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Tux checking out the box for Grandma V's package

Still feeling under the weather. The ear clogging was pretty bad today. I keep waiting for them to pop so I can maybe hear more clearly, but no such luck. And the cough is back… Yup, the one thing I hate about cold weather and changing seasons: The sinus problems that come with them. What’s funny though, when I was taking Elavil over a year ago for my legs, I didn’t hardly have any sinus problems. Now, I can’t move w/o the pressure building. So yeah, I’ve been fun to live with. And to work with. I feel bad for my family and co-workers.

This morning I sent Hubby out the door with the Youngest. She was off to school and he was off to get his books for school that starts next week. Well, normally Vader is the happiest when he gets Mommy all to himself. This morning was different. I guess he’s gotten too used to Hubby and Youngest being home all the time for the winter break. He howled so mournfully after they left! Poor dear *snuggles puppy*. Hubby figures it was for the Youngest, and he may have howled for her, but you never know. It could have been both of them. I know when I leave, Vader howls like that. I’ve heard him. On the occasion he does it a few times before settling down to pout (the dog has a huge lower lip and very, *very* sappy eyes). He’s very much a pack dog, and prefers to have his pack around. He’s been a bit out of sorts with the Oldest not at home (all of us have, really), and I think Vader was trying to call everyone back to be with him :). That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Hubby and I seem to be on the same page with coming up with ideas to do with the Financial Aid and Tax money when they each come in. Bills are obviously #1 on the list, as it has helped tremendously while he’s still unemployed (that should be changing soon, as he moves into his internship for school). Last semester we paid the rent for several months, and intend to do the same again. We also paid several things off, and caught up on a few other things. Then we moved onto the need list. Everybody got some things they needed last semester, and obviously we’re doing the same again. Hubby needs new contacts, as he’s on his last pair. He just needs to make them last till $$$ is in and we’re good. Might even see if we can get them to get him a pair of glasses for back up. Just to be safe. Us girls need a few more clothing items (damn kids don’t know when to stop growing!) and I plan on sending a few things to the Oldest. Then we have the wants list. I think we spent the majority of the money set aside for wants on video games, but I think we have a few other things we’re going to spending it on this time. For one, the Youngest has decided she wants to get her ears pierced.

Now, just to clarify, I have no problem with people who pierce their newborn or infant’s ears, it just was not for me. And no, my own are not pieced. No real desire to, truth be told. I prefer rings and necklaces and bracelets (especially anklets!). Earings have never really done anything for me, and I just saw it as an inconvenience for me. So when the Youngest was born, I asked myself, do I really want to try to keep up with her ears??? Do I want to mess with that? I told myself, no, I don’t. Hubby did want to get it done, but I believe I told him he’d be stuck taking care of them, and not me. He can correct me, it’s been so long now. So, we’re planning on spending some of the money to get them done and get her a few pairs. Her sister already bought her a few pairs, and I can’t wait to see her with them on. They’re very cute faux diamonds, and a few are a light blue color.

Ok, enough of money talk, time for the Girl Scout update! Yay, it’s cookie time! At least it will be next Friday. Next Thursday is the pinning ceremony and the cookie meeting. Tonight it was the girls setting up rules (they are a new troop afterall), snack time, brief cookie talk, and then origami! The girls had more fun trying to get us adults (all four of us) to do it for them! Not sure if it was their thing but they all had fun. While they were doing origami (the Youngest called it quits and started making envelopes!) we began talking about different badges they were going to get with the cookie sales and other things they can do to get other badges. For the cookie sales they all will get one for first time cookie seller, and if they all work a booth (you’ve seen them at Wal-Mart and Lowe’s selling cookies) they get one for that. The third one is one they get by going on-line and setting up a goal for cookie selling. If they meet their goal, they get the badge. I think that badge can also be gotten by setting up any goal, I’ll have to look it up. One of the things we’re talking about doing (and it depends on the $$$) is the Red Cross offers discounts for groups and we though it’d be neat to either take the girls in for CPR or basic first aid, so they can get their First Aid badges, as well as certificates for completing the class! They’ll also be working on scrapbooking later on in the year, as we amass more photos and the girls all get to know each other better. So besides the troop leaders having their cameras, the Youngest and I will be bringing ours. And most likely I will not be posting any of those here. I will share them over at FaceBook, but especially since these are kids other than my own, I don’t feel comfortable posting their pics up here.

Let’s see what else? Oh yeah, have been putting together a package for my mother for ages now, and I think I may actually have it ready to be sent off. I wanted it shipped off before Christmas, but it didn’t happen. Then I discovered I couldn’t locate everything for it, even though I’d been keeping it one general area. I think I now have everything, and I just need to put the finishing touches on the project that took the longest with it. I know she’ll love it!

That's it, Tux has decided one of two things: 1- She is going to be shipped to Grandma's or 2- Grandma can get her own box!

Had a good talk with the BFF the other night. FINALLY! Didn’t last long because she forgot to charge her phone, but I enjoyed the talk anyway. She said that they got the package of Sims 2 stuff just before Christmas, and said her mom nabbed the base game, her baby sister nabbed University, she took the last three discs (I think) and her oldest sister got the rest. It was the entire Sims 2 set including a few guides. It actually helped me free up a lot of room around here! And since I’m not playing it anymore, I’m glad that the games didn’t go to waste and others are enjoying them. They were fun ones, and I hope Sims 3 has some similar ones (I miss the weather from Seasons!).

Let’s see… Had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done today and I didn’t get nearly all of it done. I did however spend a lot of time with the computer this morning (Twitter! I am your slave!), and then spent a while on Sims 3. Almost done with the tombs in China and got started on the ones in France. Though I had wanted to do Egypt before that, but a quest in China needed me to go to France. This Sim’s lifetime wish is to fully explore six tombs in all three countries. It’s been fun, even if a little frustrating when I get myself stuck. But that’s why we buy Escaping Dust from the Special Merchant :).

I guess that’s it. Vader and Trouble both have already pestered me a dozen times that it is past my bedtime. I do need to go to bed. I believe I wont have another day off until next Friday, on the 15th. Not looking forward to that, but the 15th starts my little mini vacation, where I get some stuff done here and have some much-needed ME time. And maybe by then Bioware will have the ‘Return to Ostagar’ DLC for Dragon Age released, as it was to have been today, but for some unknown reason it wasn’t. Jerks messed up my day off. Planned on playing that all day, but noooooo. They suck. Even if they have a nice expansion coming out in March. And it looks pretty!

Normally Ryoko and Tux cannot stand each other. Today they napped together. Between this and the other night w/ Cujo and Vader, the end must be upon us!

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