So what if Canada won?! Our boys did a great job on that ice. And though I don’t play Hockey nor am a big follower of it, I’ve played plenty of soccer in my life to know that a shot like that was lucky and very hard to stop. Even Superman would have had a hard time with it. So my hat off to the USA hockey team. You boys are made of WIN!

And for the record, I love it when the people I follow Twitter end up watching the same programs we do :). It was fun watching the tweets go by as the game progressed. I think Wil Wheaton was the best though. Wonder if the police really were called due his craziness and if his dog will ever forgive him for the jumping and yelling ;-)? Sounds like he was like Hubby is during a football game, so we can sympathize with the neighbors and dog!

In other news, I adore FaceBook. I normally don’t care for the ‘social sites’, but that one and Twitter are pretty cool. Twitter for allowing me to *cough*‘stalk’*cough* some celebs, and FaceBook for allowing me to get back in touch and/or keep up with friends and family. Found some friends recently that Hubby and I had seen in eons and it’s been great! A little scary though since they currently reside in Japan, and were not far from the quake and tsunami warnings there. But all is well!

Had to take Youngest out today for pants shopping. As of yesterday morning she had no more pants that she could fit in. And no, she isn’t fat or anything. Nope, she is just growing older and maturing. So the brat is now wearing Junior size clothing and makes me mad when she can fit into a 0-3 size! Yes, I know, I could too if I got back into my work out regimen (an advantage to being petite, you can sometimes fit in the junior sizes, but I haven’t done that in years.). Perhaps in a week or two I will have myself duly convinced and then actually doing it again. But I digress. I took her to Goodwill for the clothes. Yes, Goodwill. I have my reasons, which you are about to find out why. While she was in the dressing room trying on the pants, I got a call from Richard’s BF (who was happy about the flowers I sent!). He asked me why I took her to Goodwill and not Wal-Mart or K-Mart? As I told him, when she slows down in her growing, then I will. Till then, she goes up a size almost twice a year, and that’s too expensive. That and we’ve managed to find some really great things at Goodwill. I’ve managed to find Calvin Kline jeans before, as well as other big time names. And we’ve been searching and searching everywhere for a jewelry box for the Youngest, as her old one finally gave out on her. She found it while we were looking around in Goodwill. It only cost $3, but she now has it and is wanting to paint it and personalize it a lot :)! I told her that on Saturday I’d take her to Hobby Lobby and we’d pick up some paints that work good on wood. The paint she does have isn’t really meant for wood and would look awful or something worse. So after we sell cookies at the booth, we go pick out paint and then set to work.

We’re all feeling much better, though I now don’t want to seriously go back to work. *sigh* I hate the love/hate relationship I have with that place. So I guess I should quit talking about doing something about it, and actually do something about it, huh? Yeah, I should. No more excuses. I need to. I need to sit down and actually work out a schedule for me, so I can. And yes I am referring to writing. I’m not going to bother looking for another job in food service right now. The only ones able to pay me the equivalent of what I make now or more $$ are management positions, and NO THANK YOU. Once upon a time, yes I had aspirations for such a position. Now you will have to pay too much to even make me consider it. Even then you will be lucky if I say yes. Even for 100 grand a year I’d laugh and say ‘Fuck You!’. The reasons are all simple. They boil down to family, stress, family and stress. As it is, I feel sometimes I don’t see the kids or Hubby as often as I’d like (except for this weekend, but then we were all sick). And the stress is not worth it. I never really bothered getting close to any of the managers at any of the stores I worked at before, as I was young and stupid. Now that I have, and have at odd times actually done the work for them, I can see why some of them get so frustrated and pissy. It’s not really worth the stress. Ok, I lied. If Hubby were done with school and had the opportunity to own a restaurant I wouldn’t pass that up. Besides it being his livelihood, I’d be in a position I wouldn’t mind being in. I wouldn’t have all the cooperate bullshit to deal with or worry about. Yes, I wouldn’t be owner (unless we partnered) and he’d be running the show, but you know what? Hubby and I actually work really well together and would be able to pull it off. And I’m not talking about the home stuff either. We’ve worked several jobs together in the past and it has been successful. That would be a food service job I wouldn’t mind. Any other can go suck it.

Back to the writing. This is my To Do List here.

  1. need to make a schedule.
  2. Clean and organize desk.
  3. Continue cleaning and organizing desk.
  4. Finish Start work on kitchen floor.
  5. Lay off video games for a little while. Yes that means less time with them all, DS included. I am a junkie :)!
  6. Start working out. Cannot write w/ a fat gut shoving the keyboard away.
  7. Train Household to leave me alone when I write ;). (I love ‘em all, I really do, but their timing sucks!)
  8. Finalize legal crap with writing so can go forward with plans that are TOP SECRET.

May seem like some weird stuff to do in order to start writing so I can maybe leave my job one day. Yup. But it is stuff that needs to be done. ‘Cept maybe # 7. Maybe ;).

I have more Sims 3 screenshots to share, as there have been major events happening in the Dynasty household, aka the James’ family. But that will wait for another day. I am getting sleepy and feel like pulling out the Kindle with some HGTV or Adult Swim on in the background. Maybe even some Red vs. Blue. *shrugs* Just tired and I think I go back to work tomorrow. I never called to find out my schedule today, which is ok. If I end up being off, then I can get started on my list. Or work anyways, as it happened when I’m scheduled off or to show up later than planned. But I do leave you all with this screenshot:


A rear view of the house and the changes Jr. made once Momma past on.


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