A quick update

Ok, I might have lied. I actually started this Monday night before watching Heroes and then heading out to the Mass Effect 2 Launch Party at Game Stop, but ran out of time. So I am now editing this and finishing it up. Rant on Heroes and full Mass Effect 2 review will show up on this blog at a later date.

First, Girl Scout update: It may not seem like much, but considering where we live and the fact that between work, school and other obligations we haven’t had a lot of time to get the Youngest out there, she’s managed to sell 85 boxes of cookies! A few people are telling me that they may add more to their order so I think I need to invest in some white out. But I am proud of her. Hubby took the form with him up to the campus and sold more than he thought. Yes, she wasn’t there with him, but unlike my job where I work the weekends and will sometimes be there after she’s done with school, we don’t want her missing school just to go up there, and unfortunately, the majority of the time, all his teachers and classmates are gone when the Youngest is done. And his etiquette teacher insisted she wanted to buy cookies. The others were a pleasant surprise :-). May see about taking the Youngest up there one day when he has classes but she doesn’t, in her uniform, to thank everybody. I think we might have such a day coming up this next month. Will need to double check (Will be doing that on the 15th of next month, just before the cookies come in for distribution and booth sales!). Haven’t heard a lot from the other girls in her troop yet, but at the last meeting, several were near the 100 mark with one over it! Seeing as how this is the first time being in Girl Scouts for many of them, as well as being a newly formed troop, I think that’s wonderful. I cannot wait for the booth sales to start. I’ve already worked it out with the Bossman for the troop to set up a booth at the store (note to self- let Troop Leaders know!), besides the other places we’re signed up at. I imagine what we didn’t corner with the door-to-door sales, we’ll more than make up for it with the booth sales. But regardless, I am proud of all the girls.

Filed the taxes Monday night. I think this is the earliest I’ve ever filed them. I figured since Hubby was laid off last year, that it would take forever for him to get his W-2 from that job. We managed to get that last week. And Monday we got the last of what we needed and I spent a little while working on them, and was happy to discover, that even though we made about 1/2 of what we did last year, our refund is larger than expected. Very happy about that. Between that and the Financial Aid Hubby will be getting in about three or so weeks, we should be set on not only paying up several bills, but also getting another car for Hubby to go back and forth to school in, which will make things MUCH easier on all of us. We have other plans for the money, but I think rent and the car(s) will be THE priorities. I know I’ll be looking into getting Vader fixed (don’t want to, but we have to :(.) and then paying off a few other  bills and getting a few things for the house, as well as a few wants.

For those of you that have known me for years and years, you know Neil Gaiman is one of my all time favorite authors. When I discovered him on Twitter, that was the push I needed to go ahead and sign up for my own account (Sorry, Hubby. Love you, but I see you and talk to you every day :P). Recently though, a man who has brought his wonderful stories (Stardust, Coraline, American Gods, Mr. Punch, Sandman, etc) to all of us, has recently had a mixed time of it. First he became engaged to a wonderful woman that I think makes him very happy. She is Amanada Fucking Palmer :)! She’s a singer and performer, and though her stuff is not really my thing, I love reading her Tweets and see how happy she makes Neil. Then he got a bit of bad news. A long time resident of his home, 14 yr. old Zoe was sick and was not going to last long. I have never met Mr. Gaiman, nor anyone attached to him, but reading his blogs about Zoe and the effect she had on him and others, it tore my heart apart. Doesn’t matter if you are a cat person or not, I have a feeling her story will touch you. She passed away recently, in the company of loved ones. I wont be posting the individual links to the blog posts, as there are many, but you can go to his blog and go back to January 21st when it all started. It still makes me want to cry.

Monday night, Tuesday morning. I’d be a miss if I didn’t say anything about it. As you all may have guessed, I’m an avid gamer. I love playing Role Playing Games (RPGs) more than anything and Bioware is the god of RPGs. These people know how to construct a worthy video game, to make it feel almost as if I were sitting back at the table in the Green Dragon with pen, paper, dice and books, with lots of friends. I prefer that to the video games, but since I can’t be there right now, I’ll take what I can get! Anyway, this last Tuesday was the official release for Mass Effect 2. The first one had to use Hubby to win me over, as I’m not a huge fan of Space RPGs. But after watching him play, I was hooked. Then came Dragon Age: Origins. Then came Tuesday. But I’m going to confuse you. Let me back track to a little while ago.

Once Mass Effect 2 was mentioned, Hubby and I were excited and we wanted it. We normally preorder our games at GameStop, that way we can pay a little here and a little there so we can make sure we can get our games without breaking the bank. Also they let us take trade ins to use towards the preorders. Since I liked the first one so much I wanted to get the Collector’s Edition of the game. Most Collector’s Editions will include little extras that are not included in the standard release. Ever Since the Fable 2 Collector’s Edition debacle, I’ve shied away from them on the whole, but this is Mass Effect! So I convinced Hubby, yes we want that version of it. Wasn’t a hard sell :). So, we kept pestering the poor guys at Game Stop. Finally, we went ahead and preordered the standard edition since the collector’s one hadn’t ‘opened’ in the system yet. Well, about two/three weeks ago we started getting worried. Hubby made phone calls to Game Stop to see if we would actually be able to get the copy we wanted, to find out they were not taking anymore preorders for the collector’s. Fuck. I about shot somebody over that one. *grumble*  We were told that the preorders were only open for 2 days and they certainly did not advertise it. Needless to say the last few weeks were spent trying to hunt down a copy that I didn’t have to buy off of eBay for $500 or more. I was pissed at Bioware. I sent Tweets, notes, and even bugged them when they had their Live Stream show Sunday night during the football game.

Guess what? This past Monday, we heard from the manager at the store. He managed to find one for us :)! I wont go into details, as my time is running short anyway, and I have more to share, but he made me a very happy person when I went to the launch party that night at 10PM. I hung out with the guys there and a few others (missed an XBL friend of mine that was there, and neither one of us knew the other was there!) and managed to also get the Collector’s Edition of the first Mass Effect for free. It was a gift, and perhaps my most fav. Granted it didn’t have the game disc, but I didn’t care. I still had that one, so it was no problem. I got the nice pretty case, with all the hidden goodies inside. Will have to take pictures of these two to share with you all later. I was happy. So happy I stayed up till 3 AM playing! Go me!

We’re expecting some Wintery weather tonight. I’ve got the phones, mp3 players, Kindle and DS all charged and waiting for the power to go. The little camp stove, heater and gas cans are all ready to go. The animals have plenty of food, and us humans will live :p. As long as the animals have food, the rest of us will live! Our outdoor kitties, who have wormed their way into our hearts (as if I need more mouths to feed!), should be fine. We’ve been checking on Zombie and Bob all day and will keep an eye on them tonight. If it gets really bad we *might* set them up in the bathroom for the night. Mainly because Hubby is quite attached to Zombie in particular, and we get Bob by proxy. Will have the camera at the ready so you should see pictures of Vader, The Snow Puppy, having a blast! The Youngest has been keeping an eye on what the weather is doing outside and was so mad when the snow stopped. Not sure what it’s doing out there now, but it doesn’t sound like rain, thankfully. Hopefully we’ll just get some snow and not the ice they say we are supposed to get. I don’t want it.

Ok, time to edit this one and then post it. Almost time for Caprica to start and Hubby is torn between that one and Kitchen Nightmares. Think we might watch Caprica and then catch Kitchen Nightmares on Hulu. We both miss the DVR and this is one of those times. We could be recording both of them and then gaming at the same time! Oh well. Hope my friends and family that are in this nasty weather stay warm and safe!


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