Mass Effect 2, Pt 2

Yes, I know, I owe a blog update on the vacation and recent happenings in the world. BUT, it appears I’ve had an influx of Mass Effect fans around here, so I figured why not? I owe the rest of my Mass Effect 2 review.  Maybe later today I will actually finish up the BIG blog update, but for now, here is the rest of my Mass Effect 2 post, and as always, here are two warnings:

1- If you are not into Video Games, go check out one of my other posts. This will be full of gamer jargon and what not.

2- Spoilers will be all over the place here. I make no apologies for them, and you have been warned, if you have not played the game or finished it yet, you may not want to go any further.

Tali, Shepard and Thane

When I left off in the last post I think I had gotten to most of the loyalty quests for my first play through. I have to say that the first play through was full of awesome, and the last mission… Holy Fuck does not cover it :)! The loyalty quests were fun and added to the story of each character, and made you feel something for them all, rather than them being JUST a teammate. Now, once you go for the Reaper IFF so you can actually go through the Omega Relay, it sets off the last loyalty mission along with being able to control Joker (that was a blast!) right onto facing the Collectors head on! Wow. The graphics were fantastic and seriously helped to suck you in further into the story. Now, a hint for people who don’t know yet, before you go for the IFF, make sure you have everything done, except for Legion (you can’t get him until you get the IFF). Any delays in rescuing your crew will result in the death of one or all of them. They will become goo and it’s not pretty.

I was nerve wracked the entire time I was planning on who to send out and with who, who was to stay with me, and just everything! I didn’t want anybody to die and I knew ahead of time that if you didn’t do things JUST so, you end up loosing teammates, and that’s not cool. Not after all that time I invested in the loyalty missions. Oh and FYI, once you complete Jack’s loyalty mission, she goes after Miranda. If your Paragon or Renegade stats aren’t as close to maxed as possible, then you will end up loosing one of their loyalties. The special paragon/renegade menu options are not available to you and you have to choose who you like better. Now, Jack (yes, I went for Miranda) did survive the final battle for me, but I was very careful on where I placed her and made sure that she was not in any position to die. It was not easy, but I kept her with me right up until I needed a Biotic to help me through the swarm and then I stuck her with Garrus. So, yes, I was forced to choose between the two of the ladies, and I went with Miranda. Not an easy choice.

If memory serves right here is my line up (this is before Kasumi was released):

Tali was my tech gal and I had her going through the vents and it was not easy always getting to her

Mordin was sent away with the crew (yes, all of them were alive when I got to them). I know a lot of people lost him if they didn’t sent him with Chakwas and group. Hubby lost him, and was pissed. He sent Zaeed (sp?) with them back to the ship and both of them ended up dying.

As for the team two leader, I had Garrus. I felt Miranda could be a good one, but Garrus was always my buddy.

For the Biotic to help you through the swarm, I went with Samara. I felt with her being nearly 1000 years old and an Asari who happened to be a Justicar would be the best choice and more powerful. Some people went with Miranda or Jack and were fine. Jacob was not the right choice for this one. I have yet to hear of someone using anyone other than one of the three ladies I listed having their biotic survive.

For the final battle against that freaky Human Reaper (why do you think they were nabbing human colonies in the first place?) I had Miranda and Jacob. I left Garrus to guard the rest of the crew and I knew he’d do an awesome job. And somehow I defeated that stupid Reaper and managed to get me and the rest back to the Normandy to see Joker firing his gun to help keep the Collector’s off of our asses! I love that man!

As for the Illusive Man, I told him to go screw himself and I was very pleased when Miranda decided to tell him to do the same. Felt good after all the shit he put us all through during the game!

He was not happy with me at the end :).

Now, for the whole romance thing. This was my fem!Shep that stayed loyal to Kaiden (I tried to go w/ Jacob if you remember and messed it up somehow). Right before you hit the Relay you get your encounter with whoever your romantic choice was in the game. If you happened to stay loyal to your romantic choice from the first game then you get a little cut scene in the captain’s cabin. Nothing big, but at least it’s a nod to the fact you stayed loyal. Can’t wait to see how that pans out in Mass Effect 3. So listen up Bioware! I best get my Kaiden back in the next game, or I will be so pissed! Please? :p

You listening BioWare? I want my Kaiden back for the next game!

I do have to say that last picture you see in the game before the credits role, when Joker hands Shepard the  datapad, I about fainted. That’s a shitload of Reapers! That’s what we get to deal with when we move onto the next game?!?! YES! Cannot wait! Bring on!

Can't find the final pic from the game, but just imagine 100s to 1000s of these things getting ready to come into the Milky Way. Holy Fuck man!

I’m now almost done with my second play through and it’s a little slow going. Mostly due to real life interfering and some frustration on my part. As I stated before, I don’t like Shooters. Halo is the sole exception. This play through is rougher due to that fact. I’ve got a male!Shep Vanguard who does not access to the weapons my fem!Shep Soilder had. Yup, I don’t have an easy time with Biotics and the fact that I can’t bring out my sniper rifle (how I miss it) is very realistic, but it makes it harder to survive battles. Many restarts this time around. May also have to do with the fact I upped the difficulty as well. Stupid me. Anyway, I am well on my way to getting everyone’s loyalty, and yes, I have both Miranda and Jack on my side (maxed the paragon bar!). I’ve got a few little side missions I’ve got to get done first, and then I can go onto the IFF and Legion. And my male!Shep is romancing Miranda this time round. Yes, he dumped Ashley. Sorry. I wanted the achievement, and I never really felt a lot of loyalty to her anyway.

Besides the fact that Ashley is alive in this play through, there were others and it was neat to check them all out. Kaiden was dead and Ashley alive, Wrex lived, and lots more. I had lots of money this time around, thanks to the Mass Effect 1 play through and having tons of money. So I’ve been able to get almost ALL of the upgrades, etc. The whole mining thing really stinks still. I hate it and have not done a lot of it this time around, but then again I’ve cheated with the strategy guide to get to the planets that have exactly what I need in large quantities. I just don’t like it, but realize that I need the materials you get from it for the upgrades.

The DLC. Lots of DLC so far for Mass Effect 2 as compared to the first game. New armor items, alternate clothing for some of the characters, the Hover Tank, and Kasumi. So far the latter two are my favorites out of the DLC. The Hover Tank was fun, and reminded me a little of the old Mako. Just wish we could do more with it. Kasumi was fun, and a new way to enjoy the game. And she is a pretty powerful character once you learn how to use her. I’ve had fun paring her up with Grunt when I go out. Lots of fun!

This is Kasumi, not Tali...
The Hammerhead Hover Tank...

All in all, still very happy with this game, and am planning on one more play through, mainly so I can get the last achievements, but also so I can romance Thane. Very cool character. And my Shepard for that play through will not be imported from the first game, just so I can see how that all pans out.

Ok, time to go. The Horde is settling down for their naps, and Vader is terrorizing Tiger. And Hubby is about to leave for work (yes, he has a job!). And I have chores :(. What did I do last night? Oh, right, played Mass Effect 2 ;).

 General disclaimer: Mass Effect is owned by EA/BioWare and protected by the copyright laws. Any images and info used in thsi blog post are not meant to infringe on those rights, only to allow this fan a postive outlet and to share her thoughts about a game she loves and adores . 😀

Also, if you are interested and missed it the last time, here is the first Mass Effect 2 post.


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