Have been seeing…

A bit of increase in site traffic here. Not complaining, it’s just… Wow. Cool. Not sure why, as a lot of people don’t leave comments ;). They are open to everyone, and you do not need a Word Press account to leave one. So if you see something you like, hate, or just wanna say something, feel free.

I do put a lot of day-to-day things here as the primary use of this blog is to keep friends and family updated, since we all know how lousy I am at making phone calls, sending e-mails, etc.  And not all of them have Twitter or FaceBook (wish a few did, would be so nice and a lot more fun with them!). So yeah, that’s its main purpose. I will sometimes review TV shows, video games or books that I am currently reading/watching/playing. And on the rare occasion I will bring in something political or religious. Those are two things I try not to bring in too often, and when I do, it’s typically something that has me VERY hot under the collar. Oh, and I talk about my zoo an awful lot. I love my pets and if you look at the pictures in the majority of the posts, you will see they are of my babies, and mostly of Vader, my two-year old Lab/Husky mix who is the best dog ever :). Things I don’t or rarely ever mention here: The kids names (and no pictures of them), and serious personal issues. Those are two things that I save for my Live Journal. Under the Friends Only lock. And even then it’s mostly just sharing with a few friends or venting about things that I don’t feel are appropriate here. If you were meant to know it, you would.

I will often talk about my job (which today was no fun. Long story short: stupid people). I will mention the book series I am writing, and in no great detail. That is under lock and key for the moment, until I get various things straightened out. I will however talk about my progress, or lack there of.

The really big thing right now, and I mentioned in this morning’s update, is the start-up of Stargate Universe once again. They were on a long mid-season break, and it starts tonight at 9PM EST. I will be stealing Hubby’s laptop and tweeting live during the show, unless I get so wrapped up in it I forget ;). Which I could! And amazingly enough, Hubby said he will be watching it with me too! Orginal plan had me in the bedroom, with popcorn, hot chocolate, and puppy. Well, after a discussion on Twitter with his friends who watch SGU and myself, he’s watching it. So I will be in the living room, watching it in full HD :D. Very happy about that. Though I may not do the popcorn. Hubby made dinner, and it was very good and very filling. I love the fact he’s in culinary school. I do not mind being the test subject!

Ok, it’s almost time to get ready for SGU. Just thought I’d put this one out there for anyone new to these parts, and as a reminder to the oldies. And I leave you with…


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