The world is pretty busy right now.

Seriously it is. Between two earthquakes and then a threat of tsunamis, well, I just hope everyone out there is doing fine, and if not that you get the help you need soon. We’re all thinking of you!

I’d like to draw your attention to this: Mr. Gaiman with his trusty puppy Cabal. Yes, that is how I would describe a perfect day. It’s funny, I don’t know who I’d want to meet more one day, him or the dog!

We’re all starting to feel better as the antibiotics are kicking in. Finally. It’s nice. Went and paid the rent for several months, which is always a nice feeling. I could have done it over the phone, like I normally pay it month to month, but I prefer with the larger amounts to be there in person so I can be sure to have a receipt and everybody agrees for how long it will be for. That was after I delivered some cookies, and did a tiny bit of shopping. When I got home, I wanted to crash, even though I wanted to try and catch up on more house work. Sucks when we all don’t feel good. Nothing gets done! We did at least get the dogs both bathed and then the laundry is caught up. The rest will still be there tomorrow. So it will be done. Maybe :P.

At work when a fellow co-worker passes on or a family member of one does, we typically go to our local flower shop to send the flowers, with me occasionally hand delivering them. Well, for Richard’s funeral I was supposed to pick them up and take them with me, but then I got sick. So this morning I looked around the net and fell in love with FTD, who I see ads for in the magazines all the time. They offered a much better selection and offered a better price range and for the lower end of that spectrum- well the selection was awesome! I sent a nice simple arrangement that had Richard’s name all over it. He was never big on plants an flowers because he always ended up killing them. So, just a simple Peace Flower with a pretty white vase. And I paid almost thirty dollars less than we paid the florist the last time (back in November)! And that included SAME DAY DELIEVERY! So I think that I will drop a line with the boss, since the cooperate offices get touchy with high cost pay outs. And I hate feeling like we jip people by going as cheap as possible with what the florist offers. So yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And yes, they got the flowers this afternoon, and loved them!

In other news, I have been taking some screenshots for the folks curious about the beginnings of my Sims 3 dynasty. Wish I could find some of the Momma Sim when she was younger. She looked so much better. Anyway, step into my Sim world, and keep in mind, I’ve never really messed with the camera function in any of the Sims games before. In the real world I’m great at it. In the Sims, I rather suck :). WARNING! This will be pretty picture heavy and NOT dial up friendly.

We have Zhan Su James as a teenager. Then a a shot of the living room followed by mom and then the backyard.

ScreenshotScreenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

Then we have the front yard, a view of the main floor, then the basement and a close up of the kitchen.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-12

A view into the living room, then the front door. Then we see Sparrow James in the garden. And the last one is after Zhan Su was brought home by the cops!

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17

Zhan Su’s birthday! He became a Young Adult in the game. A close up of the fish tank. Sparrow practicing her Martial Arts.

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20

Will post more later of Zhan Su and his family, which is up to the wife, and two sons. Zhan Su III (Sparrow’s hubby was Sr.) and Dennis. Trying to figure out what the two boys are going to do. Lots to plan and figure. Hope it all works.

And I may have to change the layout for my blog. Not sure how well the pics will translate with how they are set up in Live Writer, so if you stumble across this entry and then go back and see things all different, you know why.

Ok, getting sleepy again and the head is beginning to hurt. Later all!


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