A few bits of good news for a change :).

Nothing huge and not even family life related either. They did however help to make me feel better.

First we have the return of Stargate Universe! April 2nd! 9PM! Yes! I will have Colonel Telford back! It’s about time! Missed him and the rest of the cast. Even if I have been stalkingfollowing them on Twitter ;). My have to rewatch the first ten episodes and then write more of my fanfic in celebration of this. It’s been months and months since we’ve seen SGU. Very keen on what happens with Rush with what Young did to him. And of course, does Telford actually make his way to the Destiny or is he doomed to be stuck on Earth and watch from a far? And just because it makes me feel good, here’s a bit of our Col. Telford…


Col. Telford, courtesy of Gateworld.net

So, yeah, can’t wait.

The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion was announced today. I’m gonna make a tattoo artist Sim once I get my hands on that thing! Heehee. I’ve been waiting, like many others I know have, for the chance to be able to FREELY tattoo our Sims, without having to go through the skinning process, etc. And you can become a ghost hunter, an architect and many more new jobs. Apparently there will be many more new skills and adventures we can take our sims on. Seriously cannot wait for this. Back with the tax money, I went ahead (due to rumors) and bought a GameStop gift card so I wouldn’t have to worry about not being to afford this. I’ve been doing well so far in keeping up with Sims 3, unlike the first two games, and I’m happy to keep that up. Now if they would just include some more of the Sims 2 things, like pets (sorry, fish don’t cut it), home businesses, and the weather, then we’d have the perfect game on our hands! I miss the weather from Sims 2 Seasons. That was the best. We have most of the gardening and farming options from that expansion in Sims 3, but no snow, rain or heat! Hopefully Electronic Arts will be adding those sometime in the future. Now, just need to find a Col. Telford Sim to download ;).

And for those interested, here is the trailer they JUST released for the new expansion, on Gamespot. Now I really can’t wait!

I will be doing a more in depth Part 2 of my Mass Effect 2 review soon, I just need to rant about this little bit again. I picked the game back up again today, and though I’ve missed the characters and the exploring and what not… How many times do I have to die on NORMAL before I throw the controller through the TV? I LOVE THIS GAME. Do not get me wrong. It’s frustrating as all hell when I cannot go long without dying from too many bullets to the back side. That’s too much. I don’t like shooters and I’m beginning to resent he fact that they made this game into more of a shooter. I know it’s what a lot of the fan boys wanted. Well, this fan girl hates it, and I know I’m not a lone. So, BioWare, in the off chance that you are reading this, if Mass Effect 3 has a lot of shooter qualities to it, I may not bother with it at all. It has been ruining the game for me.

Left work early today. I didn’t sleep well at all last night, due to my stomach having a problem with me. But I went into work anyway, even went in early. I already warned the manager on duty that I wasn’t feeling good at all, but I wanted to try and last as long as I could. After we finished with the opening, she told me to wait till everybody showed up and she was going to let me go. About that time I could have hugged her. My very tiny lunch (a few crackers and a very plain hamburger) was threatening to revisit, so I was grateful. I came home to happy dogs, happy cats and a welcoming couch. Vader helped me struggle through my second play through of ME2, where we were reunited with Chief Ashley Williams. Yeah, that went well… Anyway, feeling a little better this afternoon, and am hoping this is just one of those 24 or so hour bugs that will be out of my system by morning. I may go in early tomorrow as well, just to make up some of the missed time this week. I don’t go in until 10, but I’m sure they wont mind me showing up at 8.

Not a lot of progress on the kitchen floor since the other day, but I haven’t been feeling well enough to do it. I figure by Sunday though I’ll have it done, and hope to have the kitchen back in working order the following weekend. Maybe. That part includes having my desk put back together and organized. That may require a lot more time, unless I can really discipline myself and get it done. Will need to make sure I have plenty of trash bags for this venture too. My desk often ends up the dropping ground for papers and mail and what not, so a lot of things get lost in the shuffle and hang around that don’t really need to.

feb2010 265Last week, Vader helped Hubby with the Garlic Bread for dinner, hoping to get some of it!


Think that’s it for now. I may play some Sims in preparation for the upcoming expansion. Or pester GameStop about it :). 


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