A not so Mass Effect update

Possibly anyway. I imagine the game will creep in here somewhere. It’s all I’ve really been playing when I have free time, and let’s face it. I’m madly in love with Bioware! Oh, and Kaidan, even if he’s only in the game for a split second. I fully expect them to make it up to me in the third game.

Vader tired after a long gaming session of Mass Effect 2. He's my 2IC and it tires him out, all that planet hopping!

Ok, update time for real…

Youngest stayed home with Daddy today. She has a sore throat with a very runny nose and just really blah. I don’t know if she’ll be well enough to go back to school tomorrow, so we’ll wait and see. It’s a short day for me tomorrow, 10-2, so if she does stay home, I’ll be with her while Hubby is at class.

Youngest also managed to sell a 101 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Yay! I did buy a few extra boxes, but a few will be gifts :). Since we have lost the prize sheet in this mess of a house, I’m doing this from memory, but I know she get an extra patch for selling 12 boxes (maybe, I do know she’s up for about 3 or 4 patches when this is all done), a little card that she can use to go towards Girl Scout events, and I know there is something for the girls when they sell 100 boxes. So it’s not the 2010 that she wanted to sell, but she did a wonderful job regardless. And we were supposed to have a meeting this past Tuesday, but it was canceled, and re-scheduled for this next week. Youngest was upset since they were gonna have ice cream sundaes for their snack. But we’ll still have them at the next meeting. Yummy!

Something I have been amiss to sharing with you all is this: I am very proud of my Hubby. He received a letter from his school recently, and it turns out it was a letter from the president of the school, and turns out he’s on the President’ List for having a 4.0 average! Go Hubby! Very happy and proud of my Hubby. It was his first time back in school in MANY years and he was so nervous he wouldn’t do very well, etc. I am glad he proved himself wrong. So, 😛 on you Hubby!

Work has been interesting. We had an inspection today from the HOME, home office, aka International. It started out rough, a little anyway, but then as we went along things got better and from what I know we did well. I left before we got the final say, but if Bossman is feeling good during these things then we did good. He felt really good when I was leaving. I’ve seen this inspector one other time and so far he’s my favorite of the three International inspectors I’ve dealt with. He reminds me of one of our former Area Director’s who was awesome to work with and for. The Inspector would reprimand us when he found something wrong (they always do, no matter what you do!), but he was respectful in how he did it, and he made sure you knew why it was wrong and how it is to be. We don’t see that too often anymore, which is sad. But I hope if I do make it in tomorrow that we will have scored at least an 88, which is what we got during his last visit. The only thing that truly sucked is our meat cooler next to the main grill decided it was going to die on us. Our maintenance guy pointed it out to me, and so Bossman and I worked on it for a bit to no avail. Got our maintenance tech on the phone to see when he’d be able to make it, and he said he’d try to get there this afternoon, but he had a full day ahead of him. So we put everything on ice, and made sure we had someone to run back to the Walk-In to grab a new sleeve of meat when the Grillman needed it. If there is one thing that has improved at this store since I’ve started working there almost five years ago, is Food Safety. Everybody was quick to pick up on the situation, even before the Inspector got there, and we all worked together to make sure we had fresh ice for the meat when it was there and that the temp was kept within safe ranges. Got some of the newbies to use the thermometer for the first time today :). Always fun, since ours comes with several attachments to it and for something so simple it always seems to wierd them out!

We have a storewide meeting this Saturday, which sucks. I’d like a day off where I’m not having to get up for whatever reason AND the animals don’t decide to get me up because they can’t tell time. Oh well. Bossman is promising breakfast and he usually does really well it. I may stop in early if he’s making it to give a helping hand. Sometimes I make breakfast for the opening crew when we work Sundays since we open later that day and they all seem to enjoy it. It’s normally pancakes, with bacon and eggs. We’ve made home fries and hash browns before too. I need to remember to grab a bottle of the good syrup too, as I can’t stand that Mr. Butterworth’s shit. That’s not syrup, people. When you’ve tasted real, honest to goodness maple syrup, you will refuse anything else. Trust me. It’s a bit more money, but it’s worth every penny!

As for TV shows, we’ve been keeping up with Fringe (feeling the Walter love!), Kitchen Nightmares, Heroes and now Caprica. Enjoying Caprica and am very interested in where they go with it. The others are all good, though I have to take issue with Heroes. I would like to know where the hell my show went? Seriously. Did they decide to let monkeys write it, or are they believing that they are putting out a quality show, when it is made of fail. Every once in a great while during this season I’ve seen what made the show so great TRY to peak out, but fail miserably. I thought the idea of the Carnival would be great, as there would be a lot they could do with it. And they got Ray Park as part of the cast! How could it have failed. One word- Samuel. The character is horrible and they need to get rid of him ASAP. And he needs to take Claire with him. Never really cared for her, but she at least showed potential in season one. Since then though, it has been one big whine fest, and A LOT of cheese. Bad cheese. Killing Nathan I was fine with. But what they did w/ him and Sylar pissed me off, especially in the delivery of it during the season. It’s almost as if the writers still haven’t figured out what they did right in season one (Oh wait! They fired them!) and are trying desperately to get it right by recycling old storylines and doing so horribly. I LOVE and ADORE Sylar. I have for sometime now. Even when he was playing a good guy, I knew that was Sylar and I was his bitch. *sob* Not anymore. I don’t know who the fuck stepped in his place, but I don’t like ’em. That’s not Sylar. Not even the Sylar from that one possible future where he had a son, Noah. Sorry. So, Tim Kring and NBC, please bring my Sylar back. You have a wonderful actor in your possession in the form of Zachary Quinto. Don’t ruin it for him and the rest of us. I think it’s his and a small handful of other’s acting abilities that have kept me going. Certainly not the story. It’s sucked, big time. Hubby says they need to let it go, instead of renewing and totally killing the show. I’m inclined to agree. Remember the Happy Days episode where Fonzie jumped the tank full of sharks on his bike? Well, Heroes has jumped the shark and I’m becoming resentful. I hate that.

I don’t like leaving this on a sour note, but it’s time to do a quick edit, post and then bed. Have to get up early so I can get everybody ready and then get me ready. I think I will leave you all on this note though (warning it is Mass Effect related and it wont spoil the story for you): Mordin sings! Yes, you too will wonder if you’ve had anything to drink, or was it too much ;)?

How's this for a final note! Ryoko trying to bathe!

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