Just some random stuff today

Have been up, for the most part, since 2 AM. Why? Hubby got what Youngest and I had. It wasn’t too pretty. At least he’s not throwing up anymore and is able to actually rest. And I’m thankful this is happening while he’s on Spring Break. Boss wasn’t too happy about me calling out today and tried to get me to come in and open only. I finally had to tell him I wasn’t coming in and that was that. It may piss him off, and I imagine I might see a decrease in my hours over the next few weeks, but what else am I supposed to do? Let my 10 yr. old watch my thirtysomething, diabetic Hubby that could end up needing to go to the ER for a serious drop in blood sugar due to lack of being able to keep ANYTHING in his stomach? Yeah, thought so. Oh well. I will often sacrifice a lot of my family time and what not for my job. If I have a way to still work, I normally will without much complaint. And I think that was my downfall this morning. But this was one of those times where the family needed me more than the job did. Seriously, they do need to start training others to do the jobs I do and do them at the same skill level. Of course most people there don’t have the same job ethic I do, so that could be a problem. Oh well. I’m home, and Hubby has been resting most of the day, which is just what he needed. It did get a little upsetting earlier, but thankfully we didn’t have to rush off to the ER.

Before lunch, Youngest and I took the dogs out for a walk in our yard. With Hubby not doing well, I didn’t want to go far away. Anywho, as we made it to the backyard, a couple of stray dogs decided they would come and visit. One was an obvious Shepard mix and the other was a huge black dog that had (or thought it had) an Alpha personality. I calmly took Cujo from Youngset and told her to slowly walk to the house. She gets scared easy around dogs she doesn’t know, and I didn’t want her to set these guys off. The black one started growling at Vader, which Cujo took as his cue to bark his little head off. I stomped my foot to get its attention and calm Cujo down and stared at it. It didn’t like it. I refused to break eye contact, and kept the boys still. That did the trick. It finally gave up and it and it’s buddy went along their way. I had to coax Bob (Zombie’s brother) back up on the porch, since I’ve seen the black one chasing cats before. I stayed out there with him (sans dogs) to make sure the stray dogs wouldn’t come back and mess with him. Yes, I felt a little bad ass ;). Maybe not the smartest thing, but I wasn’t going to let some stupid strays start something and hurt one of my babies.

Though if the strays had shown up a little later, that would have been nice. We had two morons from the Baptist Church up the road from us show up while we were eating. Now, this church is one I do not like. It’s not because they are christian. Far from it really. Check out the Open Door Baptist Church’s website to see why I don’t like them. They’ve done their little protest’s all over our town and frankly they are rude and very mean people. Which is why I was shocked when I told them “No, thank you. Have a nice day.” and shut the door on them, that they didn’t continue knocking. Oh well. I just didn’t feel up to it. Had it been the Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, I wouldn’t have minded so much. That church though, it gives me the wiggins.

Vader has decided he doesn’t like any of us being sick. The cats and Cujo are of a different mind. Vader doesn’t get to play like he wants, which is his problem. Cujo and the cats can curl up with us with no problem and sleep away.

I conscripted the Youngest into helping with the housework today. She didn’t much care for it (which kids do?!), but she helped. There is still some more to do, but after we ate, we got a lot done. Having all of us under the weather this weekend left the house in bad shape. It’s looking much better now! 

We’re going to visit the Oldest this weekend. It’s been a while, mainly due to money and other things going on. We may take in a movie. I think we’d like to go for Clash of the Titans, but I don’t know if the movie times are going to work with getting us back here in time to take care of the dogs. We have a few days to decide and we may want to see what she wants to see too, instead of us just picking one out. It’ll be nice to see her again.

A co-worker just called me to see what I was up to and if I could help her with something. She reminded me of the meeting at work this afternoon, that a few of us were to be at, but after this morning and Hubby still not feeling good, I’m not going. I’m still exhausted after being up so early, and I want to get more stuff done around here before going back in tomorrow. If this is the same bug, then I have no doubt he’ll be feeling better tomorrow morning. At least well enough that I can leave and go back to work.

This just more or less reaffirms that I need to step up my getting my arse in gear for the writing. I need to get myself published and I need to get it going soon. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got a few ideas for the how already in thought, just not discussing them in detail here. Perhaps once I get things going, I will. The desk is almost 100 %, and the work on the house is still going. Not so well on the work out front though. I think what I may do, is in the mornings, is I will take Vader out (w/o Cujo) for longer walks. I won’t take Cujo, because he’s getting up there in age and the longer walks take more out of him and his hind legs can’t handle that. Vader, however, will love it and come home with much more energy than I will. I will come home exhausted and wanting to go back to bed. But I need to get back in shape and loose this weight. Not only for the writing, but for my legs as well. Sound mind and body are a great way to make yourself stay healthy and motivated to do things. And I imagine if I shed a few pounds, the legs may not hurt so bad.

Played Mass Effect 2 for a while this morning, in an attempt to keep myself awake to watch over Hubby. Still my second play through, but I did take a break from it for Sims 3 and for Dragon Age: Awakenings. This is my Male!Shepard character, and unlike my female who was loyal to Kaiden in the romance department, I’m totally going for Miranda in this one! And what stinks, is I’ve actually gotten more dialogue out of the Jacob character in this one than with my female one, who I was trying to get her together with him. Go figure. Almost done with the loyalty missions and then going after the Reaper IFF so I can get Legion and do his loyalty mission, then BAM! Endgame where I save everybody, a second time :D! Also have been racking up my Paragon point this time around. I need them so when I do Jack’s loyalty mission, I can convince her to remain loyal to me, even though I tell her to leave Miranda alone after finding out some not so nice things Miranda’s bosses did to her as a child. Very tense in-game moment.

Well, I’m an hour into this journal (had to stop a few times for certain things), and Hubby is starting to become more active. I’m taking that as a positive sign. I think he’s getting ready to rest some more, and watch a movie in the bedroom.

And I will take my leave. More later this week. Later all!

The Zombie Horde! We have Momma Zombie with (l to r) Smoker, Ghost and Tank.

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