The world since Friday.

It has been a busy, hectic place and a bit darker. It’s been… Ugh.

It snowed in Austin, TX today. Can you believe it. And now they wish to share the misery with my neck of the woods. Yes, we’re getting snow tonight.

Yes, I am delaying.

Yesterday went fine. Sad, but fine. There were happy moments, and there were a lot of sad moments. And I met a lot of people.

Let me start from the beginning.

Sunday: Youngest and I went to Thinking Day 2010 for the Girl Scouts and had fun. Pics to be posted on FB sometime in the near future. Same with the ones for the circus. After we got home I started to get some shores done, get things set up for the next day and in general try to do a gazillion things in just a few hours. I printed pictures, organized cookies for distribution, and tried working on world peace. Not done with that last part yet. Went to bed about 9-ish, ready to pass out with the help of some Tylenol PM. One, I was hurting and two, I needed to get plenty of sleep. Monday promised to be along day and it delivered.


Got up, took care of animals (normally takes 20-40 minutes depending on how ‘playful’ or pissy they all got with us during the night. This also included Vader’s morning walk. Got myself ready, and got Youngest ready as she was going into school. I took her in, and then popped over to the tire place to have the tires rotated. While waiting, I had a talk with the former Coroner of the county, and told him about Richard. Oddly enough, he had to go to Virginia to finalize some leftovers from when his mother died. After that it off to fill up the car and make sure everything is all set money and car wise. Then by 9-ish I was on the road. Of course it had been raining pretty hard all morning, with a misting taking place as I was leaving. So I had morons on the road. Some of my favorite people. I only stopped three times, and that was only because my legs were bothering me, otherwise I may have made it straight through. Well, except for that five mile stretch where traffic halted for a wreck. Yup. Anyway, I made it to Richard’s by 12:30, and met his former roommates and his boyfriend. This was the first time I’d actually met them. I had talked to them on the phone a few times before, but never seen them face to face. They were all so nice, and we had a good cry. And I met the boyfriend’s mom, and she’s a sweetheart. We stayed at the apartment until it was time to leave to go to the funeral home. That was about 2:20. We picked up another friend along the way, and then got to the funeral home. Not long after the boyfriend’s best friend showed up and she went in with him for a private viewing, which I think was good for him. Gave him a chance to say good bye before the rest of us descended upon the room. I went in with one of Richard’s exes who lives up near here. That was nice. I got to know him a bit and got to know Richard a bit better, and found someone who agreed with me on several things about him. I will say this about Richard’s body and no more. I’m already next to tears. They made him look as though he was sleeping. So it was surreal for us that had been around him as he slept. He was TOO quiet to be sleeping. I used to pick on him and tell him that China called and complained about the noise level from his snores :-). We all stood/sat in the room, talking about Richard, and all our adventures with him. Even a quiet day with him was an adventure! That was something we all needed, I think. He’s to be cremated in a few days. After that I parted ways with his Charleston Family, with promises to see them all on Saturday. I did make sure to let them know that I was so happy that Richard had found so many wonderful people there and that they were there for him. I had worried about his move down there and the treatment of him by the people he moved with, but after meeting all of his friends, I realized he was in great hands.

Anyway, I went over to the In-Law’s to see them, and Grace :-). I needed that after the viewing. The boyfriend wanted me to go with them to CiCi’s pizza, but I think it was better for me to go over to more familiar ground, as I was beginning to get a bit shaken up. Not that I didn’t want to, I just don’t deal with crowds well, and needed a quiet place to calm down. So I got there, only no one was home. My father-in-law is typically home by that time, and I knew my mother-in-law would be a bit yet. So, since I forgot the key and Grace was upset I wasn’t in the house yet, I went next door to visit one of the neighbors. Sadly she was napping. Thankfully my father-law showed up then. So we hung out (after the sniffing I got from Grace who was upset I came by myself!) until mom-in-law came home. We had a nice visit and a good dinner (I can’t think of a meal from there I didn’t like…). I didn’t leave as early as I had hoped with the long trip back up. But it was still what I needed. Love you both and thank you again!

So after I gassed up again, I got on the road. Cranergy, gum and plenty of water to keep me going. If not for the fog I faced on the way back up, I would have made it back about 10:30 instead of 11:30. That and I had to take a detour, since the great state of South Carolina decided to close the northbound side of I-385. That is the main and quickest route to get from Columbia to Greenville. Instead I had to take back roads and couldn’t go as fast as I know I can go *pout*. I made it in one piece. When I got home I made a call and sent a text to let the guys in Charleston know I made back in one piece. And then Vader would not leave me alone! He was all over me and very upset! I came home, which he was happy about, but I didn’t have Grace with me, and I smelled just like her! How dare I!


Today is not over yet, and we do have a Girl Scout meeting tonight. But today was ok. It was hard stepping foot back in the place where I first met Richard and spent a lot of time with him at. We all (the ones who worked with him anyway) spent the quiet moments talking and reminiscing about him. That helped. I also unloaded a bunch of cookies on everybody and was asked if I could bring more. So at the meeting tonight, I’m picking up extra cookies!

Well, dinner is about ready and I need to run. Hope you all are well!

Picture 013

It’s the love birds!


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