The whole house is sick…

We all woke up yesterday way under the weather, each of us to varying degrees. I think Hubby is the worst one and Youngest is not far behind. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Which is not making me one bit happy. I’ve already let Richard’s boyfriend know that there is a chance I wont be able to make it due to being sick, but I’d hate it big time if I couldn’t make it for tomorrow’s service. And BTW, we all have Strep Throat. Not fun. Especially since I only worked two days this week so far and am now out for the rest of the week :(. Will have to do some finagling of the finances to make sure it doesn’t hit us too hard. But even that doesn’t worry me or upset me as much as the possibility of not making it to Richard’s funeral. But I feel achey all over, and extremely drowsy. I’m going to take a shower after I’m done with this blog so I can hopefully feel more human and hopefully feel like I can make the trip. If I had somebody going with me, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. But since I’ll be by myself… I hate being sick.

Actually played some games yesterday… ok, just one, and it wasn’t Mass Effect 2. With the extreme lack of Kaiden, it has been a bit hard to go through the second play through ;). Ok, it’s really due to the increased shooter feel to the game. I never much cared for shooters (I think Halo is the sole exception here) and I thought Mass Effect was an RPG. It has made it very hard for those of us who don’t like shooters to play it. I have a friend who is struggling with her first play through, and I’m surprised she hasn’t thrown the controller at the TV yet, or she hasn’t said anything about needing a new one yet ;). Hopefully when they come out with ME 3, there will be fewer shooter elements to the game, and more RPG elements. I do not expect my games to be easy, and I like a challenge. But when I’m doing the SAME damn fight about 30 times because I HATE shooters, then it’s not fun. It’ becomes tedious and boring and I loose interest. I think that is what is beginning to happen here, which bites because of long I’ve waited for this game to come out. I still adore Thane though. If I can make it to a third play through, I will have a female just to romance him. He’s become my guilty pleasure, as I’m not a huge fan of interspecies relations.

Talked with my mom last night and got caught up on a lot of the family happenings up North. Of course the big one right now is all the snow everyone has been getting there. In some areas they have over three feet, with more coming down. On FaceBook, I’ve been looking through all the pictures my friends up there have been posting. In a way it is making me homesick, as when I was a kid, some of my best memories of snows like that. Especially if mom was home from work! We kids would go help dad with the shoveling and then mom would often have the water ready for us, or the hot chocolate already made up. Yum! And then the snowball fights, snow forts, sledding, snow days from school! It was a blast. Then I’m reminded of when I grew older and started liking it a little less, as I had better things to do than to shovel and unbury cars. I know I’d love to get the Youngest and Vader up there for the snow. She loves snow and can barely remember the one Christmas we spent with Grandma and Poppa and we got snowed in! One of my nephews was over and while I was shoveling, those two were throwing snowballs at me! Yes, I did get them back! She was only two at the time. I’ll have to dig some of those pictures up and put them up on FB. She was so adorable in her little purple snowsuit! I did tell mom that if we were up there right now, that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting to work! Vader would happily take her there. We’d just hook him up to a sled and yell mush and away he would go! When he’s around snow, the Husky side of him comes out and you can tell he’s in his element! That and his paws are made for the stuff- they spread out for optimal gripping and traction on that white stuff!

Sadly, I finally talked to the Oldest last night about Richard. Due to various things I wasn’t able to get a hold of her till then. She sounded fine until I told her. Like I said on FaceBook last night, I don’t want to have to tell either kid anything like that again. It’s easier being dirt poor and struggling to make ends meet day to day with no help whatsoever. Richard adored both girls and they likewise. They always loved it when they went to see him or he came over. He never made them feel like they should be ignored and always asked about them and made sure they were well taken care of. I just wish that I could have been with the Oldest to tell her in person, but we aren’t sure when that will be, and I didn’t want to wait much longer. We’ll have to call her today or tomorrow to make sure she’s doing all right. *huggles both kids*

Oh, the game I mentioned earlier that I was playing, it was Sims 3. I’m trying to do a dynasty, and it’s been slow going. I have been having so much fun with the World Adventures expansion pack, that I’ve been ignoring the work I was supposed to be doing in creating my Sim family. I have the mother, who is a world adventurer and author. On one of her trips to China she met and fell in love with her husband and they had a son. The husband died in a tragic accident, leaving mom and babe alone (he was trapped in the bathroom for three days before Death finally showed up, the jerk!). Mom has since made a huge fortune for her and son via writing and exploring. She also managed to recently get her Lifetime Wish of exploring six tombs in all three countries you can visit. Now she is an elderly woman, raising her teenage son (who will be a Young Adult in about 3 game days) and devoting her free time to gardening and painting. She’s retired from writing, though she still gets nice royalties for her books, and I don’t think she has anymore travel days left in her. That last tomb was nearly a killer with that mummy in there! I guess now I need to concentrate on the son finishing up High School and continuing his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, so we can have the third generation of this family. If I can remember, I’ll nab a few pictures to share with you all. I am really loving the graphics of this game (even on my crappy PC), and everything looks so good! I do hope that EA comes out with a University expansion and the ability to start up your own business like we had with Sims 2. And I do miss the weather changes from Seasons and the Pets! But overall I am very happy with what they have done with Sims 3.

All righty then, I have spent too much time here. I need to go get in the shower and then do a test run with the car by dropping off some cookies. Here’s hoping I make it so I can leave this afternoon sometime. And my friends and family up North, you can share some of the snow with us Southerners anytime you want, you know ;). No need to hog it all!

feb2010 068

This is what we call snow in the South. Not much

but enough to make puppy happy.


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