I live in the South and it’s how cold?!?!?!

Yes, it’s been freezing here in the South and I’m not happy about it. No snow to show for the cold! That at least would make it worthwhile. The Youngest and Vader would be happy, so by proxy, I would be happy :).

I think I may have to put any book ideas aside for a new project. It’s still a book, but it will be one on Fast Food Etiquette- for Employees AND Customers. I don’t know how many times I’ve threatened to pound my head and everyone else’s into the wall over the last few days. It’s unreal how stupid people can really be. No common sense about them at all. I thought the holidays were bad, but the last week alone has me re-thinking that one.

Really want to play Sims right now. I don’t know why, but I’ve been on that kick lately. I’ve ignored the 360, except for Netflix, and I imagine if you click to the right on the Ana Vatazes 360 blog, I’m sure you will see it whining about me ignoring it. Oh well. I have a pregnent Sim, and Alistair pissed me off on DAO, so :PPPPPP. Anyway, can’t play now because I’m making dinner tonight. Really I’d rather go lay down and take a long nap instead. Thankfully I am off tomorrow, but instead of letting Hubby take the car like I originally wanted to, I’m stuck running errands. Was gonna take tomorrow and do some serious writing. Oh well. I have my 4 day weekend coming up as well, but that is already spoken for as well…

Ok, one thing I will be doing either tonight or tomorrow,  is my “Spring Cleaning” list. The house is a mess and needs to be sorted out BIG TIME. Will start on kids’ room first and then work my way back. I just hope it doesn’t take the better part of year (or was it longer?) to get it done this time. I think I will be vicious in what stays and what goes. And not just with everybody else, but myself as well. Lots of organising and cleaning out to be had. Still trying to save the majority of my vacation time for the end of this year, so maybe I can celebrate Yule properly, but I may take a day or two in April for cleaning, and a concert.

Ok, I need to go and get dinner started. Spaghetti tonight. Nothing big, but it is yummy. We might watch some more Farscape while we eat. Hubby seems to like it well enough. Though I think last night’s episode concerning Rygel was a bit much for him ;).


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