Today will be a good day, even if I have to kill everyone ;-).

I often say that at work. It has the desired effect- they all laugh. Of course it’s more colorful, like “It’s gonna be a good day, even if I have to kill every last mother fucker in this place!” Bossman finds it hilarious and attributes it to my being from New York. I keep explaining that there is a state outside the city, but most still can’t figure that one out. *Sigh*

Anyway, I know, an early morning post. It was too much to try to cram into FaceBook and poor Twitter would exceed capacity if I did all this through Tweets.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Overall, not a bad day. A long one to be sure, with a few rough spots, but not bad. Ended up staying pretty late at work, and not because of lack of help, no. Only one person called out (more on that later). Nope, it was because, once again, there were only a small handful of us there that were actually willing to do the work. So when I was pulled off the register, the kitchen a co-worker and I had spent a while on before lunch, cleaning, was a complete mess again. When I left, it was back in shape AND the afternoon guys didn’t have to worry about any extra stocking either. Got home, and Hubby had a clean house for me. That was nice. It makes you feel better when you come home from anywhere (especially work) and not have to worry about a mess. We messed around with the Zombie Horde a bit and discovered they aren’t far away from overtaking the house. They are toddling around right now on unsure legs. But they ARE exploring more and this means that poor Vader won’t have just Tux beating on him. No. He’ll have three more Tuxies in the mix to beat on him, and their Aunt is more than happy to help them along in that endeavour. Though I don’t think he realizes this yet. He was sniffing and bathing them yesterday.

Not long after dinner, I decided, finally, that I was going to sit down and write. The night before I had sat down and wrote seven full pages on the soon-to-be published stuff. Well, not published in the traditional sense ;). As I was writing, ok, more fleshing out a few ideas that haven’t left me alone, I was Twittering with Hubby and a few friends about writing fandom and non-fandom stuff. It was fun.

Now, I should interject here for a second. The co-worker that called out today? Well I’d heard from her shortly after I got back from work, and the reason she called out was her grandfather had been in a pretty bad wreck the night before. I knew that part, but not how everyone was doing, etc. Everyone is fine and are expected to come home by tomorrow. Anyway, while I was writing and Tweeting, she calls me asking me if I could come get her and bring her home from the hospital. It was a nice drive back. We are friends and it’s not always easy to find time to talk and catch up, so we were able to last night. I think it did us both good. That and she was very curious about Smoker (the grey one of the Horde) as she’s already claimed that one to take home when the kittens are old enough.

Sadly that trip made me a little late to catch the beginning of Survivor, but I was happy to learn the Villains had been trounced by the Heroes in the immunity challenge and my Colby can stay for another week. I didn’t get to catch the RoosterTeeth stuff last night either, which I had planned on watching after Fringe (which was an awesome episode that actually explained a lot of stuff, finally!), but was too tired. I did catch the first Red Vs Blue episode this morning, and I must say the guys did a great job. Was that Tex I saw? We got Doc back, so are we getting our favorite Freelancer back as well? Can’t wait to see what new crew member Monty brings to the fold with his work. He’s awesome at CG stuff. Goto You Tube and check out what he’s done with his series “Dead Fantasy“, which blends in Final Fantasy characters with Dead or Alive ones. It’s fast paced action all over.

In other TV news, the show that I have been not-so-paitently waiting for, is back tonight, on SciFi (you know what I’m going to say, so I’m not bothering :P) at 9PM EST. Yes, Stargate Universe. I need my Col. Telford fix, and I think I’ll still have to wait another week or two before he’s back on the show. But I get to find out the aftereffects of Young pummeling the shit out Rush in the last episode and we get to see aliens tonight! Real, bonified aliens, not just humanoid looking things that look horrible! The screenshots were incredible. Cannot wait. Going to pop some popcorn, have my hot chocolate, and my puppy curled up in the bed with me, and will watch it. No one else around here likes it (it’s amazing how many non-SciFi people there are in this area and the ones that are, I don’t really like), so no SGU party for me. But for those that are having one, enjoy! I may see if I can snitch Hubby’s laptop so I can Tweet during it. I follow several of the actors there, and it was fun sending tweets back and forth during the first half of the season.

All righty then, time to edit and then get ready for work. I’m hoping I might get out a little early today. I doubt we’ll see much business today if past Good Fridays are any indication. Which a very Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gacked from Col. Telford... le sigh...

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