So what if Canada won?! Our boys did a great job on that ice. And though I don’t play Hockey nor am a big follower of it, I’ve played plenty of soccer in my life to know that a shot like that was lucky and very hard to stop. Even Superman would have had a hard time with it. So my hat off to the USA hockey team. You boys are made of WIN!

And for the record, I love it when the people I follow Twitter end up watching the same programs we do :). It was fun watching the tweets go by as the game progressed. I think Wil Wheaton was the best though. Wonder if the police really were called due his craziness and if his dog will ever forgive him for the jumping and yelling ;-)? Sounds like he was like Hubby is during a football game, so we can sympathize with the neighbors and dog!

In other news, I adore FaceBook. I normally don’t care for the ‘social sites’, but that one and Twitter are pretty cool. Twitter for allowing me to *cough*‘stalk’*cough* some celebs, and FaceBook for allowing me to get back in touch and/or keep up with friends and family. Found some friends recently that Hubby and I had seen in eons and it’s been great! A little scary though since they currently reside in Japan, and were not far from the quake and tsunami warnings there. But all is well!

Had to take Youngest out today for pants shopping. As of yesterday morning she had no more pants that she could fit in. And no, she isn’t fat or anything. Nope, she is just growing older and maturing. So the brat is now wearing Junior size clothing and makes me mad when she can fit into a 0-3 size! Yes, I know, I could too if I got back into my work out regimen (an advantage to being petite, you can sometimes fit in the junior sizes, but I haven’t done that in years.). Perhaps in a week or two I will have myself duly convinced and then actually doing it again. But I digress. I took her to Goodwill for the clothes. Yes, Goodwill. I have my reasons, which you are about to find out why. While she was in the dressing room trying on the pants, I got a call from Richard’s BF (who was happy about the flowers I sent!). He asked me why I took her to Goodwill and not Wal-Mart or K-Mart? As I told him, when she slows down in her growing, then I will. Till then, she goes up a size almost twice a year, and that’s too expensive. That and we’ve managed to find some really great things at Goodwill. I’ve managed to find Calvin Kline jeans before, as well as other big time names. And we’ve been searching and searching everywhere for a jewelry box for the Youngest, as her old one finally gave out on her. She found it while we were looking around in Goodwill. It only cost $3, but she now has it and is wanting to paint it and personalize it a lot :)! I told her that on Saturday I’d take her to Hobby Lobby and we’d pick up some paints that work good on wood. The paint she does have isn’t really meant for wood and would look awful or something worse. So after we sell cookies at the booth, we go pick out paint and then set to work.

We’re all feeling much better, though I now don’t want to seriously go back to work. *sigh* I hate the love/hate relationship I have with that place. So I guess I should quit talking about doing something about it, and actually do something about it, huh? Yeah, I should. No more excuses. I need to. I need to sit down and actually work out a schedule for me, so I can. And yes I am referring to writing. I’m not going to bother looking for another job in food service right now. The only ones able to pay me the equivalent of what I make now or more $$ are management positions, and NO THANK YOU. Once upon a time, yes I had aspirations for such a position. Now you will have to pay too much to even make me consider it. Even then you will be lucky if I say yes. Even for 100 grand a year I’d laugh and say ‘Fuck You!’. The reasons are all simple. They boil down to family, stress, family and stress. As it is, I feel sometimes I don’t see the kids or Hubby as often as I’d like (except for this weekend, but then we were all sick). And the stress is not worth it. I never really bothered getting close to any of the managers at any of the stores I worked at before, as I was young and stupid. Now that I have, and have at odd times actually done the work for them, I can see why some of them get so frustrated and pissy. It’s not really worth the stress. Ok, I lied. If Hubby were done with school and had the opportunity to own a restaurant I wouldn’t pass that up. Besides it being his livelihood, I’d be in a position I wouldn’t mind being in. I wouldn’t have all the cooperate bullshit to deal with or worry about. Yes, I wouldn’t be owner (unless we partnered) and he’d be running the show, but you know what? Hubby and I actually work really well together and would be able to pull it off. And I’m not talking about the home stuff either. We’ve worked several jobs together in the past and it has been successful. That would be a food service job I wouldn’t mind. Any other can go suck it.

Back to the writing. This is my To Do List here.

  1. need to make a schedule.
  2. Clean and organize desk.
  3. Continue cleaning and organizing desk.
  4. Finish Start work on kitchen floor.
  5. Lay off video games for a little while. Yes that means less time with them all, DS included. I am a junkie :)!
  6. Start working out. Cannot write w/ a fat gut shoving the keyboard away.
  7. Train Household to leave me alone when I write ;). (I love ‘em all, I really do, but their timing sucks!)
  8. Finalize legal crap with writing so can go forward with plans that are TOP SECRET.

May seem like some weird stuff to do in order to start writing so I can maybe leave my job one day. Yup. But it is stuff that needs to be done. ‘Cept maybe # 7. Maybe ;).

I have more Sims 3 screenshots to share, as there have been major events happening in the Dynasty household, aka the James’ family. But that will wait for another day. I am getting sleepy and feel like pulling out the Kindle with some HGTV or Adult Swim on in the background. Maybe even some Red vs. Blue. *shrugs* Just tired and I think I go back to work tomorrow. I never called to find out my schedule today, which is ok. If I end up being off, then I can get started on my list. Or work anyways, as it happened when I’m scheduled off or to show up later than planned. But I do leave you all with this screenshot:


A rear view of the house and the changes Jr. made once Momma past on.


The world is pretty busy right now.

Seriously it is. Between two earthquakes and then a threat of tsunamis, well, I just hope everyone out there is doing fine, and if not that you get the help you need soon. We’re all thinking of you!

I’d like to draw your attention to this: Mr. Gaiman with his trusty puppy Cabal. Yes, that is how I would describe a perfect day. It’s funny, I don’t know who I’d want to meet more one day, him or the dog!

We’re all starting to feel better as the antibiotics are kicking in. Finally. It’s nice. Went and paid the rent for several months, which is always a nice feeling. I could have done it over the phone, like I normally pay it month to month, but I prefer with the larger amounts to be there in person so I can be sure to have a receipt and everybody agrees for how long it will be for. That was after I delivered some cookies, and did a tiny bit of shopping. When I got home, I wanted to crash, even though I wanted to try and catch up on more house work. Sucks when we all don’t feel good. Nothing gets done! We did at least get the dogs both bathed and then the laundry is caught up. The rest will still be there tomorrow. So it will be done. Maybe :P.

At work when a fellow co-worker passes on or a family member of one does, we typically go to our local flower shop to send the flowers, with me occasionally hand delivering them. Well, for Richard’s funeral I was supposed to pick them up and take them with me, but then I got sick. So this morning I looked around the net and fell in love with FTD, who I see ads for in the magazines all the time. They offered a much better selection and offered a better price range and for the lower end of that spectrum- well the selection was awesome! I sent a nice simple arrangement that had Richard’s name all over it. He was never big on plants an flowers because he always ended up killing them. So, just a simple Peace Flower with a pretty white vase. And I paid almost thirty dollars less than we paid the florist the last time (back in November)! And that included SAME DAY DELIEVERY! So I think that I will drop a line with the boss, since the cooperate offices get touchy with high cost pay outs. And I hate feeling like we jip people by going as cheap as possible with what the florist offers. So yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And yes, they got the flowers this afternoon, and loved them!

In other news, I have been taking some screenshots for the folks curious about the beginnings of my Sims 3 dynasty. Wish I could find some of the Momma Sim when she was younger. She looked so much better. Anyway, step into my Sim world, and keep in mind, I’ve never really messed with the camera function in any of the Sims games before. In the real world I’m great at it. In the Sims, I rather suck :). WARNING! This will be pretty picture heavy and NOT dial up friendly.

We have Zhan Su James as a teenager. Then a a shot of the living room followed by mom and then the backyard.

ScreenshotScreenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

Then we have the front yard, a view of the main floor, then the basement and a close up of the kitchen.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-12

A view into the living room, then the front door. Then we see Sparrow James in the garden. And the last one is after Zhan Su was brought home by the cops!

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17

Zhan Su’s birthday! He became a Young Adult in the game. A close up of the fish tank. Sparrow practicing her Martial Arts.

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20

Will post more later of Zhan Su and his family, which is up to the wife, and two sons. Zhan Su III (Sparrow’s hubby was Sr.) and Dennis. Trying to figure out what the two boys are going to do. Lots to plan and figure. Hope it all works.

And I may have to change the layout for my blog. Not sure how well the pics will translate with how they are set up in Live Writer, so if you stumble across this entry and then go back and see things all different, you know why.

Ok, getting sleepy again and the head is beginning to hurt. Later all!

The whole house is sick…

We all woke up yesterday way under the weather, each of us to varying degrees. I think Hubby is the worst one and Youngest is not far behind. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Which is not making me one bit happy. I’ve already let Richard’s boyfriend know that there is a chance I wont be able to make it due to being sick, but I’d hate it big time if I couldn’t make it for tomorrow’s service. And BTW, we all have Strep Throat. Not fun. Especially since I only worked two days this week so far and am now out for the rest of the week :(. Will have to do some finagling of the finances to make sure it doesn’t hit us too hard. But even that doesn’t worry me or upset me as much as the possibility of not making it to Richard’s funeral. But I feel achey all over, and extremely drowsy. I’m going to take a shower after I’m done with this blog so I can hopefully feel more human and hopefully feel like I can make the trip. If I had somebody going with me, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. But since I’ll be by myself… I hate being sick.

Actually played some games yesterday… ok, just one, and it wasn’t Mass Effect 2. With the extreme lack of Kaiden, it has been a bit hard to go through the second play through ;). Ok, it’s really due to the increased shooter feel to the game. I never much cared for shooters (I think Halo is the sole exception here) and I thought Mass Effect was an RPG. It has made it very hard for those of us who don’t like shooters to play it. I have a friend who is struggling with her first play through, and I’m surprised she hasn’t thrown the controller at the TV yet, or she hasn’t said anything about needing a new one yet ;). Hopefully when they come out with ME 3, there will be fewer shooter elements to the game, and more RPG elements. I do not expect my games to be easy, and I like a challenge. But when I’m doing the SAME damn fight about 30 times because I HATE shooters, then it’s not fun. It’ becomes tedious and boring and I loose interest. I think that is what is beginning to happen here, which bites because of long I’ve waited for this game to come out. I still adore Thane though. If I can make it to a third play through, I will have a female just to romance him. He’s become my guilty pleasure, as I’m not a huge fan of interspecies relations.

Talked with my mom last night and got caught up on a lot of the family happenings up North. Of course the big one right now is all the snow everyone has been getting there. In some areas they have over three feet, with more coming down. On FaceBook, I’ve been looking through all the pictures my friends up there have been posting. In a way it is making me homesick, as when I was a kid, some of my best memories of snows like that. Especially if mom was home from work! We kids would go help dad with the shoveling and then mom would often have the water ready for us, or the hot chocolate already made up. Yum! And then the snowball fights, snow forts, sledding, snow days from school! It was a blast. Then I’m reminded of when I grew older and started liking it a little less, as I had better things to do than to shovel and unbury cars. I know I’d love to get the Youngest and Vader up there for the snow. She loves snow and can barely remember the one Christmas we spent with Grandma and Poppa and we got snowed in! One of my nephews was over and while I was shoveling, those two were throwing snowballs at me! Yes, I did get them back! She was only two at the time. I’ll have to dig some of those pictures up and put them up on FB. She was so adorable in her little purple snowsuit! I did tell mom that if we were up there right now, that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting to work! Vader would happily take her there. We’d just hook him up to a sled and yell mush and away he would go! When he’s around snow, the Husky side of him comes out and you can tell he’s in his element! That and his paws are made for the stuff- they spread out for optimal gripping and traction on that white stuff!

Sadly, I finally talked to the Oldest last night about Richard. Due to various things I wasn’t able to get a hold of her till then. She sounded fine until I told her. Like I said on FaceBook last night, I don’t want to have to tell either kid anything like that again. It’s easier being dirt poor and struggling to make ends meet day to day with no help whatsoever. Richard adored both girls and they likewise. They always loved it when they went to see him or he came over. He never made them feel like they should be ignored and always asked about them and made sure they were well taken care of. I just wish that I could have been with the Oldest to tell her in person, but we aren’t sure when that will be, and I didn’t want to wait much longer. We’ll have to call her today or tomorrow to make sure she’s doing all right. *huggles both kids*

Oh, the game I mentioned earlier that I was playing, it was Sims 3. I’m trying to do a dynasty, and it’s been slow going. I have been having so much fun with the World Adventures expansion pack, that I’ve been ignoring the work I was supposed to be doing in creating my Sim family. I have the mother, who is a world adventurer and author. On one of her trips to China she met and fell in love with her husband and they had a son. The husband died in a tragic accident, leaving mom and babe alone (he was trapped in the bathroom for three days before Death finally showed up, the jerk!). Mom has since made a huge fortune for her and son via writing and exploring. She also managed to recently get her Lifetime Wish of exploring six tombs in all three countries you can visit. Now she is an elderly woman, raising her teenage son (who will be a Young Adult in about 3 game days) and devoting her free time to gardening and painting. She’s retired from writing, though she still gets nice royalties for her books, and I don’t think she has anymore travel days left in her. That last tomb was nearly a killer with that mummy in there! I guess now I need to concentrate on the son finishing up High School and continuing his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, so we can have the third generation of this family. If I can remember, I’ll nab a few pictures to share with you all. I am really loving the graphics of this game (even on my crappy PC), and everything looks so good! I do hope that EA comes out with a University expansion and the ability to start up your own business like we had with Sims 2. And I do miss the weather changes from Seasons and the Pets! But overall I am very happy with what they have done with Sims 3.

All righty then, I have spent too much time here. I need to go get in the shower and then do a test run with the car by dropping off some cookies. Here’s hoping I make it so I can leave this afternoon sometime. And my friends and family up North, you can share some of the snow with us Southerners anytime you want, you know ;). No need to hog it all!

feb2010 068

This is what we call snow in the South. Not much

but enough to make puppy happy.

The world since Friday.

It has been a busy, hectic place and a bit darker. It’s been… Ugh.

It snowed in Austin, TX today. Can you believe it. And now they wish to share the misery with my neck of the woods. Yes, we’re getting snow tonight.

Yes, I am delaying.

Yesterday went fine. Sad, but fine. There were happy moments, and there were a lot of sad moments. And I met a lot of people.

Let me start from the beginning.

Sunday: Youngest and I went to Thinking Day 2010 for the Girl Scouts and had fun. Pics to be posted on FB sometime in the near future. Same with the ones for the circus. After we got home I started to get some shores done, get things set up for the next day and in general try to do a gazillion things in just a few hours. I printed pictures, organized cookies for distribution, and tried working on world peace. Not done with that last part yet. Went to bed about 9-ish, ready to pass out with the help of some Tylenol PM. One, I was hurting and two, I needed to get plenty of sleep. Monday promised to be along day and it delivered.


Got up, took care of animals (normally takes 20-40 minutes depending on how ‘playful’ or pissy they all got with us during the night. This also included Vader’s morning walk. Got myself ready, and got Youngest ready as she was going into school. I took her in, and then popped over to the tire place to have the tires rotated. While waiting, I had a talk with the former Coroner of the county, and told him about Richard. Oddly enough, he had to go to Virginia to finalize some leftovers from when his mother died. After that it off to fill up the car and make sure everything is all set money and car wise. Then by 9-ish I was on the road. Of course it had been raining pretty hard all morning, with a misting taking place as I was leaving. So I had morons on the road. Some of my favorite people. I only stopped three times, and that was only because my legs were bothering me, otherwise I may have made it straight through. Well, except for that five mile stretch where traffic halted for a wreck. Yup. Anyway, I made it to Richard’s by 12:30, and met his former roommates and his boyfriend. This was the first time I’d actually met them. I had talked to them on the phone a few times before, but never seen them face to face. They were all so nice, and we had a good cry. And I met the boyfriend’s mom, and she’s a sweetheart. We stayed at the apartment until it was time to leave to go to the funeral home. That was about 2:20. We picked up another friend along the way, and then got to the funeral home. Not long after the boyfriend’s best friend showed up and she went in with him for a private viewing, which I think was good for him. Gave him a chance to say good bye before the rest of us descended upon the room. I went in with one of Richard’s exes who lives up near here. That was nice. I got to know him a bit and got to know Richard a bit better, and found someone who agreed with me on several things about him. I will say this about Richard’s body and no more. I’m already next to tears. They made him look as though he was sleeping. So it was surreal for us that had been around him as he slept. He was TOO quiet to be sleeping. I used to pick on him and tell him that China called and complained about the noise level from his snores :-). We all stood/sat in the room, talking about Richard, and all our adventures with him. Even a quiet day with him was an adventure! That was something we all needed, I think. He’s to be cremated in a few days. After that I parted ways with his Charleston Family, with promises to see them all on Saturday. I did make sure to let them know that I was so happy that Richard had found so many wonderful people there and that they were there for him. I had worried about his move down there and the treatment of him by the people he moved with, but after meeting all of his friends, I realized he was in great hands.

Anyway, I went over to the In-Law’s to see them, and Grace :-). I needed that after the viewing. The boyfriend wanted me to go with them to CiCi’s pizza, but I think it was better for me to go over to more familiar ground, as I was beginning to get a bit shaken up. Not that I didn’t want to, I just don’t deal with crowds well, and needed a quiet place to calm down. So I got there, only no one was home. My father-in-law is typically home by that time, and I knew my mother-in-law would be a bit yet. So, since I forgot the key and Grace was upset I wasn’t in the house yet, I went next door to visit one of the neighbors. Sadly she was napping. Thankfully my father-law showed up then. So we hung out (after the sniffing I got from Grace who was upset I came by myself!) until mom-in-law came home. We had a nice visit and a good dinner (I can’t think of a meal from there I didn’t like…). I didn’t leave as early as I had hoped with the long trip back up. But it was still what I needed. Love you both and thank you again!

So after I gassed up again, I got on the road. Cranergy, gum and plenty of water to keep me going. If not for the fog I faced on the way back up, I would have made it back about 10:30 instead of 11:30. That and I had to take a detour, since the great state of South Carolina decided to close the northbound side of I-385. That is the main and quickest route to get from Columbia to Greenville. Instead I had to take back roads and couldn’t go as fast as I know I can go *pout*. I made it in one piece. When I got home I made a call and sent a text to let the guys in Charleston know I made back in one piece. And then Vader would not leave me alone! He was all over me and very upset! I came home, which he was happy about, but I didn’t have Grace with me, and I smelled just like her! How dare I!


Today is not over yet, and we do have a Girl Scout meeting tonight. But today was ok. It was hard stepping foot back in the place where I first met Richard and spent a lot of time with him at. We all (the ones who worked with him anyway) spent the quiet moments talking and reminiscing about him. That helped. I also unloaded a bunch of cookies on everybody and was asked if I could bring more. So at the meeting tonight, I’m picking up extra cookies!

Well, dinner is about ready and I need to run. Hope you all are well!

Picture 013

It’s the love birds!

Quick update

It’s been a busy few days around here, even though it feels like I’m still in a bit of a haze. I’m not sure just when I will be leaving for Charleston yet for the viewing and the funeral, but I do know I’ll be there for a bout two or three days, split up over the week. Richard’s funeral will be on Saturday, but the viewing will be on Monday. His boyfriend wasn’t sure of the times when I talked to him, and I told him we’d talk about it later. He’d had a pretty good morning with Richard’s father getting the arrangements made and I didn’t want to ruin it with details. He sounded pretty good, so I hope that continues.

Thank you to one and all who have given their condolences. I’ve been saving them up to pass along to Richard’s family as well.

We did go to the circus yesterday and enjoyed it. Lots of pictures, though a few I don’t think came out that well. It was what we needed as a distraction. For a few hours at least.

Once I hear back from one of the Troop leaders, the Youngest and I will be going to Thinking Day today with her troop. Originally I was going to get the info from her yesterday when we were to have sold cookies with her, but since we didn’t go, I didn’t get the info. It promises to be fun and another distraction for us. I’ll have to see about making arrangements for the Youngest to be able to go to the booth sales next Saturday, since we are signed up, but I wont be there for it. Not sure how the Hubby would feel about going with people he doesn’t know. But there is still time to plan it out.

And for the few that asked, yes, Richard is ultimately responsible for me getting my puppy, Vader. The end of June ‘08, I had gone over to his place where his roommate’s dog Shadow was not looking too good. Richard had mentioned that they couldn’t feed her enough sometimes and I checked her out. She looked VERY pregnant. I asked the roomie about it and he said she was just fat. If you’ve been around a pregnant dog, then you know what to look for, and she didn’t look fat. Her belly was big, but the rest of her was very gaunt. I let it rest with a whisper to Richard to sneak her some extra food. Well, about two weeks later, on my birthday I get a phone call, “You were right!” Shadow had thirteen puppies, thought the youngest two didn’t make it. They kept asking if we wanted one or more of the pups, and I kept saying no. We didn’t have the room and the money, considering these were the babes of a Chocolate Lab (we figured that out later) and a Husky.

Fast forward a little over a month. My BFF was still living down here at this time and we had decided to make it a girl’s day out for us girls, Youngest included. We went shopping, had lunch, and a lot of fun. Not long after lunch I’d gotten a call from Richard. He’d just had a seizure and was really out of it. I mean really out of it. We rushed over to his place, to find he’d hit his head pretty hard during the seizure, enough to make him bleed, and it was a lot. I had the BFF and Youngest look after the animals (the roommate and his family were out of town) while I assessed Richard. Finally I put my foot down with him and told him he was going to the ER, no matter what he said. He was in bad shape, and I was getting worried, especially when he could barely remember anything. So off to the ER we all went, with the Youngest echoing how the puppies loved her and could she have one.

Richard spent that night with us at home after we were finished at the ER (we would learn later he’d had a stroke with the seizure), because I didn’t want him by himself. Even with him out of it, he knew not to mess with my ‘mommy voice’ as he used to say. The next afternoon, Hubby went with us to Richard’s and he and the Youngest took care of the animals as I got Richard settled in and we were able to make contact with the roommate. While that was happening, Hubby was being sucked in by the cuteness of the puppies… I knew my days were numbered… The pups were only about four weeks along, but there were so many and Shadow could not keep up with them. So it was decided that next weekend they would be giving them away during a planned yard sale. Hubby had already picked one out, and made it clear that this would be his truck dog when he became and owner operator. So I gave in and said yes.

That week after the yard sale and we had Vader home, I had taken a vacation because of family things and a surgery I needed to have done. Well, that started the down fall of me and not wanting to get attached to this puppy. Yup, we all know how well that one worked out :). Thank you Richard!


A fucked up day.

The day started out ok. Not the greatest, but not the worst either. Got the Youngest up for school, came back and got ready (sort of) for the day. Putzed around a bit on the computer (re: Twitter Feed) and then went out for errands, cookie delivery, impromptu lunch with Hubby and then back home for chores before picking Youngest up to do more errands. Things were going pretty good. Even finalizing plans for the cookie booth in the morning and making sure we had everything for the circus we’re going to on Saturday and making sure we had all the pieces for the Mah Jong set for Thinking Day with the Girl Scouts on Sunday.

Well, about 1-1:30 this afternoon, my world began it’s downward spiral. I heard from a friend’s boyfriend that they were taking him to the ER. Now, some back story. This friend I have known for almost 5 years. He is as a brother to me and we went through A LOT together in that short amount of time. We had a running joke between us that if by age 45 neither one of us were attached, then we’d have no choice but to get married. At the time that joke started, Hubby and I were in the middle of a separation and barely speaking to each other. Now, this friend also had epilepsy. He didn’t always take very good care of himself, and would let his meds slide and everything. It was a struggle with him sometimes, but between myself and a few others we started getting him on the right path to take care of himself. So when I got the call from the boyfriend he was heading into the ER because he’d fallen in the bathroom, I wasn’t too shocked. It’s been several months since the last seizure and his worked like clock work sometimes. I told him to keep me updated and to take care of him and Richard. About ten minutes later, I got the worst call ever, next to the one from my brother that Dad had just past away. Richard hadn’t even made it to the hospital. The boyfriend and I both racked our brains, and I know he’s been doing that all day just from talking to him, wondering what the hell? Unless he had another stroke with this seizure (if he did in fact have one), I have no idea what could have done it. He wasn’t in perfect health, but Richard wasn’t in horrible shape, and besides the epilepsy, there was nothing wrong with him. So we wont know what happened until the Coroner is done with the autopsy.

I think what was the worst part, was telling the Youngest. She and Richard were pretty close, and like I said, there was nothing wrong with him, so nothing to explain to her why he died. She’s been quiet since I told her, after our tears more or less dried. And I had to wait to tell her. I couldn’t really put off the errands I needed to run after picking her up from school, and I didn’t want to spend the whole trip with her in tears and me unable to contain my own. It was hard enough when his boyfriend called me at one point to update me on some stuff and told me that I was in his will. I almost collapsed. I haven’t been able to get a hold of the Oldest yet to tell her, as she adored Richard too, and vice versa. What sucks there, is I may not be able to get a hold of her until after the funeral :-(. I hope I can before, but I’m not holding my breath at the moment.

Now what does this mean for right now? Well, besides me being very stressed, depressed, pissed, and all kinds of other emotions running high, it means no cookie booth in the morning, most likely no Thinking Day on Sunday, and me missing one or two days of work while I go to the funeral and then help sort things out. The circus is still on, and Hubby set his foot down on that one before I could say anything. He’s right, we need the distraction. Like I said, Richard was as a brother to me. I could joke and tease him just like my own. He was there for me and I was there for him. It broke my heart when he moved down to the Charleston area. Who would keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t get into trouble? Especially without me! But even though it was a rough start for him down there, Charleston did for him what it did for me years ago: It took him into its arms and loved him. The area accepted him and he met some really great people and some very loving people that helped him to get his life back. The only thing I regret about all that is that I wasn’t there to see it first hand. The last time I talked to him he sounded so happy, and I was so proud of him.

It’s going to be hard to walk into work and not see him there. It was his fault I got my job in the first place. He was the one that handed my app to the GM at the time and told him I was good. And we had just met. Then again, he knew what my Thor’s Hammer was that I was wearing and what it meant.

Fluffy Bunny, I know you are out there, and I know you are watching over us. Know that we love you and miss you. It’s not going to be easy not having you around. And dammit! Don’t you dare have too much fun with out us, or this Neanderthal will kick your ass! Oh, and thank you for being apart of our lives. I will miss the talks. The games we played. The movies and TV shows watched, books discussed and shared. And most of all, I will miss you just being there. You brought a level of sanity to my life when at that point I didn’t think any existed. And you even brought my puppy to me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I love you and miss you.

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Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I did Tweet to Jack over at Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter that I would blog about not watching the Super Bowl and how I don’t care about it this year due to a severe lack of teams I care about. So, there it is in a nutshell. I’ll be looking at the commercials in a bit on Hulu, and that’s it. Had to work today and will be working tomorrow morning for a bit, so that put the nail in my Super Bowl watching coffin. Next year the Panthers better at least make the playoffs, or Football will be dead to me. It has been a rough relationship to begin with. Mainly started as a defense mechanism w/ the Hubby when we first started dating, then I kind of grew to like it. It’s an all right sport, but certainly not my favorite. That one has to go to Soccer. Especially Manchester United. Sorry USA, I love and adore my country, but I can’t feel the same way about Football. Besides, thanks to Animal Planet, we have the Puppy Bowl! And yes we’ve been watching it now for two years. Its too cute. And we had good BBQ ribs tonight, made with love and care by Hubby. It was good.

Ok, enough of that talk. Lots to update.

The Youngest has been out of school since last Wednesday with Strep Throat. Hubby and I took turns staying home with her. She’s been on anti-biotics and pain killers, and is MUCH improved today! She can actually talk! Poor thing was just miserable for several days. So we had lots of snuggle time and she camped out in our room to watch TV and lay down in comfort with the animals, who loved it. The dogs can’t get up on the top bunk with her, where she normally sleeps, so having her in our bed was a treat for them! She’s going to attempt to go back to school tomorrow, which I think she’ll make it. She’s more active and eating solid foods. It did get a little scary there when they threatened to put her on an IV Friday night if she didn’t get herself hydrated. Yes, she refused to have anything to do with swallowing and no matter how much we prodded her to drink and eat, she would not. So the doc got a little forceful with her, and Hubby had him explain in detail what an IV entails. That did the trick and by Friday evening she had enough fluid in her system to keep that from happening. We did have to stand over her a bit and remind her what the doc said, but she did good.

Well, the big tax refund check came in on Friday, and Hubby did his shopping that day and I did mine on Saturday. Now, before you all call shenanigans on us, yes, money has been set aside for bills, and many have already been taken care of. Some we have to wait till Monday due to Friday being part of the weekend. But many things are being paid off and taken care so we either don’t have to worry about them for a while or (my favorite) ever again! Yay! So, can you blame us if we stumbled across an awesome sale at Best Buy and got a new TV for the living room? Can you blame me for going overboard at a few stores and doing some major stocking up on food and things for the animals? Well, there you have it. We’ve managed to cover a lot of ground with this, and still have some left over, so we’re more or less splitting it between a few other bills and a few other needs/wants. I’m thinking of getting the flooring for the kitchen, and I think Hubby and I agree on ripping up a section of the living room carpet to put down flooring. Just depends on if I can find the molding for it. Just because we live in a trailer doesn’t mean I want to live like Trailer Trash :P. And I think we may get rid of the carpet in the hallway too. And we have walls in need of painting. Yup, we do.

So it felt good over this weekend to take care of a lot of things and be able to get something we’ve been wanting and needing for a while. Felt very good.

I’m almost done with my first play through on Mass Effect 2. Work has foolishly gotten in the way of me completing it, as well as the shopping excursion :P. But, I only work till 10 tomorrow, so I might finish it while I eat lunch and before we all go out to run the errands after Hubby and Youngest are done with school. And no, I did not romance anyone this play through. I stayed true to Kaiden. I did try to romance Jacob, but nope, no luck and well, my Fem!Shep is hopelessly in love with the big jerk! I don’t care if he did send the ‘apology’ note after the meeting on Horizon, he was a jerk. But I still couldn’t bring myself to allow my character to ‘cheat’ on him after getting shot down by Jacob. So here we go. That and I’ve heard rumors from VERY good sources that I can pick up that romance again in the third game. Well, BioWare, I better be able to.

I received an e-mail update from the school for the Youngest, like I normally do a few times a week. It will have her current grades and stuff happening at school. Well, something that has kind of got me concerned was put in the update. The beginning of the school year saw a few of the local churches doing things to help the school out, and three major things they’ve done, which were pretty awesome, were 1- donating guitars to the music program, 2- buying new shoes for ALL the students and then 3- buying new hoodies for ALL the students embossed with the brand new school logo. I have no problem with all the help they’ve given. I think it’s wonderful and isn’t that one of the things that the Christian Church is supposed to be based on? Ok, so here is where I have become a little concerned, and I am honestly not trying to make a huge deal out of it. My inner Heathen wants to, but it’s been sequestered till further notice ;). The school is having a Pastor Appreciation Day this week, welcoming the pastors and what not. Now with the Youngest out of school for most of last week, I have a feeling we may have missed the note home about it, which may or may not have told me what I needed to know. So I sent an e-mail to the principal, of whom I get along with and love what he has done with the school. All I asked is what we can expect on that day and addressed some of my concerns. I did point out that I do not want my daughter singled out, as it can be a learning experience for her (I’m odd, I want my kids to have knowledge of other religions besides their own). I know a lot of people don’t understand this, and are probably wondering why I’m even bringing this up. Well, even though I do want my kids to learn about other religions, this is a public school, and I know Hubby and I stand firm on this. Religion has no place in public schools. It is one reason why she goes there and not a private school. I accept that this is the South, and we are at the Buckle of the Bible Belt, and so a little religion is going to creep in. We’ve handled it in stride and w/o any problems. In fact the school wasn’t even aware of it, as it was just discussions with our daughter. But this is a little bigger than a teacher bringing up Christmas, Chanukah or one of the other big religious holidays. This involves a few churches a bit more up close and personal, and though I am thankful and grateful for what they have done for the school, part of me wonders just what is going to take place on this day. Will I have a very upset and confused child coming home that day wondering what’s going on or will it be nothing but another day at school with some people visiting so the kids can tell them thank you. Frankly I am hoping for the latter, and that is most likely what it is, but I had to do something to convince the inner Heathen to chill out. So I will have to wait for the principal to get back with me on it, and I hope he does. If I don’t hear anything by Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be calling to find out.

In other news, I have my cell phone back. Was going to look into getting an Instinct from Sprint, but things didn’t work out good for that right now. Maybe this fall. But it feels good to have it back. Just need to get the web and stuff set up on it and I’ll be in business. Twitter and Facebook wont know what hit them!

Now, for an issue of mine that has been bugging me. The cell phone, and the phone in general. I have not had my actual, Sprint phone since November sometime due to my stupidity and letting it get wet and then it refused to make calls, and surf, etc. Then the battery wouldn’t hold a charge to save it’s life, so I had things trapped on there I wanted, like numbers and pictures. I don’t know how many times I have to tell people that I didn’t have access to that phone. I’ve been stingy and trying to avoid the $50 insurance fee and buy the same type of phone. That hasn’t gone on well, as I did find one from Ebay and it went bust. Still trying to get that one resolved. So, I had been using the Emergency use only house cell phone, the one we had when we had no landline and in case the kids needed us, vice versa. It is totally prepaid, not one of those unlimited plans. VERY few people have that number and it’s only so work can get a hold of me, or so Hubby and the kids can, etc. Not for me to make personal calls with. Sorry. Actually had a few people mad at me for that, but they aren’t paying for the minutes, are they? We do have a land line phone back and I’ve tried getting a hold of people to give that number to, but as it is, most of those people’s numbers are trapped on my phone. It’s been fun trying to get those numbers off of it. And that is the understatement of the year.

And another thing about the phone… I love you all dearly. I truly do. But lately I’ve been getting an influx of phone calls at night. Some are telemarketers, etc, but a few are people looking for me. Frankly if it’s after 8 at night, good luck getting me. I’m not being mean or rude by any means, but by that time I am settling myself down for the night. I am an extremely light sleeper and I have an even harder getting to sleep. I don’t do phone calls or anything too serious before bed because it winds me right back up and then it takes me even longer to fall asleep. And then I have this annoying habit of if I’ve been woken up I either can’t go back to sleep or it takes me too long and by the time I have to wake up in the morning I’m more exhausted (try not to let myself do that). Since my work schedule has been bonkers for the better part of a year now, I realize it’s harder to get a hold of me. So e-mail me. Have Twitter? I’m there. On FaceBook or MySpace? Drop me a line. And then we can maybe work out a time for me to call you (as long as I have the number- remember, the evil LG phone has them held hostage on bad days){I have since mended my ways and will make sure I have a hard copy of said info in case anything foolish should happen to the phone again.}. Also keep in mind, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t really like talking on the phone. I know, but I really don’t. I know I’ve said that before here. But I still love you all! {{{{BIG GROUP HUG}}}}}}}

Also, when I say leave me a damn message and I’ll call you back when I can, do it. Bossman is a huge idiot who does this (he even admitted to it). I often am outside walking the dogs and don’t hear the phone ring out there, not am I in the habit of taking a phone everywhere with me since Hubby is no longer on the road. Sometimes I am also at work and can’t talk. In fact, when I’m at work, I will not answer the phone unless you are one of the following: 1- the kids, 2- someone involved with the kids (school, babysitter), 3- Hubby, 4- Mom/Mom-in-law. If I see one of those numbers pop up when I am at work, I will normally pick it right up. Sometimes I’m not able to, but the next chance I can I call back or text. Everyone else, sorry. Leave a message. I’m working. I take my job seriously, contrary to what I may joke or stress about.

And on another note, I love each and everyone of my family member and friends. I really do. *GROUP HUG*

Not touching the Amazon/MacMillian BS just yet. And yes, it is bullshit.

All right, this has been some blog entry. Didn’t mean to get all angsty there. Seriously. I wanted to end on a happy note. So what I might do is this, and then go get my dessert- an M&M ice cream sandwich. Yummy!

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Vader on ‘his’ bed


It’s Joker AND Seth Green! *flail*