Second update in a row- neat!

Lately I have been enjoying the wonderful website Good Reads. There you can see what friends are reading, what books they recommend and you can keep track of what you are reading and let others know what you think of them. My stats so far on this site are:

 Books I’ve read: 259

Currently Reading: 1

Books I want to read: 146

 And the list gets bigger everyday. I think out of the books listed as being read I’ve marked about 165 as books I own and I haven’t even really scratched the surface of the entire collection we have here. Yes, we have a lot of books. If I feel so inclined I may one day take pictures of the bookshelves and then the boxes that we still have books stored in. I’m a book addict. I’ll admit it. Hubby’s not too far behind either. And the kids are following suit. It’s not unusual to see one of us with our noses in a book. Of course lately for me, it’s been the Kindle. Though I still do prefer the feel of a book. And you may think this odd, but the smell. I love libraries and Barnes and Nobles because they smell like books. The other book stores (unless they are the little shops) just don’t have the same scent. It’s weird. Oh well. I’ve always been an avid reader, and I’m glad it looks like I’ve passed it on to my youngin’s. Go me!

 Anyway, go and check out the site if you are at a loss at what to read. Lots of good stuff.

 I really did not accomplish much of anything yesterday. The sink is full of dishes (where’s my dishwasher!), laundry still needs to be finished, and the kids’ room still looks the same. I did do a few things, but just decided to spend some time with Hubby, since it’s rare for us to get any time without a kid or animal being right there. So I went with him to get the refund taken care of for that Microsoft Office debacle. Got the stove cleaned, which needed it. I did workout. I did the Fitness Evaluation on Yourself Fitness and then worked out for 30 minutes. It hurt! But I felt better and still kind of do. I have the workout schedule set up so I workout each night, except Tuesday and Thursdays. They are my long days due to playing taxi to get everyone and then Girl Scouts and the occasional kids’ night at work. So I’ve left those days free, unless I happen to have the day off, in which case I’ll be putting the disc into the 360. Definitely lost some muscle mass. I could feel it in the legs and arms, which is not good. So those are my target areas besides losing some fat. I found (while cleaning!) an elastic band Hubby used to have in the Truck to help him exercise a bit, so I figure maybe while I play Sims or have a reading marathon at my desk, I can pull that out and start working on the arms and legs. There a few things I remember from physical therapy I can do with it to build up the strength.

 Wanted to write last night and only was able to jot down a few notes. I have the ideas and they want out and I can form the words in my head and see the scenes and everything… But nothing wants to come out. Argh! I think I may sneak up to the library at some point with my trusty notebook, pen and MP3 player and see what I can accomplish. Only problem with that is I will get distracted very easily. I would just like to get beyond the whole outline and character study stage and write something tangible. If only my job didn’t get in the way, huh ;)? I think what I might do, is after each workout I do, I will spend 30 minutes writing. It might work, as I need to get my rear end in gear. I’m not getting any younger and would like to get this book series done. At least the majority of it is written, only it’s not the beginning. Later books in the set are written (ok, one and a half are), and I believe I have the final mapping out showing a total of five books, with a possible sixth one, depending on the recent changes I made. A surge of inspiration hit me while at work, and I had to make a lot of changes, but it fit in nicely.

 Going to Build-A-Bear with Youngest today and will be meeting up with one, maybe two of my nieces there. Haven’t seen them in forever and I miss them. But we’re going to meet up and then hang out for a while, grab lunch and have fun. There is a Cookie Rally for the Girl Scouts, but I don’t think we’ll be going. I don’t get to see my side of the family that often, so when I can I try to make sure we get a decent amount of time. I already told the Troop leaders that we had made plans before knowing about it. They were cool about it since it’s optional. Just something for the girls to do with their moms to learn more about safety and just have fun while selling the cookies. Wouldn’t mind going, but like I said, I don’t often get the chance to see my side of the family.

 TV shows. On Netflix we’re still watching Farscape, taking a break from Angel. We’ll probably be picking that back up soon though. On Cable we’ve been watching Fringe (damn JJ!), Heroes and Leverage. Spoilers Ho!

 Fringe was confusing this week. Monday they played an episode that apparently was supposed to have been a first season eppy, just never aired it. Hubby and I were scratching our heads wondering why Charlie was still around and at first I thought it was a dream or AU thing. But thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, someone confirmed it had just been an un-aired episode. Then Thursday night wasn’t too bad with the regular episode airing. It wasn’t the best one, but made for decent filler. I heart Walter a lot and Peter and Olivia just need to get it over with and get a hotel room! I mean, come on! So much UST it’s unreal!

  Heroes is touch and go. I am trying. I love this show. I really do, but they have yet to recover form season 2. Every time I think they are, they crash and burn. Where did the passion go? Where did the shock value go? We need Nikki back (not Tracy, but Nikki) so we can have her and Jessica kicking the crap outta everybody! But no! Sylar has somehow become tamer. Where did he go? Was being trapped in Parkman’s mind too much for him? I love my Sylar. Since we no longer have Nathan, I need somebody! Pete just isn’t doing it anymore. And Claire needs to die. Can they kill her off and bring back Adam, so we have our immortal character? I mean seriously. Hayden is not that great of an actress and it’s rare she shines on the screen. Only memorable scene with her this season was Thanksgiving when she cut herself in front of her mom’s new boyfriend at the dinner table and asked him if that was normal when she healed. DO NOT get me started on the Carnival. I lost interest in that when Edgar (aka Ray Park) left it. It really serves no purpose. Nice idea at first, but now… where are they going with it? Nothing is making sense. Hiro… We have him, Ando and Mohinder back together again! Yay!

 Leverage. What can I say? I’m Elliot’s bitch J. He’s my man, followed closely by Hardison. The first episode of the year was a bit weak, but then again they are trying to get Jeri Ryan’s character to get comfy in her new digs. Not the same as having Sophie around, as the whole cast had great charisma. I just don’t know if Ms. Ryan will be able to create what they had or give us something believable. I do like the way she and Christian Kane work together. They seem to draw off of one another, which is cool. Then again, he can do that with almost anyone. Mr. Kane seems to be one of those actors that is easy to work with and makes it really comfortable to be around him, so he then brings out the best in whoever he shares the screen with. I’ve seen a few that can do it, and I’ve enjoyed their performances immensely. Not always what they’ve been in, but always the good job they do. Just really glad to have this show back.

 An upcoming show I cannot wait for is the new Survivor. It’s a Heroes vs. Villains thing and several of my favs from past seasons are going to be in it. I had a hard time getting into this last one, and only barely kept up with it due to Hubby. But it will be good to see James, Rupert, Colby and several others from the past come in. I think it starts right after the Super Bowl, if they follow the same formula from the past.

 Let’s see, anything else? Not sure. Need to get ready to head out. Will workout and get chores done when get back. And console Vader, as mommy will be leaving him for a bit today. Poor dear!

And the lower lip starts...

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