Vacation, Day 4

Lizzie, Youngest's Build-A-Bear Husky, ready to cheer for Clemson!

It’s only day 4 and already I need a vacation from my vacation :). Thought I’d do a quick update on how the vacation is going so far. Busy is the first word to come to mind. As soon as I was off on Friday I started work and got the Bedroom and Bathroom all cleaned and clutter free! Then Saturday was the Kitchen, Living Room and I got Youngest to do her own room! Though do to time and a few things popping up, I wasn’t able to finish the Living Room until Sunday. Which Sunday had been the planned Bug Bombing Day, which turned into chase Tux All Over The Yard Day. 11 hours to get that damn cat back into the house. If you are a friend on FaceBook, then you know all the sorrid details of that little runt’s travels. Grr. So we couldn’t bug bomb. We have a few openings from underneath our place that she could climb up into and be exposed to the poison and we didn’t feel it was worth the risk. So if you stop by for a visit, please don’t mind the bugs. Since we have to coordinate a lot of stuff with the animals to be able to do it, we have to wait till later to bomb the house :(.

Smoker's favorite place to nap...

I did manage to get the bush in the front yard trimmed down. Finally. Didn’t take me long either. 2 and half hours. And that as with Tuxy chasing breaks! We also have made two trips to Goodwill with both cars, giving them a bunch of stuff that will hopefully be given to homes that need them. I am far from done with de-cluttering the entire house, as I have one spot on the living room and my filing cabinet that need attention, but they wont be things going to Goodwill. Nope, they’ll be things going into the trash and shredder.

Tank: "I got up here all by myself!"

Wasn’t able to do much writing yesterday. Some errands crept up and took some time away, but what really hurt was the fact that the project I was working on… Well fellow writers can understand this bit. You have an idea and you love it and start to put it on paper, and then it’s just not working. You continue on in hopes that it will resolve itself… Well I got up to about 1100 words when I decided to stop hurting myself. So I put it down for a bit, and then realized I had approached it from the wrong angle. So I started working ont hat last night with some notes, so I feel like when I sit down today I can actually be productive.

Ghost is tired after the climb up...

I plan on a good solid four hours of writing, then lunch with “V” so I can get caught up before tonight, followed by a phone call to the BFF who is a brand new Momma! So excited for her! Then it’ll be time to get the kid from school, followed by chores and dinner. Then we have Girl Scouts today. Youngest still wont sit down with me to work on ideas for her Bronze Award, so I think I may put a bug in one of the Troop Leaders ears to see if they might help a bit with it. But if she decides she doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine, I just would like her to get the full exp.

Time for pre-bed nap!

After the meeting its rush back to the house to do up some more chores (with all these animals, it’s a never-ending process!) and to catch the new episode of “V” tonight. Then bed. Tomorrow looks to be busy as well, mostly with errands in the morning, hoping to have them done early enough so I can get an episode of “Fringe” in, since I’m two episodes behind and will be three behind with the concert Thursday night. Shoot, I’ll miss the merge with “Survivor” too! Good thing I like Bon Jovi enough ;).

He was sooo tiny!!!!

Ok, enough poking around. I need to edit this real quick and add the pics so I can get my day going.


The pre-vacation blog

Smoker playing Peek-A-Boo

Tomorrow at 2PM EST, I will officially be on vacation. It will be hard staying there the entire time, but at least it’s Friday. It’s rare for us NOT to be busy. And if today was any indication, tomorrow I plan on us getting our asses handed to us. But, that’s ok, because once I leave the store until 8AM on the 27th, I will be on vacation and it will be all good :). Lots of stuff planned, and I do expect those plans to get messed up, but I’m hoping not too much. Friday and Saturday I plan on starting from one end of the house and working to the other end (volunteering Hubby and Youngest in the process) to de-clutter the entire place. And thanks to a few neighbors that have bug bombed their places, we now have to do ours, and since we’re having company over during part of the vacation, it WILL be done on Sunday, baring rain. That’ll be early in the morning and then followed by a thorough cleaning of the house to get rid of all the ugly bits, etc. Then Monday and Tuesday (and this is where I expect it to get really messed up) I plan on sitting on my kiester and write, write, write and more writing. I’ll take a break or two, as the kid needs to go to school, the dogs will want to go out, and the Horde will want to play, but I will get much accomplished as far as writing. At least I hope so.

The rest of the week will be spent with family and friends, tours of the kitchens at Hubby’s school, a very nice lunch at Hubby’s school, a Bon Jovi concert :D, a few other things, and the trip to go spread Richard’s ashes. I heard from his boyfriend late last week how he’s finally ready, and I think it’s about time. A few of us need closure and this will do us some good.

So, yeah, it’s gonna be busy. Can’t wait! No having to get up super early (will still have to get up earlier than most) and no having to deal with mean customers. Yup, I had THOSE kind today at work. The ones you cannot please, no matter what you do. I told the Bossman that is one of the main reasons why I need this vacation right now. The people have been getting so hatful, lately. Not all of them, mind you, but enough that it wears thin on a person and I need to recharge.

Not sure what I plan on doing about my TV viewing tonight. Hubby and I missed Fringe last week and haven’t had a chance yet to catch up, and the new one is on tonight. I guess if worse comes to worse, we’ll bring up last week’s episode on the computer during tonight’s episode and then get caught up on that one tomorrow or Saturday. I have a few things planned to do before Survivor tonight and I’m running behind. I’m only expecting one more interruption tonight, and I know for a fact that one will put me behind, but it will be ok. Why? Well, my BFF is in the hospital right now having her first baby! So that’s an interruption into my plans that I don’t mind. I hope she is doing well. I know she was a little freaked when we talked last, but she has a great family, and one of her sisters is right there, so I’m not too worried. Hopefully soon she’ll have her little bundle of joy that will turn into the parasite that is kids ;).

The Zombie Horde discovered cat nip today. I don’t know if this is good or not, but like I said on Twitter, I think I should be worried. They liked it. A LOT. We have these two scratching pads in the kitchen for the cats, and every now and then we put cat nip on them, and the others go nuts for it. Trouble becomes a mean drunk; Ryoko is paranoid stoner; Tiger, the mellow stoner; and Tux, the ultimate in Buzz Kitty Highs! The kittens decided they liked it and were rolling around and playing rougher with one another. Yeah, did I mention they are fully mobile and in full on explore kitty mode? Well, they are if you missed it :P.

Hubby’s birthday was yesterday and we had a decent day. It got messed up a little bit in the afternoon, but that’s not for here. The day did get better, and I think ended on a nice note. On a funny one, I had bought candles a while ago, and thought I knew where they were, but apparently Tux has decided they belonged somewhere different, and I could not find them last night. So instead of a candle in his sugar-free cherry pie, Hubby blew out a stick of incense I held by the pie. Yup, gotta love my animals!

Ok, is it @PM, Friday, yet? Seriously? I’m excited about this vacation. Especially with the prospect of having 2 days without much else to do but write. I haven’t had days like those in ages. I may end up with writer’s block, knowing my luck! Yes, I did just type that, and even if I did delete it, I’m still jinxed! Anyway, dinner is smelling really good right now and looks like Hubby is about done with it. So I bid you all adieu.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel…

And it tells me that I have tomorrow off from work! Yay! My only day off this week. Then again, my vacation starts next week, as soon as I get off of work on Friday, so I am seriously looking forward to that.

Hubby is spoiling me right now. I came home to a clean house, and he’s cooking dinner. From his Twitter/FaceBook status: “Tonight’s Dinner Menu-Sauteed Chicken Breast w/Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc, risotto w/parmesan & roman, seasoned with herbs de provence, & veg” Yup, I married well :).

The Zombie Horde is almost 100% fully mobile now. They are less and less shaky on their legs and daring to go out of the bedroom now.

Ghost and Tank with Vader in the living room

I did get some video of it, but since Youngest is in it, I won’t be posting it here. If you happen to be on Facebook, you can see it there, so long as you are on the list ;).

We’ll be tearing the girls’ room apart tomorrow to clean out the Horde’s old nest. Momma Zombie has moved out from under the bed to right by the bedroom door. Go figure. I’ve felt bad for the Youngest for having to deal with the smell (which she claims hasn’t been that bad, and I say her nose is clogged!), but if you’ve ever dealt with a litter of kittens and their mom, well, it’s best to leave them alone and their nest until they are ready to leave it. Otherwise it could (and in a lot of cases will) cause problems with momma and kittens. So far so good for us.

We finished watching Farscape yesterday, all four seasons. As a belated holiday gift, Hubby got me the whole series on DVD, and it was nice that Amazon had it at damn near 75% off! It was my third time watching the series and I love it just as much as the first time! We might get to Peacekeeper Wars this weekend, but seeing as how long it is and Hubby doesn’t like sitting there that long, we may wait. I was sad that they canceled the show, and that they haven’t really gone beyond the movie, other than the comic books. Which they seem to have plenty of those around, and collected into nice hardcover graphic novels. I’ve got the first two, and it’s been great revisiting that universe, but I miss the video media. About two years ago (I think) they had tossed around the idea of doing a web series of John and Aeryn’s son and his adventures, but I haven’t heard anything more since then. It was fun seeing both Ben Browder and Claudia Black on Stragate SG-1, but I think I would have prefered them in more Farscape, bringing John and Aeryn to life. Oh, and Hubby liked Farscape better than Stragate. Rygel was one of his favorites it seems. Though Sikozu really caught his eye ;).

Was plenty happy to see that Colby was able to stay on Survivor for another week. Was sad to see Boston Rob go last week. Also, very disgusted with myself for even feeling bad for Coach over the last two weeks. I wanted to bash my head in for that last one. I hated him in his original season on Survivor, the Tocantins. The man worked hard at offending me. But, I still have Colby. *huggles Colby* Only thing that would have made this season better, would have been Ethan, but I can understand why he wasn’t able to make it and most likely wont be appearing in Survivor again.

I think that’s it for now. There was more, but damned if I can remember more. Oh! Wait! I almost forgot! Dumb me! Do you like Mythbusters? Do you like video games? If you answered yes to both, then you will like Immersion, a new series from RoosterTeeth Productions. Check out Immersion and RoosterTeeth’s unique look on making video games real. It’s awesome! AND, if you are a gamer and wondering what kind of Flash Drive to get to use with the new update on the XBox 360, the RT guys (through their Achievement Hunter site) put together this little video of a test they did, and which ones worked better than the rest. I loved Burnie’s hand puppet! I do love how they have been branching out more and more, but still keep with what got them started.

All right, Hubby is making dinner and it is smelling fantastic. I may find myself too stuffed for the planned popcorn tonight, but it’ll be worth it! Stargate Universe is on tonight. Sadly, still no Telford, but hopefully soon. I need my Colonel fix ;)!

Have been seeing…

A bit of increase in site traffic here. Not complaining, it’s just… Wow. Cool. Not sure why, as a lot of people don’t leave comments ;). They are open to everyone, and you do not need a Word Press account to leave one. So if you see something you like, hate, or just wanna say something, feel free.

I do put a lot of day-to-day things here as the primary use of this blog is to keep friends and family updated, since we all know how lousy I am at making phone calls, sending e-mails, etc.  And not all of them have Twitter or FaceBook (wish a few did, would be so nice and a lot more fun with them!). So yeah, that’s its main purpose. I will sometimes review TV shows, video games or books that I am currently reading/watching/playing. And on the rare occasion I will bring in something political or religious. Those are two things I try not to bring in too often, and when I do, it’s typically something that has me VERY hot under the collar. Oh, and I talk about my zoo an awful lot. I love my pets and if you look at the pictures in the majority of the posts, you will see they are of my babies, and mostly of Vader, my two-year old Lab/Husky mix who is the best dog ever :). Things I don’t or rarely ever mention here: The kids names (and no pictures of them), and serious personal issues. Those are two things that I save for my Live Journal. Under the Friends Only lock. And even then it’s mostly just sharing with a few friends or venting about things that I don’t feel are appropriate here. If you were meant to know it, you would.

I will often talk about my job (which today was no fun. Long story short: stupid people). I will mention the book series I am writing, and in no great detail. That is under lock and key for the moment, until I get various things straightened out. I will however talk about my progress, or lack there of.

The really big thing right now, and I mentioned in this morning’s update, is the start-up of Stargate Universe once again. They were on a long mid-season break, and it starts tonight at 9PM EST. I will be stealing Hubby’s laptop and tweeting live during the show, unless I get so wrapped up in it I forget ;). Which I could! And amazingly enough, Hubby said he will be watching it with me too! Orginal plan had me in the bedroom, with popcorn, hot chocolate, and puppy. Well, after a discussion on Twitter with his friends who watch SGU and myself, he’s watching it. So I will be in the living room, watching it in full HD :D. Very happy about that. Though I may not do the popcorn. Hubby made dinner, and it was very good and very filling. I love the fact he’s in culinary school. I do not mind being the test subject!

Ok, it’s almost time to get ready for SGU. Just thought I’d put this one out there for anyone new to these parts, and as a reminder to the oldies. And I leave you with…


Today will be a good day, even if I have to kill everyone ;-).

I often say that at work. It has the desired effect- they all laugh. Of course it’s more colorful, like “It’s gonna be a good day, even if I have to kill every last mother fucker in this place!” Bossman finds it hilarious and attributes it to my being from New York. I keep explaining that there is a state outside the city, but most still can’t figure that one out. *Sigh*

Anyway, I know, an early morning post. It was too much to try to cram into FaceBook and poor Twitter would exceed capacity if I did all this through Tweets.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Overall, not a bad day. A long one to be sure, with a few rough spots, but not bad. Ended up staying pretty late at work, and not because of lack of help, no. Only one person called out (more on that later). Nope, it was because, once again, there were only a small handful of us there that were actually willing to do the work. So when I was pulled off the register, the kitchen a co-worker and I had spent a while on before lunch, cleaning, was a complete mess again. When I left, it was back in shape AND the afternoon guys didn’t have to worry about any extra stocking either. Got home, and Hubby had a clean house for me. That was nice. It makes you feel better when you come home from anywhere (especially work) and not have to worry about a mess. We messed around with the Zombie Horde a bit and discovered they aren’t far away from overtaking the house. They are toddling around right now on unsure legs. But they ARE exploring more and this means that poor Vader won’t have just Tux beating on him. No. He’ll have three more Tuxies in the mix to beat on him, and their Aunt is more than happy to help them along in that endeavour. Though I don’t think he realizes this yet. He was sniffing and bathing them yesterday.

Not long after dinner, I decided, finally, that I was going to sit down and write. The night before I had sat down and wrote seven full pages on the soon-to-be published stuff. Well, not published in the traditional sense ;). As I was writing, ok, more fleshing out a few ideas that haven’t left me alone, I was Twittering with Hubby and a few friends about writing fandom and non-fandom stuff. It was fun.

Now, I should interject here for a second. The co-worker that called out today? Well I’d heard from her shortly after I got back from work, and the reason she called out was her grandfather had been in a pretty bad wreck the night before. I knew that part, but not how everyone was doing, etc. Everyone is fine and are expected to come home by tomorrow. Anyway, while I was writing and Tweeting, she calls me asking me if I could come get her and bring her home from the hospital. It was a nice drive back. We are friends and it’s not always easy to find time to talk and catch up, so we were able to last night. I think it did us both good. That and she was very curious about Smoker (the grey one of the Horde) as she’s already claimed that one to take home when the kittens are old enough.

Sadly that trip made me a little late to catch the beginning of Survivor, but I was happy to learn the Villains had been trounced by the Heroes in the immunity challenge and my Colby can stay for another week. I didn’t get to catch the RoosterTeeth stuff last night either, which I had planned on watching after Fringe (which was an awesome episode that actually explained a lot of stuff, finally!), but was too tired. I did catch the first Red Vs Blue episode this morning, and I must say the guys did a great job. Was that Tex I saw? We got Doc back, so are we getting our favorite Freelancer back as well? Can’t wait to see what new crew member Monty brings to the fold with his work. He’s awesome at CG stuff. Goto You Tube and check out what he’s done with his series “Dead Fantasy“, which blends in Final Fantasy characters with Dead or Alive ones. It’s fast paced action all over.

In other TV news, the show that I have been not-so-paitently waiting for, is back tonight, on SciFi (you know what I’m going to say, so I’m not bothering :P) at 9PM EST. Yes, Stargate Universe. I need my Col. Telford fix, and I think I’ll still have to wait another week or two before he’s back on the show. But I get to find out the aftereffects of Young pummeling the shit out Rush in the last episode and we get to see aliens tonight! Real, bonified aliens, not just humanoid looking things that look horrible! The screenshots were incredible. Cannot wait. Going to pop some popcorn, have my hot chocolate, and my puppy curled up in the bed with me, and will watch it. No one else around here likes it (it’s amazing how many non-SciFi people there are in this area and the ones that are, I don’t really like), so no SGU party for me. But for those that are having one, enjoy! I may see if I can snitch Hubby’s laptop so I can Tweet during it. I follow several of the actors there, and it was fun sending tweets back and forth during the first half of the season.

All righty then, time to edit and then get ready for work. I’m hoping I might get out a little early today. I doubt we’ll see much business today if past Good Fridays are any indication. Which a very Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gacked from Col. Telford... le sigh...