Snow Puppy is on the loose!

 Yes he is. We have snow right now and Vader is happy, and not wanting to come inside. Granted it’s only about an inch, but still, he’s happy. I think the weatherman said we’d get about 2-4 inches. Schools got out early too. I know, I know. I’m from the North so this is still new to me to have them closing everything down, etc. But, when you keep in mind that the county we live in is pretty large in size (not population) and has back roads that many of the small roads I grew up with look like a joy ride, AND they have one or two trucks to cover the entire county with… well you begin to understand. Snow is not a big thing here in the South, until it happens. They don’t budget a lot to prepare for it, because frankly, until this year, our area has only seen any significant snow or Winter type weather once in almost five years. So, it’s a bit cheaper to close things down than to have a bunch of trucks that just sit there and get rusty (plus you have to maintain them, etc.). Different story when it comes to Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Those we got plenty of things set up for. Then again, we see more of them around here. The Northerner in me though makes sure we are prepared for the Wintery weather. I have my little gas heater, camping stove and plenty of gas for both, and Hubby is great about keeping up with the big grill. I have my salt, and things to help clear the ice and snow. No shovel. No real need for one when one of the rakes has been doing fine with what little we see. Oh, and we have Hot Chocolate and the most important thing- ANIMAL FOOD! Can’t have Snow Puppy and his buddies go hungry, now can we ;)? We can starve, but Gods have mercy on all of us should they be without food!

See, it is snowing :).

I started on my kitchen floor yesterday. Yup. Now before you all get all happy and excited and ask me to come over and do yours, all I am doing to it is this: We already have a huge sheet of vinyl on as our floor. BUT, over the years it has been beat up and needs to be replaced. Since we discovered it’d be cheaper to use the vinyl tiles instead of a sheet (and easier to repair) we are laying those down. Part of the reason we are just laying them down on the old floor, is we’ve had a lot of problems with the plumbing in this place in general and the kitchen in particular. They’ve had to replace pieces of the floor at odd times thanks to that. So, we were thinking, what if they need to get under the flooring again? We can’t just remove all those tiles once they’ve been laid. So, we place the new on top of the old and problem solved. The floor can be pulled up when need be, and we’ll have enough tiles left over for repair work if we need them. SO far I have about a quarter of it done. The hard part is when I get to the area where my desk and some storage shelves are. That is going to take a while. Lots of stuff to move and all that.

In between

But at least all of this work coincides with what I’ve been wanting to get done anyway. This will force me to clean and organize my desk. So that’s two things that will be done soon on my list of things to do to get ready to write. Happy about that. Now I just to get myself motivated to work on the rest.

Got a wedding announcement yesterday in the mail from one of my nephews and his fiancée. Honestly I didn’t expect this one to settle down. But from the sounds of it, he found a lovely woman who is just right for him. And my mom likes her :). I’m hoping to be able to go, but considering everytime I plan on these things, something happens to muck it up, I don’t know. Think I’ll go ahead and set aside a few dollars each check in hopes. Maybe even spend a week up North with the family. Trying not to get myself too excited. But I really want to go, especially since I missed my niece’s wedding in October. Then again we didn’t expect me to get sick and all that either. Still.

Just heard word from Hubby. He’s heading home early. He had a midterm today in his Cooking Class, but the teacher decided to get the practical part out of the way and just work the rest in later on. I agree, it’s easier to work in a speech or written exam than it is those practicals. That and I think that was the part Hubby was more nervous about, even though he shouldn’t be. He’s awesome when it comes to the food, and is a little too critical of himself. Then again, I’m the same way about certain things ;). But I know he did well.

I guess I will spend the rest of the day working on the floor, and getting a few other things done. Am tired though. That’s due to the legs. They’ve been bothering me worse than normal since yesterday due to this weather. Might break out a cranergy or two and see if that helps. If not I’m parking it and playing Sims.


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