I’m home today

The Youngest got up and she looked worse and didn’t sound better than yesterday, so homebound we are. Which is fine. Could use the extra time at work, but it’s not often anymore that she and I get a day to ourselves. I think I might play a little Mass Effect 2, but mostly it’ll be chores for me, and rest for her and lots of Mythbusters all around. It’s a show everybody here loves to watch, and it helps that she doesn’t mind watching the same episode over again if she’s already watched it with Daddy and not me. No sign of a fever from the kid yet, but if her ears don’t settle down, there will certainly be a visit to the doctor.

Hated calling out today, as it seems they are down at least one person. The opening manager called me a few minutes before I was going to call, asking if I could come in and open. Would have been nice, and I know they could use the help. But sometimes I do need to put my family before my job, no matter what. That and Vader wanted Mommy home anyway, the nice foot warmer that he is :).

I wish the weather would straighten out. It’s been cold, warm, snow/sleet/ice, and cold. Sometimes all in the same day for the last week. It’s aggravating and I have no doubt it’s why the Youngest and several others are sick. We’re supposed to in the next day or so get more nasty weather, but I’m hoping it stays away. A friend of mine I believe is ready for the nasty weather to go away permanently. She runs a daycare from her home and where she lives school has been closed for the majority of this week! Normally she has a few little ones during the day and then the afternoon crowd gets bigger with the after-school kids. I feel for her, I really do. And no, I don’t want bad weather to cancel the meeting this Saturday either. The tax money is supposed to be in tomorrow and I have plans for Saturday if it does. Sure, a lot of it involves spending time ont he computer paying bills, but Amazon will love us! We haven’t set any concrete plans yet for the money, other than the bills, which will be a huge relief! And then Hubby said his Financial Aid money should be in next week, so that will cover rent for several months, easing things up a bit more. Oh, and a car. Put our foot down, and yes, we will be getting a second car. It’s a need and not a want at this point, with conflicting schedules and what not. So we’re looking into that.

And I’ve had a few people ask how the writing is going. I’ve hit a roadblock of sorts for now. It’s not completely stalled, but I need a break, so I think I may pick up some of my fan fiction stories and either edit through them or add more. Now, if I could manage to make writing my full-time job, like I did one summer many years ago, the current book would be done and the others I had written would be done with the editing and ready to be sent out. But, as my life does not afford me the luxury anymore, this is what I work with :(. Maybe I’ll hit it lucky with the lottery or something and get enough to not have to worry about working and be able to write for a solid year or so. I know the animals would approve!

Speaking of which, our outdoor kitties are doing well. Zombie, has come inside a few times to get out of the bad weather, and the others seem ok with it. Her brother, Bob, however, has nothing to do with it. He eats the few bites of food we leave him and he’s content. I do know if we had a bigger place, we’d have two new indoor kitties. Yes, I do happen to run an SPCA in my spare time! At least that’s what it feels like. Bob will lay on the porch and watch us, unless we come too close then he runs off. Zombie on the other hand likes to walk with us and the dogs, and loves the affection and attention we give her. She’s tried to stay inside on a regular basis a few times, but we can’t do that. 1- not enough room and 2- we have six animals inside already. So it all boils down to not enough room. *sigh* I miss the old farm house some days. Plenty of room there.

I hate being allergic to latex. I make sure I get the latex free band aids, and try for the fabric ones as often as possible since they are easier to work with at work, between the water and food. But occasionally I get a cut or something while at work and lately they’ve been getting the latex band-aids. Well, on the day in question, I burned a small spot on my arm pretty good while cleaning the fryers, and it broke open, etc. So I go through with cleaning it and adding the ointments, etc to it. Well, since it’s an open wound and I was at work, it had to be covered. I was stuck with a stupid latex band-aid and paid the price. The stuff breaks my skin out in hives pretty bad. So I now have the burn (which is healing nicely) and a little ring around it where the skin is still irritated from the band-aid. I normally have some with me in the car and in my purse. I think that day Hubby had the car and when he has the car, I don’t bring my purse to work. So I was SOL. It’s better now, only a little itchy from the healing process.

Ok, time to clean up a bit and check on the kid. Hope you all have a great day!


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