Ears, ears, ears.

Finally went and got something done about my ears today. It’s nothing major, but was worrisome since I couldn’t hardly hear out of the right one and the left side couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to hurt, clog or both! So after a visit to the doc, some Debrox mixed with warm water, I can hear better out of the right one. Figure the left one is achey and upset due to my sinus’ acting up. Wish they’d all get along. And what a lot of this stems from is my @$$ being stuck in the window at work with the ever-changing weather and the exhaust from the cars. I think this has been one of my worst years in dealing with my sinus’. Urgh! Just glad I can listen to my MP3 player now. Without having to turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP.

We are expecting some winter weather tonight. In our part of South Carolina that could mean snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, or a mix of all four. All at once. Frankly, if it’s going to do anything I wish it would snow. Then I can go into work without worrying about making it up the hill right outside our place. If it’s ice, then work can suck it and I’ll just tighten my belt a bit for missing two days. So I’m hoping snow. I don’t want to tighten my belt. But I’m not gonna take risks with the car either. It’s the only vehicle we have and yeah, it has full coverage insurance, but the rentals they offer still cost $$$ in a lot of cases, and I have no desire to test it out. So, please, let Skadi and Ullr make their trek tonight, with no ICE anywhere in sight. It would make for a happy me.

Just finished reading Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones today. I got it on the Kindle (after I got the paperback for the Oldest- which I hope you are liking it!) and I must say, I still love Cassandra’s stories. I’ve been a long time reader of hers, even though she is newly published. Won’t say where else I’ve read her stuff, but I’ve been a fan since about 2001-02. I’m just perturbed with myself it took me so long to read her published stuff. I really hope I can download the next two books in that series (the Mortal Instruments) this weekend when I get paid. It’ll be about $16 for the both of them, which is cheaper than even what Wal-Mart is asking for them. If you like Fantasy/Horror type stories, you will like this one. Only it’s set in modern times :).

Did do a little bit of writing of my own stuff today. Really only wrote a page, but worked on an outline and made some more progress. Wish I could the same with my housework. I guess I just need to start working out again so I can feel more motivated to do stuff around here. Either that or just stop breathing so my sinus’ will quit bugging me. But the work outs are on the agenda to work into the schedule. Just waiting to see what Hubby’s school schedule is going to be like before I start. It wont be like last year when I wait till my vacation to start doing it. But I did get a few things accomplished with the house. Mainly in making sure we are ready for the ‘winter weather’. All the laundry is caught up so we will have clean clothes in case we get a repeat of that ice storm a few years ago. A little extra food that can be used with the camp stove or grill. And we have plenty of fuel for the mini heater we have. Yup, ready for the power outage. Have the phones, Kindle, DS and all that charged. Gas Lamps are at the ready with the candles. Plenty of blankets and hot chocolate. Bring it on. Bring it on.

And with that, I will take my puppy and go to bed. And maybe tomorrow he will be Snow Puppy!

Snow Puppy from the Feb 2009 snow we got. He had so much fun!

Hubby just said “It might stick,” and closed the front door. And Youngest showed what a parrot she is by repeating him. Yes, it’s snowing. Lightly, but it is.


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