I don’t don’t normally do this…

I really don’t. I don’t like mixing my net life with religion and politics, unless I’m in that area of the net. My blogs and such I really try hard not to bring  it here. Once in a while though, something happens and I cannot help but say something. Seriously. Just a warning ahead of time- These are MY words, I am pissed, I will NOT hold back and I WILL get offensive. I do get comfort that my mood is shared by several people of varying walks of life.

Now, yesterday I was sitting at my desk and a Tweet appeared on Twitter. One of the guys associated with Stargate (Ivon Bartok, who is responsible for the BTS stuff on the DVDs and the Kino footage) is on vacation in the Dominican Republic, which is right next door to Haiti. He said something about an earthquake just happened. Then I noticed that the news feeds were beginning to go haywire and reports of the quake in Haiti were all over the place. It was heartbreaking, really. I look at the pics and videos of it, and my heart goes out to these people. Haiti has a rough time of it as it is, and we rarely hear good news from there. This was like a kick in the head when you are already down. On the bright side (if there any bright sides to events like this) there are a good many people helping and gathering funds and supplies to send down there and help them. I applaud these people. Then today happened and I saw a video of someone who wants to ‘help’. There is one person I am not applauding and in fact wish he’d just go away. This man is no stranger to controversy and often says things that make many a head turn, even his own followers. I’m surprised they still let him on TV for cryin’ out loud. No, I am not talking about Howard Stern. There are times Mr. Stern is more angelic than this man. I speak of Pat Robertson. The voice of the 700 Club and other Christian ventures. I will not post the link here to the video, as all you need to do is go to You Tube and type his name and Haiti in the search bar and you will see it. It infuriates me to no end that this man will blame a natural occurring event of nature in an area that DOES get the occasional earthquake, on a ‘pact with the devil’ that the Haitians made to free themselves from the French. OH. MY. GODS. My heathen head about exploded and several friends (my own and some of the Hubby’s) apparently did as well. And thing is, several are Hardcore Right Wing Conservative Christians. So good for them. As for Pat Robertson, you sir, need to stop giving your people a bad name. Retire, leave the business, start flipping burgers, do something other than run a ministry and start spouting bullshit and lies that do no more than get you into trouble. I recall my history fairly well and I do not recall the Haitians ever asking Satan for help in getting rid of the French. And them being a poor country has nothing to do with it! If they made this so-called pact with the devil, wouldn’t they themselves be rich? Would they always be looking for help and aid? I kind of doubt it. Why is it when things go wrong, when there is some sort of great tragedy, men like this asshole blame it on things NO ONE has control over. Frankly, there is no devil as far as I am concerned. If you believe in it, fine. But to sit there and blame him every little thing that is wrong in the world… start asking yourself how the fuck would your god allow it to happen in the first place? Either take some self responsibility or in the case of Haiti, realize that the world is a huge place, and in certain spots the plates that the upper crust rests on move and we get the occasional earthquake, some bigger than others. The Haitians certainly are not at fault. I think Pat Robertson is a racists mother fucker who needs to start doing some soul-searching, some DEEP soul-searching, and leave the rest of the world alone. None of us like him. And the few that do need to do the same thing.

He’s made my blood boil. He and Jerry Falwell are some of the most moronic people ever and they give the decent Christians that I count as family members and friends a very bad name, and I resent that. I am no fan of Christianity and have not been for a very long time. It is a religion that I had a major falling out with and not until I found my own spiritual home, I could not let it rest. The Sand God of Christianity and I have come to an understanding. He leaves me alone and I leave him alone. We are both happy. I am in my spiritual home with my ancestors and the gods they revered and I am finally at peace. Every once in a while, thanks to douchebags like Robertson, the old feelings get riled up. I hope to the Gods that the Christians out there can do something about him and the others like him. All they do is give you all a bad name. Which you don’t need.

So, Mr. Robertson, I say with all due respect and love, FUCK YOU.


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