The pre-vacation blog

Smoker playing Peek-A-Boo

Tomorrow at 2PM EST, I will officially be on vacation. It will be hard staying there the entire time, but at least it’s Friday. It’s rare for us NOT to be busy. And if today was any indication, tomorrow I plan on us getting our asses handed to us. But, that’s ok, because once I leave the store until 8AM on the 27th, I will be on vacation and it will be all good :). Lots of stuff planned, and I do expect those plans to get messed up, but I’m hoping not too much. Friday and Saturday I plan on starting from one end of the house and working to the other end (volunteering Hubby and Youngest in the process) to de-clutter the entire place. And thanks to a few neighbors that have bug bombed their places, we now have to do ours, and since we’re having company over during part of the vacation, it WILL be done on Sunday, baring rain. That’ll be early in the morning and then followed by a thorough cleaning of the house to get rid of all the ugly bits, etc. Then Monday and Tuesday (and this is where I expect it to get really messed up) I plan on sitting on my kiester and write, write, write and more writing. I’ll take a break or two, as the kid needs to go to school, the dogs will want to go out, and the Horde will want to play, but I will get much accomplished as far as writing. At least I hope so.

The rest of the week will be spent with family and friends, tours of the kitchens at Hubby’s school, a very nice lunch at Hubby’s school, a Bon Jovi concert :D, a few other things, and the trip to go spread Richard’s ashes. I heard from his boyfriend late last week how he’s finally ready, and I think it’s about time. A few of us need closure and this will do us some good.

So, yeah, it’s gonna be busy. Can’t wait! No having to get up super early (will still have to get up earlier than most) and no having to deal with mean customers. Yup, I had THOSE kind today at work. The ones you cannot please, no matter what you do. I told the Bossman that is one of the main reasons why I need this vacation right now. The people have been getting so hatful, lately. Not all of them, mind you, but enough that it wears thin on a person and I need to recharge.

Not sure what I plan on doing about my TV viewing tonight. Hubby and I missed Fringe last week and haven’t had a chance yet to catch up, and the new one is on tonight. I guess if worse comes to worse, we’ll bring up last week’s episode on the computer during tonight’s episode and then get caught up on that one tomorrow or Saturday. I have a few things planned to do before Survivor tonight and I’m running behind. I’m only expecting one more interruption tonight, and I know for a fact that one will put me behind, but it will be ok. Why? Well, my BFF is in the hospital right now having her first baby! So that’s an interruption into my plans that I don’t mind. I hope she is doing well. I know she was a little freaked when we talked last, but she has a great family, and one of her sisters is right there, so I’m not too worried. Hopefully soon she’ll have her little bundle of joy that will turn into the parasite that is kids ;).

The Zombie Horde discovered cat nip today. I don’t know if this is good or not, but like I said on Twitter, I think I should be worried. They liked it. A LOT. We have these two scratching pads in the kitchen for the cats, and every now and then we put cat nip on them, and the others go nuts for it. Trouble becomes a mean drunk; Ryoko is paranoid stoner; Tiger, the mellow stoner; and Tux, the ultimate in Buzz Kitty Highs! The kittens decided they liked it and were rolling around and playing rougher with one another. Yeah, did I mention they are fully mobile and in full on explore kitty mode? Well, they are if you missed it :P.

Hubby’s birthday was yesterday and we had a decent day. It got messed up a little bit in the afternoon, but that’s not for here. The day did get better, and I think ended on a nice note. On a funny one, I had bought candles a while ago, and thought I knew where they were, but apparently Tux has decided they belonged somewhere different, and I could not find them last night. So instead of a candle in his sugar-free cherry pie, Hubby blew out a stick of incense I held by the pie. Yup, gotta love my animals!

Ok, is it @PM, Friday, yet? Seriously? I’m excited about this vacation. Especially with the prospect of having 2 days without much else to do but write. I haven’t had days like those in ages. I may end up with writer’s block, knowing my luck! Yes, I did just type that, and even if I did delete it, I’m still jinxed! Anyway, dinner is smelling really good right now and looks like Hubby is about done with it. So I bid you all adieu.


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