There are things I should be doing…

But I just don’t have the heart to do them right now. Like the dishes. I have a huge pile over by the sink and I cannot bring myself to do them. Maybe because I have to do so many at work, all the time, regardless of what position I run. Then I usually end up washing them here, even if Hubby does come to help dry and put away. I hate dishes. When I win the lottery, I will buy a dishwasher. That will be the first thing. Won’t be able to use it until the house is built to go along with it, but I will have one!

Anywho, some exciting news! And it’s not always easy to get excited about a SciFi (still not doing it!) original movie. The channel just has a hard time with these things, and I think it’s because of budget, and lack of a decent creative team. The vast majority of these movies are worse than an Uwe Boll movie (which is no easy feat!). But, I find myself getting excited for “Red” which will air sometime next year. Part of the reason is it stars Felicia Day. She’s like one of my favorite’s right now, between The Guild and her many other projects. Girl keeps herself busy. Then I discovered who her co-star is in this flick and I was done in. There is no hope for me when it comes to this guy:

Kavan Smith

I just get all weak kneed and keep saying “Buy me that!” over and over ;). He’s been on Supernatural, Blade the Series, Smallville, and more notable, he’s Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis. *sigh* Buy me that! Here’s a shot with him, Felicia and two other dudes from the set of “Red”:

Dude 1, Dude 2, Felicia Day, Kavan Smith


The story behind the movie “Red”, if memory serves, is Miss Day and her family are descended from Little Red Riding Hood of the Big Bad Wolf fame, and they hunt werewolves. Well, Red there brings home the fiance to introduce him to the family and the family business (which he didn’t know about) only to be turned into a werewolf. Honestly, I don’t care how bad it is. I could watch Kavan all day recite form the phone book and I’d be happy! The movie is slated to air sometime next year and is in production now. Felicia, honey, should you read this, you are a very lucky woman right now. Cheerish these moments ;).

In other news, I’ve been writing a bit more. Not all of it stuff that will help me quit my current job, but hey, it’s all practice and you have to go where the creative juices are. Yesterday I wrote five pages, long hand, in a few hours. Yes, hours. I was researching at the same time for that project and one other. I’m proud of me. I haven’t written that much in a few months. Think I may have to dig up a few widgets that would help me keep track of the progress I make, plus help t0 encourage me by seeing what I’ve already done, and can I surpass it. Will be working more in the writing department as I get closer to having my desk and kitchen back in order. Also, need to work on the exercising front. I need to keep the body going if I expect my legs and hands to cooperate with me on long writing marathons. Which are different from gaming ones. Gaming ones I actually get up and move around once in a while. Since the computer has all but eliminated my need for a library or a bunch of books to sort through, I wont be moving around a lot, unless I have said book in my possession and it has exactly what I am looking for. So, yes, a workout schedule is needed. And it looks as though I am back on a more regular work schedule, which will help tremendously. I just need to get myself motivated. Getting there, but its slow.

I think it may be time for me to do another “Eiquette for the Drive Thru” or “How to act like a human being” post. People in the Drive Thu are being especially stupid right now, and I cannot stand it. Here is the entry I did before called Shameless Plug where, after whoring out for Rooster Teeth, I went into some details about what to and what not to do in a Drive Thru. I may expand on that, since the customers lately are really wanting to get their Darwin Awards, and I’m not ashamed to admit I want to help them get it. In the meantime, read over and review that one, and one little additional reminder that my Twitter followers should be familiar with- If it is raining, and you are in a Drive Thru, turn off your wipers. Most people are cool and do, but there are the few, the lovely few, who leave them on, and have them on high, so water is flung at us at full speed. This is not a fun activity. I promise you it is not. We had one girl once, during a real bad rain storm refuse to ope the window and take care of the customer who had their wipers on full blast and refused to turn them off. Common Courtsey. Yes, she was reprimanded for it, but even the manager said that they hated doing it because the customer was a jerk about the whole thing. We don’t like getting wet any more than you do. I promise you.

Ok, I’ve putzed around long enough. I may stare at Kavan Smith some more, or take my Atlantis DVDs to the bedroom and watch them before bed. I don’t know. Just tired and wishing it was vacation time already.

Oh yeah, it was five years ago today I was hired at my job. It was a job that was to have been temporary and it ended up being five years. Partly happy about that, and partly upset by it. Oh well. It has had its good moments, but let’s hope that I can get the writing in gear so I don’t have to worry about another five years. And I got to pick out of catalog what I get for being there for five years. It had a lot of nice stuff. I’ve gotten a mag lite, a bag, a travel cup and a few other things, but nothing like in the catalog. It was nice! I picked out a two piece luggage set. I knew it was safe to get as it is the same set that our District Manager has and uses to cart his portable office around to the various stores. It’s a very nice set and I can’t wait to get it. I’ve never had new luggage before. Kind of excited. Will need to get out and travel more now.

All right, off to bed now! Night all! Dishes will still be there tomorrow. On a day where we have the Girl Scouts, Dragon Age Awakenings and work. Maybe I can sneak out a little early. I know I shouldn’t want to, but Tuesdays have been real slow lately and I want to play my game! And get my dishes done, maybe. Ok, night! Fo real this time ;).


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