigger place, that is. But it was good to see everyone again and to show off the gift that the in-laws and Hubby got for me, which showed up a week early. If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter Feed and to my FaceBook page, then you know what I got. It’s the best thing ever: Amazon’s Kindle! Yup, I have one of my very own. And I’ve gotten several new books for it, and almost finished them, even have put a bunch of pdf files on it as well. Sad thing is, I got it on mine and Hubby’s wedding anniversary, and it was hard to resist it! I really wanted to mess with my new toy, but I couldn’t just outright ignore him either! Now I can buy new books for much cheaper prices and not have to worry about using up all the space we don’t have for it. So far my favorite book I’ve read on it is Dragon Age: The Calling. It’s a prequel to the game, setting some things up nicely and blowing your mind totally if you played the game before reading the book. A certain character in the game is not exactly who or rather what he seems.

Vader and Cujo tuckered out after gifts have been unwrapped...

Let’s see here. Haven’t been writing too much, which is bad, but I have been working on outlines and character bibles to make sure I have everything straight. I’ll be taking a few extra days off here in the next couple of weeks, so I plan on spending two days scrubbing this house and then the rest of the time writing. Had wanted to see about having something ready to be published by this month, but since Hubby lost his job and started school, things changed. Still plan on publishing, I’ll just be taking longer to get there.

Methinks Grace agrees with the boys...

On the gaming front: Dragon Age is still the game of choice. Though with Mass Effect 2 getting ready to come out, I need to work on finishing that one play through for the first one. Yes, I finished it like four times, but still, I want to get the full enjoyment out of the second on since you can port your ME1 saves and use the same character in the second one. Oh, and for those interested, the new DLC for Dragon Age comes out next Tuesday: The Return to Ostagar. Can’t wait. Want to go back and kick some DrakSpawn hiney and see if I can get the King’s pretty armor. Not much with Sims lately, though I have been downloading (or ‘shopping’) stuff for them, and even looked up some floorplans to get some ideas for some houses to build for them. What I really got out of the floorplans is this- Am I one of the few people who could give a rat’s ass about granite countertops? Some look nice, but frankly I’d be happy with wood or stainless steel or a combo of both. Better for cooking and baking with. And we do a lot of both.

As soon as we got home, we couldn't find Vader. He was passed out on our bed, too tired to even bother with anything!

Let’s see, what else? Not sure. So I guess I will close this here, and then add the pics and post this entry. Oh, is it time for Stargate Universe yet? I’m in need of a fix here, guys.



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