Mini-vacation here I come…

Pandora Radio rocks. Yes it does. About the only artist I adore it does not have is Namie Amuro, my all time fav from Japan. But they have Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, TYR and several others that you normally wont be able to listen to on a regular radio, or even satellite radio. So, yup, I have it on right now. Listening to Moondance by Nightwish. Makes me want to get up and dance :).

The ceremony table, complete with the insignias and candles.

We had the Girl Scout Pinning Ceremony last night and the Youngest was ecstatic. She is really getting along with the other girls and wants to go hang out with them now and do things with them! Even more so than her friends at school. She took her camera with her and took a lot of pictures of them all having fun. I will be creating a separate folder on my FaceBook page for her pictures. But the troop will be working on a scrap-book later on and so I told her to go ahead and take her camera and she can get shots that us adults wont be able to get (the really candid ones where they are more themselves).  And the girls all did a wonderful job last night and it was great seeing more parents there. Of course besides the pinning ceremony there was the cookie meeting. Yes, as of today, the Girl Scouts are starting their Door-to-Door sale of cookies. We cannot do direct internet sales of them, the only way we can is if my Youngest can deliver them to you herself. So, no, unless you live within a four-hour radius of us (mainly because of the Charleston folks, or I wouldn’t even bother with that far!) we cannot sell you cookies. However, I do encourage you to buy some anyway. The money goes to benefit ALL Girl Scouts, so if you want to support my daughter, feel free to do that. And if you are unable to eat them for whatever reason there are two things you can do: 1- Buy them as a gift for someone you know that loves them or 2- Buy a ‘Cookies for Soilders’ card. The last one is my favorite as we have several friends and family members in the military and I know they would love to get some cookies. You pay the same price for the box of cookies, but instead of you getting them, you get a card and then the Girl Scouts send the cookies to the military for our guys and gals to enjoy them. I may go ahead and do that besides buying a box or two. Now, as far as those people on restricted diets (self-imposed or not), different regions offer different cookies that may or may not fit your needs. In our region we have a reduced fat cookie that actually is healthy. I haven’t tried it yet (as I haven’t had the chance too), but I read up on the Nutrition Info and yes, it really is reduced fat and low in a lot of other nasty things that cookies harbor. They’re called Daisy Go Rounds. And they can be diabetic friendly, but that depends on how your body handles sugar. It’s 8 grams of sugar per serving and a whole serving is one box of the cookies. 2 grams of fat and only 60mg of sodium, I just hope it tastes good. If anybody out there has had them, let me know. In other regions they offer other variations of this cookie that are more diabetic friendly. Not sure of their names, but if you know of them, let me know. I like sharing this type of info if you can guess ;).

Ok, enough cookie talk!

We will be heading out to see the Oldest next weekend. Been keeping in touch with her via phone and MySpace. Hey, I have a reason to use it now. I’ve been sharing pictures and links to various with her on it, so if you have me as a friend on there and have noticed a flurry of activity, now you know why. It’s still too quiet around here w/o her, but it will be good to see her next weekend. Oh, the links I’ve been sharing with her, have been of Neil Gaiman’s pets, just pictures he’s posted on his own blog and shared with us all. She loves German Shepards (I dare say they are her favorite dogs period) and he has a white one that is beautiful and we like sitting down and looking at the new pictures he shares of Cabal. He also has some cats that oddly remind me of my own, with their personalities. Oh, and he is one of my all time favorite authors :).

Hubby started school back this week. And it’s been a learning experience for him, poor dear. Well, ok, that’s a little dramatic, but he’s gotten frustrated a few times with the way how things work with schools. Trust me, no one really cares for the way how they want things as opposed to the simple and less $$$ consuming ways we like and prefer. He is taking a required computer class for his Culinary Degree (one he could sleep through the majority and still pass) and since he is taking it online instead of in the classroom (to help save on gas since I believe it’s at the main campus), so he had to get the required program to go along with it. Now, most campus’ will carry a student version of most programs, or at the least offer the programs you need at a discounted price. In theory. He had to get Microsoft Office 2007. He has 2003 and I have 2002. They wont work as things have changed in the programs, etc., even though they are the same damn thing. And no, downloading Open Office (which we both have) wont work. It has to be Microsoft. They were out of copies of the Student Version at the NorthWest Campus, so off to the main one we went yesterday afternoon. He was told they had the Student Version for $99, which was perfect. We got there to discover they didn’t sell the Student version and we had to get the $199 version which is the Professional Copy, but still. Then a friend of his points him to a Microsoft website that offers the Ultimate Edition for $60. *headdesk* Yup. He’s going to see if he can return this one to the bookstore and then get the one from the website. We doubt it’ll happen as they are VERY picky about their software returns (in most cases classes have to be canceled), but it would be nice to be able to get the Ultimate Edition for that amount. Other than that, he’s getting in to the swing of the new semester and seems to be enjoying himself. Which is good.

I have a min-vacation this weekend, where I have today through next Monday off. I needed it. I’ve been getting burnt out at work, and there are so many things that need to be done here at home it isn’t funny. Have been working on that master To Do list for the house cleaning even of the year, but I’m hoping to get a few things done this weekend so they either don’t make their way on to that list or I can take them off. I will be starting with the kids’ room today and then on Sunday have the Youngest help me finish it off. I have a few home improvement projects that I would like to do that I will have to discuss with Hubby before I go forward with them (mainly because I will need to use more than a few dollars on them, but not a lot of money if I have my way). I think he’ll be agreeable to them though since it will require minimal work from everybody and will make the house look nicer. On the inside at least. The outside is a lost cause, unless I can get a major discount on the amount of paint we would need and get free lumber to redo the deck. That would just be too much in money and man power. The inside things I’m thinking of will only need a day to get done, especially if everybody helps out.

Trouble, the best supervisor anyone could ask for!

I might get some writing done this weekend too, not sure though. I’ve got it pretty packed with stuff to do, but hopefully if I can get all this done it will free up some time during a regular work week and I will be able to find more time to write.

And yes, I have a major push to get a lot of this stuff done, besides the fact it needs to be done. I have a few relatives that may be stopping by for a visit, and I want the place looking better than it does now when they get here. It’s tiny and cramped here, and I want to make it less so by doing the major decluttering throughout the place. Hopefully I will get that accomplished. I have six of the best supervisors the world ahs to offer, so I might be able to do it. Unless of course it’s time to walk them, or feed them, or they insist it’s nap or bedtime.

And wow, I had the most visitors to my blog ever with my last entry. If I were out to get a million people to read this thing I’d probably do that more often, but, no. I can’t. My blog does not mix well with Religion and Politics. Perhaps one day I will start a blog exclusively for that purpose, but for now, I’m content to leave this mainly as a way for family and friends to see what I’ve been up to. If you were wondering, the number of visitors in the past few days has pushed me up to nearly 3000 visits on this blog, with a grand total of 39 the first day and nearly 20 the next day. I know compared to other blogs out there, that’s not a lot, but to me it is. I imagine on my LiveJournal, when I did update that regularly and was more active in their communities, I had more views, but they didn’t have a way to keep track of it. Here at WordPress they do, so every once in a while I look it up and get amazed.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I will make an attempt to begin working out today. The body has been upset with me, and I need to do something about it. I’ve almost totally wiped out soda from my diet, and have drunk a lot more water now. I am feeling better for it, but now I need to get back to increasing my activity levels. It did help when I did the flexibility work outs with my pain management, and since the pain is becoming more noticable now I figure now would be as good time as any to start-up again. Somehow I have managed to not put on a lot of weight though since I did stop working out. I think out of all that weight I lost before I gained two of them back, which is amazing. I think I did lose some muscle mass though. Some clothes feel a bit tighter and I don’t feel as strong in some cases. So I need to get that back. I’ve always had a good muscle base and don’t want to lose that. Yeah, it means I’m a bit heavier than the rest my age, height, etc, but I can do a lot more they can’t :p. Yourself Fitness, here I come back. Think I’ll delete the old profile on it though, because the trainer on that game will be yelling at me since I think the last time I worked out was last July. Yup, I missed several days there.

Dragon Age: Origins. Bioware. EA. I love and hate all three. They have given me so much joy but at the same time an incredible amount of frustration. Alistair is still my man. ❤ him a lot. I have to finish up this one play through I’m on and then do one more and then I should have all the achievements for the game. Except maybe one where you have to set foot in all areas in the game in one play through, which is BS as far as I am concerned. It should be cumulative. But that’s just me. Mass Effect 2 comes out soon. Can’t wait for that one. I haven’t finished up the play through for I wanted to from the first game, but that’s ok. I have about three or four others I can use to have a blast with it. I just want to se how Kaiden fits into the story now. They haven’t given much, if any info on him or Ashley, since depending on what you did in the first one, only one makes it to the second game. They haven’t said anything on Wrex either, I think for the same reason. Tali and Garuus, along with Liara have been all over the place. Which is good, but what about Kaiden????

Ok, Puppy is telling me its time to go back out. So I will take him and Cujo out for their walk and then get on to my work out and then the kids’ room. Wish me luck!

Vader telling me he's ready to go for his walk with Cujo.

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