I see a light at the end of the tunnel…

And it tells me that I have tomorrow off from work! Yay! My only day off this week. Then again, my vacation starts next week, as soon as I get off of work on Friday, so I am seriously looking forward to that.

Hubby is spoiling me right now. I came home to a clean house, and he’s cooking dinner. From his Twitter/FaceBook status: “Tonight’s Dinner Menu-Sauteed Chicken Breast w/Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc, risotto w/parmesan & roman, seasoned with herbs de provence, & veg” Yup, I married well :).

The Zombie Horde is almost 100% fully mobile now. They are less and less shaky on their legs and daring to go out of the bedroom now.

Ghost and Tank with Vader in the living room

I did get some video of it, but since Youngest is in it, I won’t be posting it here. If you happen to be on Facebook, you can see it there, so long as you are on the list ;).

We’ll be tearing the girls’ room apart tomorrow to clean out the Horde’s old nest. Momma Zombie has moved out from under the bed to right by the bedroom door. Go figure. I’ve felt bad for the Youngest for having to deal with the smell (which she claims hasn’t been that bad, and I say her nose is clogged!), but if you’ve ever dealt with a litter of kittens and their mom, well, it’s best to leave them alone and their nest until they are ready to leave it. Otherwise it could (and in a lot of cases will) cause problems with momma and kittens. So far so good for us.

We finished watching Farscape yesterday, all four seasons. As a belated holiday gift, Hubby got me the whole series on DVD, and it was nice that Amazon had it at damn near 75% off! It was my third time watching the series and I love it just as much as the first time! We might get to Peacekeeper Wars this weekend, but seeing as how long it is and Hubby doesn’t like sitting there that long, we may wait. I was sad that they canceled the show, and that they haven’t really gone beyond the movie, other than the comic books. Which they seem to have plenty of those around, and collected into nice hardcover graphic novels. I’ve got the first two, and it’s been great revisiting that universe, but I miss the video media. About two years ago (I think) they had tossed around the idea of doing a web series of John and Aeryn’s son and his adventures, but I haven’t heard anything more since then. It was fun seeing both Ben Browder and Claudia Black on Stragate SG-1, but I think I would have prefered them in more Farscape, bringing John and Aeryn to life. Oh, and Hubby liked Farscape better than Stragate. Rygel was one of his favorites it seems. Though Sikozu really caught his eye ;).

Was plenty happy to see that Colby was able to stay on Survivor for another week. Was sad to see Boston Rob go last week. Also, very disgusted with myself for even feeling bad for Coach over the last two weeks. I wanted to bash my head in for that last one. I hated him in his original season on Survivor, the Tocantins. The man worked hard at offending me. But, I still have Colby. *huggles Colby* Only thing that would have made this season better, would have been Ethan, but I can understand why he wasn’t able to make it and most likely wont be appearing in Survivor again.

I think that’s it for now. There was more, but damned if I can remember more. Oh! Wait! I almost forgot! Dumb me! Do you like Mythbusters? Do you like video games? If you answered yes to both, then you will like Immersion, a new series from RoosterTeeth Productions. Check out Immersion and RoosterTeeth’s unique look on making video games real. It’s awesome! AND, if you are a gamer and wondering what kind of Flash Drive to get to use with the new update on the XBox 360, the RT guys (through their Achievement Hunter site) put together this little video of a test they did, and which ones worked better than the rest. I loved Burnie’s hand puppet! I do love how they have been branching out more and more, but still keep with what got them started.

All right, Hubby is making dinner and it is smelling fantastic. I may find myself too stuffed for the planned popcorn tonight, but it’ll be worth it! Stargate Universe is on tonight. Sadly, still no Telford, but hopefully soon. I need my Colonel fix ;)!


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