I really should learn to use the phone…

Got up at 4-ish this morning. Took care of animals, ate, got Hubby up, got ready for work, got Youngest up. At bus stop by 7-ish. Rushed Hubby up to campus, even though his class didn’t start till 8:30. Then I rushed through slow moving rush hour traffic to get to work by 8. I get there, start getting myself set up, and see the schedule. I didn’t have to be in at all today. Yup. But I do work the rest of the week (minus Saturday). So, I sold some cookies for the Youngest (she was there in spirit and our tech guy who never knows when he is going to be there was there so I had to grab him). Then I left and grabbed some groceries, and now I’m home. I figure since I was so productive yesterday, I might continue on. I might go ahead and make up a few things to help with dinner for the rest of the week so we don’t have to rush and rush. And there’s some left over laundry to do, as well as some writing to do. I think that is what I will do.

Yup, I got really motivated yesterday (I stole it from a friend!), and managed to get quite a bit done. I had help, so it didn’t take that long, especially since it took me a while to get to that point. But the kids’ room is done, with a few minor things that can be done easily later on. You can move around in the room now and we found a few things that the Oldest forgot to take with her, so we have a box started for her with that stuff, as well as other things we have picked up for her. After the bedroom was done, we got a lot of other chores done, so the rest of this week should be pretty light chore wise. On Sunday I did one thing to help our Bathroom remodel along. It’s a work-in-progress, and I don’t expect to be done till maybe next month sometime. We did rip the carpet out of there and put up some new fixtures and hooks. Well, I went and put up the paper on the one wall in there, and it looks 100% better. I didn’t have enough paper to do the whole room, but I’ve also been toying with the idea of picking up some paint to finish it off with and some for the kitchen as well. We did decide we are going to get the tiles to do the kitchen floor as well. So, since it looks like we might be stuck here a little longer than we want to be, we can make this place more livable and more presentable. Might snap some pics later of the work done in the bathroom so you all can see it. It does look a lot better in there and it’s been easier to keep it cleaner since we rid ourselves of the carpet. Why people put carpet in the bathroom I’ll never know.

I touched on this a little when I finally updated my Rooster Teeth Journal, but I’ll share it here too. So the following is a copy and paste (with maybe an interjection here and there):

Started playing the trial version of Guild Wars last night (Actually it was Sunday night) … and it hasn’t sold me yet. The pretty art work and the fact that Felicia Day will be in the second one kind of pulled me in. That and the fact that I only have to pay for the damn game once instead of over and over again. That’s why I don’t do MMO’s. I don’t want to keep paying for a game just to play it. With Xbox it’s a little different. The Gold Membership allows me to play more than one game ONLINE with multiplayer modes, as well as allows me to do things and get things that Silver members can’t. That and if you work it right you can be paying maybe $2 a month for the membership, or less. That I don’t mind. And I’m not required to shell out the money per game! I do mind paying the $40-60 for a game and then having to shell out a monthly fee to keep playing it, per game. I wanted to play City of Heroes. BUT, monthly fee. I want to play the upcoming Star Wars game… But unless they go way of Guild Wars I don’t see that happening.

Anyway, I’ll give Guild Wars until the trial runs out before I make a final call. It is interesting, and I like the fact that I can team up with people if I want, but there is no major rush for it. I don’t always like playing with others.

Youngest has been doing pretty well with Cookie Sales so far. I have her Troop leaders on my Face Book, so I catch the occasional good word on how the other girls are doing, so I have high hopes for all of them to do well. So far she’s sold about 20 boxes. She went with me when I went to pay a bill, and we left one of the little order sheets that came with the main form since not everybody that wanted to buy cookies was there, so we should have a few more orders there. She wants to sell 2010 boxes so we can go to Wolf Lodge up in North Carolina. I don’t see that happening, but I’m glad she is feeling industrious about this! It would be a nice prize though… And she is excited for the meeting tonight. It’s good to see her excited about something. I was talking with two of my managers this morning and they were talking about how she seems to be doing really well with the Girl Scouts, which they are right. The Oldest really prospered with the Marching Band, and now her sister is doing the same with the Girl Scouts. Now if we can keep them both with it, and see just how far they go and the experiences they both have with them.

Dec2009.1 023 A rarity- Tux and Ryoko playing.

Ok, going to edit through one last time and then get some stuff done. Might squeeze in some time to play Mass Effect, since the second one is due out next Tuesday. Might see if the Boosman would let me off that day ;).


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