Happy New Year!

Yup, it’s the first day of 2010. And no, it’s not the new decade, as many like to say it is. Did we start time with 0? Nope, it was 1. So the new decade does not officially start until 2011. Ask your major science geeks and they will agree. As well as the majority of historians.

Holy Shite! The dogs are laying next to each other! That NEVER happens. Normally Cujo likes to snap at Vader, not lay next to him. Wow. Is it the end of the world or something?

Anyway, didn’t get everything accomplished today that I set out to do. Wanted to get the tree down, but that will be done a little at a time during the weekend. The Youngest can start taking the decorations off of it and then between me and Hubby we can get the rest. Just was really tired today. Managed to get the Chili made up (it was super yummy), and did one or two other small things, but not much else. Not a great start to the New Year, but oh well. It will be busy at work over the next two days with the school break coming to an end on Monday and the Start of the Year sales going on.

Did manage to speak with the BFF for a few minutes tonight. We’ve been playing a kind of phone tag game over the last few weeks. Mainly due to my wierd work schedule and being sick. The right ear still is clogged, but I wanted to call her anyway. Unfortunately I managed to catch her as she was driving back from visiting family in Mass. At night. I have perfect timing. I know she’s not thrilled to be talking while driving, so I told her I’ll call her Sunday night. Hopefully we can. That’ll be a long day so there is that chance I’ll pass out once I come home. Being up since 4-ish and then standing in a cold window all day, dealing with the general public will do that to you.

Did manage to play some Sims today, in fact I zoned out on it. I know, bad me, but hey, I went and got all that stuff and found some nice floorplans to reproduce in the game, that I had to. Loving the World Adventures Expansion for it. At first I wasn’t too sure of the whole Tombs and Puzzles thing, but it fits and makes it nice to play now. I have an adventuring Sim that makes all her money that way. She goes through the Tombs and finds the treasures and makes a killing. I think during one trip she ended up with 5,000 simoleans in her pocket. And that was a three-day trip! Combine that with her Military job and she is sitting pretty with the money.

Twitter has been fun lately. Now, thanks to RoosterTeeth (link to the right) I’ve gotten to know a few people (not friends by any means, but at least I’d feel comfy talking to them if I ran into them on the street or at a restaurant). That was an awesome feeling to talk to a few of the people associated with a production company that is starting to slowly move past ‘cult’ status and up into the ‘B’ listers at least. Well, I was floored when someone who is of celebrity status (maybe not as well-known as a lot of them, but I think she should be) responded to a tweet of mine yesterday. She is the delightful Layla Kayleigh. She used to do The Feed on G4, and has since moved onto other projects. Hubby and I follow her as often as we can (in the not so stalkerish way of TV and Internet). Besides being a beautiful woman, she is very intelligent and can be quite outspoken. Check her out here and here. She can be pretty outspoken, but unlike a lot of other out spoken people, she has the brains and the balls to back it up. She doesn’t just utter pure shit and expect everyone to take her word for it. She knows her stuff and can show you. In saying that, I don’t always agree with her POV’s, but I can respect her, unlike a lot of the other Hollywood types that make me want to gag every time they open their mouths. So, yesterday I saw her Tweet about somebody calling her a racist. She was a bit upset, and I sent her a Tweet about how I thought that person needed to do some self-reflection. We conversed shortly, and I made sure to point out to her that even though we’ve never met face to face and I don’t know everything there is to know about her, what I do know has shown me she isn’t a racist. Far from it really. It felt good to talk to her. Ms. Kayleigh seems to be the type of person that I would enjoy sitting down at the dinner table with and just talk. It wouldn’t matter about what, but just talk. I think it would be an enlightening experience. It’s hard to find a woman who is beautiful in every sense of the word and is not afraid to show it. She is the type of role model I’d love for my daughters.

In other news, I’ve been thinking hard about typing up a master cleaning list again. Did this about a year and a half ago and it took me about nine months (I think, it’s been a while) and the house looked really good, inside and out for all of five minutes :). I don’t do New Years Resolutions for the simple fact that I will not oath myself to something that I know I wont see through. So instead, I normally set little goals for the year, and see if I can complete them. So, I think I’m going to do this and get the house back in shape. Serious deep cleaning, combined with serious decluttering and we might have some usable space in the house. Also thinking of discussing with Hubby about possibility of buying a storage shed when we have the Lowe’s card paid off. Haven’t done any research yet into how much it would cost, but it would be nice to have one and be able to store our outdoor things in it, and a few other things. It would certainly free up some space in here. And also give outdoor kitties that have become the official outdoor kitties (only one for now, but her brother is working his way up the ladder) some shelter underneath it. Lots to think about and consider. Especially with Tax Time and the Financial Aid check right around the corner. I think we may have a few serious discussions ahead of us over the next few weeks.

I know now that the holidays are over with, and things will be returning to some sort of normalcy, I will be looking into the Free Health Clinic up the road. Legs are about the same, good days and bad days. Hands, well, they suck right now. And the fact that the ear is not unclogging, in spite of everything I’ve tried, is a bit concerning. So, hopefully they will allow me to make an appointment, but if not, I’ll have a better idea of my schedule and what not so I can plan on spending a whole day there, waiting. Really hoping they will be able to help. I’m over feeling pain, period.

Finished reading two wonderful books on my Kindle over the past few days. Both by the great and wonderful Neil Gaiman. Stardust and Coraline. Now, it’s odd, because he is one of my all time favorite authors, but I’d actually seen the movies of these books before reading them. I like Stardust the movie and the book just the same. A LOT of differences between the two, but enough of the original work in the movie to make it still Neil’s. Now with Coraline, it was a little different. I enjoyed the movie, but I think I liked the book a lot more. The movie seemed to want to take more after Nightmare Before Christmas (same director) than the book. Not that it’s bad, it just didn’t really feel like Neil’s work. The book was classic Neil, though. I still list American Gods and the Sandman series (including Death) as my top choices of his works. And then Mr. Punch is not far behind.

Anything else? Nope, not really. Need to edit this so I can get myself into bed. Have to be in at 7, and will most likely not be home till after 5. And Saturdays are not good days at any restaurant, unless you mean money. Then it’s one of the best grossing days of the week. Especially at the beginning of the month. Hope everyone is doing well on this first day of the year!


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