Vacation, Day 4

Lizzie, Youngest's Build-A-Bear Husky, ready to cheer for Clemson!

It’s only day 4 and already I need a vacation from my vacation :). Thought I’d do a quick update on how the vacation is going so far. Busy is the first word to come to mind. As soon as I was off on Friday I started work and got the Bedroom and Bathroom all cleaned and clutter free! Then Saturday was the Kitchen, Living Room and I got Youngest to do her own room! Though do to time and a few things popping up, I wasn’t able to finish the Living Room until Sunday. Which Sunday had been the planned Bug Bombing Day, which turned into chase Tux All Over The Yard Day. 11 hours to get that damn cat back into the house. If you are a friend on FaceBook, then you know all the sorrid details of that little runt’s travels. Grr. So we couldn’t bug bomb. We have a few openings from underneath our place that she could climb up into and be exposed to the poison and we didn’t feel it was worth the risk. So if you stop by for a visit, please don’t mind the bugs. Since we have to coordinate a lot of stuff with the animals to be able to do it, we have to wait till later to bomb the house :(.

Smoker's favorite place to nap...

I did manage to get the bush in the front yard trimmed down. Finally. Didn’t take me long either. 2 and half hours. And that as with Tuxy chasing breaks! We also have made two trips to Goodwill with both cars, giving them a bunch of stuff that will hopefully be given to homes that need them. I am far from done with de-cluttering the entire house, as I have one spot on the living room and my filing cabinet that need attention, but they wont be things going to Goodwill. Nope, they’ll be things going into the trash and shredder.

Tank: "I got up here all by myself!"

Wasn’t able to do much writing yesterday. Some errands crept up and took some time away, but what really hurt was the fact that the project I was working on… Well fellow writers can understand this bit. You have an idea and you love it and start to put it on paper, and then it’s just not working. You continue on in hopes that it will resolve itself… Well I got up to about 1100 words when I decided to stop hurting myself. So I put it down for a bit, and then realized I had approached it from the wrong angle. So I started working ont hat last night with some notes, so I feel like when I sit down today I can actually be productive.

Ghost is tired after the climb up...

I plan on a good solid four hours of writing, then lunch with “V” so I can get caught up before tonight, followed by a phone call to the BFF who is a brand new Momma! So excited for her! Then it’ll be time to get the kid from school, followed by chores and dinner. Then we have Girl Scouts today. Youngest still wont sit down with me to work on ideas for her Bronze Award, so I think I may put a bug in one of the Troop Leaders ears to see if they might help a bit with it. But if she decides she doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine, I just would like her to get the full exp.

Time for pre-bed nap!

After the meeting its rush back to the house to do up some more chores (with all these animals, it’s a never-ending process!) and to catch the new episode of “V” tonight. Then bed. Tomorrow looks to be busy as well, mostly with errands in the morning, hoping to have them done early enough so I can get an episode of “Fringe” in, since I’m two episodes behind and will be three behind with the concert Thursday night. Shoot, I’ll miss the merge with “Survivor” too! Good thing I like Bon Jovi enough ;).

He was sooo tiny!!!!

Ok, enough poking around. I need to edit this real quick and add the pics so I can get my day going.


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