Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I did Tweet to Jack over at Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter that I would blog about not watching the Super Bowl and how I don’t care about it this year due to a severe lack of teams I care about. So, there it is in a nutshell. I’ll be looking at the commercials in a bit on Hulu, and that’s it. Had to work today and will be working tomorrow morning for a bit, so that put the nail in my Super Bowl watching coffin. Next year the Panthers better at least make the playoffs, or Football will be dead to me. It has been a rough relationship to begin with. Mainly started as a defense mechanism w/ the Hubby when we first started dating, then I kind of grew to like it. It’s an all right sport, but certainly not my favorite. That one has to go to Soccer. Especially Manchester United. Sorry USA, I love and adore my country, but I can’t feel the same way about Football. Besides, thanks to Animal Planet, we have the Puppy Bowl! And yes we’ve been watching it now for two years. Its too cute. And we had good BBQ ribs tonight, made with love and care by Hubby. It was good.

Ok, enough of that talk. Lots to update.

The Youngest has been out of school since last Wednesday with Strep Throat. Hubby and I took turns staying home with her. She’s been on anti-biotics and pain killers, and is MUCH improved today! She can actually talk! Poor thing was just miserable for several days. So we had lots of snuggle time and she camped out in our room to watch TV and lay down in comfort with the animals, who loved it. The dogs can’t get up on the top bunk with her, where she normally sleeps, so having her in our bed was a treat for them! She’s going to attempt to go back to school tomorrow, which I think she’ll make it. She’s more active and eating solid foods. It did get a little scary there when they threatened to put her on an IV Friday night if she didn’t get herself hydrated. Yes, she refused to have anything to do with swallowing and no matter how much we prodded her to drink and eat, she would not. So the doc got a little forceful with her, and Hubby had him explain in detail what an IV entails. That did the trick and by Friday evening she had enough fluid in her system to keep that from happening. We did have to stand over her a bit and remind her what the doc said, but she did good.

Well, the big tax refund check came in on Friday, and Hubby did his shopping that day and I did mine on Saturday. Now, before you all call shenanigans on us, yes, money has been set aside for bills, and many have already been taken care of. Some we have to wait till Monday due to Friday being part of the weekend. But many things are being paid off and taken care so we either don’t have to worry about them for a while or (my favorite) ever again! Yay! So, can you blame us if we stumbled across an awesome sale at Best Buy and got a new TV for the living room? Can you blame me for going overboard at a few stores and doing some major stocking up on food and things for the animals? Well, there you have it. We’ve managed to cover a lot of ground with this, and still have some left over, so we’re more or less splitting it between a few other bills and a few other needs/wants. I’m thinking of getting the flooring for the kitchen, and I think Hubby and I agree on ripping up a section of the living room carpet to put down flooring. Just depends on if I can find the molding for it. Just because we live in a trailer doesn’t mean I want to live like Trailer Trash :P. And I think we may get rid of the carpet in the hallway too. And we have walls in need of painting. Yup, we do.

So it felt good over this weekend to take care of a lot of things and be able to get something we’ve been wanting and needing for a while. Felt very good.

I’m almost done with my first play through on Mass Effect 2. Work has foolishly gotten in the way of me completing it, as well as the shopping excursion :P. But, I only work till 10 tomorrow, so I might finish it while I eat lunch and before we all go out to run the errands after Hubby and Youngest are done with school. And no, I did not romance anyone this play through. I stayed true to Kaiden. I did try to romance Jacob, but nope, no luck and well, my Fem!Shep is hopelessly in love with the big jerk! I don’t care if he did send the ‘apology’ note after the meeting on Horizon, he was a jerk. But I still couldn’t bring myself to allow my character to ‘cheat’ on him after getting shot down by Jacob. So here we go. That and I’ve heard rumors from VERY good sources that I can pick up that romance again in the third game. Well, BioWare, I better be able to.

I received an e-mail update from the school for the Youngest, like I normally do a few times a week. It will have her current grades and stuff happening at school. Well, something that has kind of got me concerned was put in the update. The beginning of the school year saw a few of the local churches doing things to help the school out, and three major things they’ve done, which were pretty awesome, were 1- donating guitars to the music program, 2- buying new shoes for ALL the students and then 3- buying new hoodies for ALL the students embossed with the brand new school logo. I have no problem with all the help they’ve given. I think it’s wonderful and isn’t that one of the things that the Christian Church is supposed to be based on? Ok, so here is where I have become a little concerned, and I am honestly not trying to make a huge deal out of it. My inner Heathen wants to, but it’s been sequestered till further notice ;). The school is having a Pastor Appreciation Day this week, welcoming the pastors and what not. Now with the Youngest out of school for most of last week, I have a feeling we may have missed the note home about it, which may or may not have told me what I needed to know. So I sent an e-mail to the principal, of whom I get along with and love what he has done with the school. All I asked is what we can expect on that day and addressed some of my concerns. I did point out that I do not want my daughter singled out, as it can be a learning experience for her (I’m odd, I want my kids to have knowledge of other religions besides their own). I know a lot of people don’t understand this, and are probably wondering why I’m even bringing this up. Well, even though I do want my kids to learn about other religions, this is a public school, and I know Hubby and I stand firm on this. Religion has no place in public schools. It is one reason why she goes there and not a private school. I accept that this is the South, and we are at the Buckle of the Bible Belt, and so a little religion is going to creep in. We’ve handled it in stride and w/o any problems. In fact the school wasn’t even aware of it, as it was just discussions with our daughter. But this is a little bigger than a teacher bringing up Christmas, Chanukah or one of the other big religious holidays. This involves a few churches a bit more up close and personal, and though I am thankful and grateful for what they have done for the school, part of me wonders just what is going to take place on this day. Will I have a very upset and confused child coming home that day wondering what’s going on or will it be nothing but another day at school with some people visiting so the kids can tell them thank you. Frankly I am hoping for the latter, and that is most likely what it is, but I had to do something to convince the inner Heathen to chill out. So I will have to wait for the principal to get back with me on it, and I hope he does. If I don’t hear anything by Tuesday afternoon, I’ll be calling to find out.

In other news, I have my cell phone back. Was going to look into getting an Instinct from Sprint, but things didn’t work out good for that right now. Maybe this fall. But it feels good to have it back. Just need to get the web and stuff set up on it and I’ll be in business. Twitter and Facebook wont know what hit them!

Now, for an issue of mine that has been bugging me. The cell phone, and the phone in general. I have not had my actual, Sprint phone since November sometime due to my stupidity and letting it get wet and then it refused to make calls, and surf, etc. Then the battery wouldn’t hold a charge to save it’s life, so I had things trapped on there I wanted, like numbers and pictures. I don’t know how many times I have to tell people that I didn’t have access to that phone. I’ve been stingy and trying to avoid the $50 insurance fee and buy the same type of phone. That hasn’t gone on well, as I did find one from Ebay and it went bust. Still trying to get that one resolved. So, I had been using the Emergency use only house cell phone, the one we had when we had no landline and in case the kids needed us, vice versa. It is totally prepaid, not one of those unlimited plans. VERY few people have that number and it’s only so work can get a hold of me, or so Hubby and the kids can, etc. Not for me to make personal calls with. Sorry. Actually had a few people mad at me for that, but they aren’t paying for the minutes, are they? We do have a land line phone back and I’ve tried getting a hold of people to give that number to, but as it is, most of those people’s numbers are trapped on my phone. It’s been fun trying to get those numbers off of it. And that is the understatement of the year.

And another thing about the phone… I love you all dearly. I truly do. But lately I’ve been getting an influx of phone calls at night. Some are telemarketers, etc, but a few are people looking for me. Frankly if it’s after 8 at night, good luck getting me. I’m not being mean or rude by any means, but by that time I am settling myself down for the night. I am an extremely light sleeper and I have an even harder getting to sleep. I don’t do phone calls or anything too serious before bed because it winds me right back up and then it takes me even longer to fall asleep. And then I have this annoying habit of if I’ve been woken up I either can’t go back to sleep or it takes me too long and by the time I have to wake up in the morning I’m more exhausted (try not to let myself do that). Since my work schedule has been bonkers for the better part of a year now, I realize it’s harder to get a hold of me. So e-mail me. Have Twitter? I’m there. On FaceBook or MySpace? Drop me a line. And then we can maybe work out a time for me to call you (as long as I have the number- remember, the evil LG phone has them held hostage on bad days){I have since mended my ways and will make sure I have a hard copy of said info in case anything foolish should happen to the phone again.}. Also keep in mind, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t really like talking on the phone. I know, but I really don’t. I know I’ve said that before here. But I still love you all! {{{{BIG GROUP HUG}}}}}}}

Also, when I say leave me a damn message and I’ll call you back when I can, do it. Bossman is a huge idiot who does this (he even admitted to it). I often am outside walking the dogs and don’t hear the phone ring out there, not am I in the habit of taking a phone everywhere with me since Hubby is no longer on the road. Sometimes I am also at work and can’t talk. In fact, when I’m at work, I will not answer the phone unless you are one of the following: 1- the kids, 2- someone involved with the kids (school, babysitter), 3- Hubby, 4- Mom/Mom-in-law. If I see one of those numbers pop up when I am at work, I will normally pick it right up. Sometimes I’m not able to, but the next chance I can I call back or text. Everyone else, sorry. Leave a message. I’m working. I take my job seriously, contrary to what I may joke or stress about.

And on another note, I love each and everyone of my family member and friends. I really do. *GROUP HUG*

Not touching the Amazon/MacMillian BS just yet. And yes, it is bullshit.

All right, this has been some blog entry. Didn’t mean to get all angsty there. Seriously. I wanted to end on a happy note. So what I might do is this, and then go get my dessert- an M&M ice cream sandwich. Yummy!

Nov.2009 006

Vader on ‘his’ bed


It’s Joker AND Seth Green! *flail*


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