Gamers- The Husband and the Wife

For those that aren’t gamers and/or don’t have a significant other who is, you may want to steer clear of this entry. This wasn’t what I wanted to blog about today, but this article pissed me off a bit. And also be warned, I may not be very kind.

This morning Hubby tweeted a link to an article on Twitter about “How to Turn Your Wife into a Gamer”. It is a blog entry from written by Blake Treleaven. He and I discussed what he thought about it at first, before I even read it and it did not sit well with me then, and it certainly does not sit well with me after reading it. As I said in a tweet about it, it has a FEW good points. And I will touch on those. But as I also stated in that tweet, it has a lot of SHIT in it too.

For those not in the know, a brief run down of myself and Hubby. We are in our early to mid thirties. We have been gamers in one form or another since we were real young. When I was a kid we used to play everything from poker to war to baseball, monopoly, basketball, war games, and we had Pong and an Atari system. My baby brother and I also used to play D&D (the original rule set, not the messed up crap of today). Things weren’t much different for Hubby. When he and I first started dating, he had a PS1, among other gaming consoles. We played the hell out of them. We also played table top RPGs, and he was also into 40k, Blood Bowl. He ran a Palladium RIFTs game for the longest time and I also ran Palladium Fantasy and played in all kinds of other games. Then the XBox came out and console gaming became bigger for us. Most of our electronic gaming before the XBox had been done mainly on the computer. But Microsoft had taken the computer and made it where you didn’t have to upgrade every two seconds and more affordable. Since then we’ve mainly stuck with Microsoft for the console. I did hunt down a PS3 for Hubby’s birthday the one year (the 60 GB one that is FULLY backwards compatible). Our kids even game.

A lot of people comment to Hubby about how lucky he is that he has a wife who is also a gamer. That she GETS it, that I don’t get mad at him for gaming, etc. Well, they change their tune when it’s between 2 and 6 AM and he’s been gaming steadily since about 9 or 10 PM the night before. AND we have to go to HIS parent’s house. They have yet to lose him mid-game, but I’ve not been so kind with the words and the glares. Thankfully that does not happen often. And in all fairness, he’s busted me before with the marathon gaming when other things should have been taken care.

For the most part we are lucky that we are gamers and that we can share this part of our lives together. But it has come at a lot of hard work and compromise. What was that??? COMPROMISE. It’s a word that is not in a lot of people’s vocabularies. And it stretches all along the board of hobbies. Matters not if you are a gamer or not. Another word we’ve used is considerate. Between those two words, it has helped us greatly, and thus you see us arguing and bitching at one another less about something as insignificant as games. Yes, I am a gamer and I just called them insignificant. They are just that because they are not worth loosing somebody you love and loves you back, and the life you have created for one another. REGARDLESS if they are a fellow gamer or not.

Now, the link for the article in question: If it takes you to a main page instead of straight to the blog entry, just scroll down slightly in the center of the page and you should see the title link leading you there. “How to Turn Your Wife into a Gamer”

Now, I’m going to go through the few good points of the article first. It shouldn’t take too long. I’ll mostly be saying ditto to it all.

Before the author goes into the steps of turning said wife into a gamer, he mentions how even if your wife is already a gamer that there is no shirking real-life responsibilities with her either. Very true. And the same can be said for the wife as well.

The first step I somewhat agree with. Not really the wording, but the basic idea is there. You should be sure that who ever you end up with, that they are someone who is either similar to you or understanding. At the very least doesn’t mind your hobby/lifestyle. Now, if you are part of that class of gamers whose life revolves around games 100% and the only time they see the light of day is when they need to go for a game run (delivery pizza is their food of choice) and still live with mommy and daddy and DON’T have a job and complain night and day about everything, don’t even worry about step 1. You won’t get a chance to make it to that step. EVER.

The second step. The TALK. If it weren’t for the fact it’s advocating communication I’d be more upset. Just remember to treat your significant other with respect and don’t get defensive or argumentative (like he said in the article) and things will be fine. Certainly don’t hide the fact you are a gamer from them while you are in the pursuit stage of the relationship. It’s apart of you. They need to see you for you (as long as you aren’t an arrogant asshole who needs a new one ripped for him).

The last step was ok. Fable isn’t my game of choice  to bring in for a novice, especially for the girly girls, but it’s not a bad choice either, for the reasons he mentioned.

Now, for the bad, shit-laced tripe that needs to be blown away.

The opening. Oh my gods. This guy has no fucking clue does he. He even upset Hubby with how he presented the opening and then went in to bash and blame the poor girlfriend. Now granted, we don’t know the whole story, etc of that scenario. Only enough for people with half a brain to be offended by the author’s total lack of respect for women and his lack of consideration. If you read further into the article, it’s NOT OK for her to turn his game off while he’s playing it, but it’s OK for him to be late and disrespectful to her and her family because it takes away time from his games. Needless to say this does not fly for either Hubby or me. I get the impression from reading this that the author does not have much experience with women. And if he does, then not positive experiences.

Step 3. Who is he kidding???? If she liked Horror movies to begin with, chances are she is a gamer of a sorts. And how many women EVER got so scarred that they had to shriek and bury themselves into their man? I have a 70-something mother who would tear that one a part in a heartbeat. The answer is NOT THAT MANY, and the ones who do it are either genuinely scared or they are ACTING because they want to encourage the guy. Wake up dude. Even in the 50’s it wasn’t like that. Women have been manipulating men for a long time, and for the most part guys are smart enough to realize this and even use it to their advantage. It’s no mega secret either.

Frankly for step three, if you are going to try to snag the non-gamer’s interest, go for a game that may interest them. They like Harry Potter? There are the movie games, but as they are pretty much panned as crap all around, maybe LEGO Harry Potter? The controls are easy, and the gameplay is basic. There are a million and one games out there. About the only thing he got right in this part was the playing it with her. Just skip the whole Horror bullshit and skip straight into what interests her. Trust me. It will be worth it in the end. She may decide she likes it and continue on, or she may decide it’s not for her. Either way, she tried, and it would be nice of you not to push or be an asshole about it.

Step 4 should have been step three, minus the crap games he lists. That and as a HARD CORE GAMER who is a FEMALE, I am sick and tired of the so-called hard-core gamers who bash the casual games. Chances are, the casual games are what got you started, and at the very least, if not for the casual game, those like Bejeweled, you would not have many of the games you have today. And I know of many people who aren’t gamers who spend just as much time playing them as the “hard-core” do. Hell, I love a lot of the puzzle games. Bejeweled, Tetris, Mah Jong. They are awesome and actually help to keep your brain active. Instead of sitting there coming up with a gazillion ways to blow up EVERYBODY in the latest Halo match in as short amount of time as possible, just to piss the other players off.

The key to step four succeeding is allowing the newbie the chance to find out what interests them and then let them explore. Time to cut the apron strings. Again, do not to push or be an asshole about it.

Over all this whole thing sucked. It honestly reeks of stereotypical gamer trying to be cool in front of all of his friends who may have a girlfriend. But he’s missed so much by such a distance if he is in a relationship, then I don’t think it will last long. He never talks about Respect, Consideration or Compromise. Those are three big things there. If you don’t have them in a relationship, no matter what your hobbies, etc are, the relationship is not going to work. And just because she isn’t into games, doesn’t mean the relationship will fail. I know this one guy. He is a gamer. His wife is not. She’s into golf. He isn’t. They have a compromise. When she goes out for her golf games, he does his marathon gaming sessions. This way, they both get what they want. She will normally go out about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. And she rarely complains when he does game when she is home. Why? He helps around the house, works, and makes time for her, just like she does for him. And that’s just one example.

If things have gotten so bad in your relationship that your wife has just turned off the game while you play it, you should be less worried about the game and more worried about what is wrong with your relationship. And it’s not because she isn’t a gamer. Chances are it stems from you being one that has yet to realize that games are not the end all in life and that you have to show interest in her and her family as well.  In which case it may be time for some counseling and for BOTH parties to do some deep reflection.

Even though Hubby and I are pretty hard-core gamers, they are not our lives. This blog should be a good example of that as I talk about him here as well as myself. And not every entry is about games, nor are they mentioned every entry. He’s in school right now learning how to become a chef. Before that he was a truck driver who had been laid off when the economy tanked. We both love reading and our library is extensive. In fact go to the right of this blog and click on my Good Reads link and see just how big. And I haven’t updated that in ages either. We both love watching movies and TV shows and not always the same ones. He loves football. I’m more of a soccer girl, but just as I will make the effort to watch a game or two with him, he does the same for me. I love gardening and taking care of the kids and animals. I’m also a writer. I’m skinches away from completing two different degrees, one in history and the other in business. We both do our best to be apart of our families and community.

Are we perfect? Hell no. Did we get this way over night? HELL NO. Just ask our family and friends. We’ve been together 13 years, and married ten of those. It has not been easy and it’s been a lot of work. It still isn’t easy, but it’s not as bad. I dare say it’s better.

So that is my .02 on the whole ‘How to Turn Your Wife into a Gamer’. Now to edit and then post this so Hubby can read it :).


End of the month all ready????

Damn, July just flew away. I wanted to blog more, but it didn’t happen. Maybe as the pain evens out and I can find a happy medium between use, pills and rest. Would like to take the pills out of the equation entirely, but the pain is too much for that. Especially in my left arm, from the fingers to the elbow, once in a while creeping up to the shoulder. Then you have the upper back… Yup, I’m falling apart here. But I keep trudging along, making a good attempt at keeping positive, no matter how bad it looks, which frankly is not easy. And I know I fail at it miserably at times. Just ask Hubby and the Youngest.

Woke up this morning at 2 AM. Why? A combination of pain, Smoker being sick (he is doing much better!) and Cujo growling at everything that moved. I tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t meant to be. I think that added to my not being able to handle the pain today…

Left work early (arm would not cooperate, and though I can do a lot of things one-handed, the pain was more than I could handle), and took a nap with Vader, Smoker, Cujo, Ryoko and Ghost. So we’re all ready to listen to our radio show tonight: Raven Radio. In one of the few moments I will talk about religion here, this has become one of my favorite Heathen programs. If you aren’t Heathen, I wouldn’t really recommend it as it’s not Asatru/Heathenry 101 and you will be lost. If you are Heathen and never heard of it, I recommend it. Lots of great info, conversations, and I love it when Grundair takes the 747 out for a spin :). For the most part they do try to keep it family friendly, but they have broached a few touchy and adult topics. Anyway, I often end up waiting for them to post the podcast version since it airs Thursday nights at 10PM EST and I often have to work on Fridays. If I had a laptop, it’d be a little easier, and I could listen to it in the bedroom as I get myself ready for the night and the next day. Needless to say I’m a bit excited about tonight’s show. Not only will I be listening live, but they are continuing the “Women in Heathenry” topic from the last show. And I can’t wait until they get Councilman Dan Halloran (from New York) on. He was supposed to be on it a few weeks ago, but something came up in his schedule and wasn’t able to.

Ok, enough religion. For now, anyway :P. Still not a topic I like to broach here since it does tend to stir people up and that is NOT what this blog is about. … Unless I feel like stirring it up, in which case I have other places to do so.

Getting Youngest ready for school. It’s been fun and from the looks of it she doesn’t need a lot as far as school supplies, which is good. Especially since I have to buy her a new wardrobe. At her Elementary School, they wore uniforms (which I liked) and we didn’t have to spend a truck load on clothes for her during the year (and her grandparents always helped out). Now she is growing up and growing out of her clothes. Darn kids ;). We’ve already got a bunch of stuff for her and will be getting the rest soon. With how topsy-turvy it’s been this summer for work and finances in general I’m surprised (and happily so) that we’ve done this well. Only a few more weeks.

Hubby finishes up his Summer Semester this next week and then has a week off before starting the Fall one. He finishes up in the Spring, and we can’t wait. I am very proud of him for finally going through with this. And if all works out as planned, this will allow us to move back to Charleston. The jobs are more fruitful down there with what he’s looking for: higher end restaurants. So far so good. Yay!

How about Manchester United trouncing the All Stars last night? Hubby got upset with me because I showed my Red Devil support instead of rooting for the All Stars. Sorry, I’m a Man U girl at heart. And Giggs played. Yup, still a softie for that man!

Ok, the hands are telling me enough. So I bid you all a good night and hope all is well. Hopefully I can get going with the daily blog posts and be able to work more on the THE book, besides just researching and doing a little typing here and there.

Before I go, a few more links of interest:

Joe Mallozzi and his quest for the environment:’s You Tube Channel, for those who like to see their favorite games in a different way, plus some Comic Con coverage: Dragon Age: Warden’s Fall is a favorite of mine.

Epica, a Dutch band that I adore greatly and wish I was able to go to their concert when they make it Stateside this fall:

Red vs. Blue: Recollection Box Set: It’s made of awesome :D.

Petsuppliesnet, one of the best and more affordable places to get the medicines (including flea treatments) for your pets. This is how we’re able to afford the stuff for our zoo. Otherwise we’d be in trouble:

Ok, that’s it. Really. My hands are ready to mutiny and the tummy is shouting for its promised popcorn.

Quick update

I know I was supposed to be working on the daily updates, but I had to put that to the side for now. I still want to do it, as it will be fun, but sadly my hands did not cooperate. So I haven’t been spending much time here, with Twitter or FaceBook. Trying to keep the hands in shape for work and the Book. But since it’s been a while, I figured I might as well give a quick update.

Last weekend was a good weekend. We went down to Charleston to visit with family and friends. Vader and I both had a pretty decent birthday too. He got Grandma’s backyard and Grace, and I got to relax a bit and go shopping (for something other than things the house needs, like at Bath and Body Works!). Had a very nice lunch with Hubby, Youngest and my mother-in-law. We wanted to check out a new Italian restaurant but they weren’t open for lunch, so we went to Carabas. I love that place :). We also left Youngest behind so she could spend the week with Grandma, Popeye and everybody. She’s been having a lot of fun so far, and we’ll find out just how much when we meet up with Grandma in Columbia today to pick her up.

While we’re in Columbia, we’ll be meeting up with the Oldest. I know we’re going to watch a movie, and I think we’ve narrowed it down to Despicable Me. Far as I know none of us have seen it, and it’s about the only one out right now that we ALL can agree on. Sorry, Hubby and I are not going to watch Eclipse. Youngest is in the same boat as well. And I doubt Oldest would be too keen on Toy Story 3 and Hubby and I agree that neither girl would enjoy A-Team. So, yeah, Despicable Me is looking like the winner.

Speaking of A-Team, Hubby and I went and saw that Monday night. It was AWESOME! I watched the show when I was a kid, and it was one of those few shows where when everyone was home, it was the only agreed upon thing to watch. Last I talked to Mom she sounded pretty keen on checking it out, and I think after watching it, she’d love it. It felt just like the TV show, but a bit more updated. The spirit of the show and the characters is there and I love that they left it open at the end for a sequel. So thanks to our Aunt in Indiana for the gift card to see the movie :). And thanks to my father-in-law for the gift card for dinner as well :). We went to Outback and enjoyed it. Well, except for the d-bags at the table next to us, that didn’t know that camping was not gonna win them any points with their server. They also apparently didn’t know or care that there were children near their tables with the language they used. Now, I have a potty mouth (putting it mildly), but for the most part, I watch what I say when the youngins are around. These guys didn’t. A few f-bombs dropped from them, and I felt like grabbing the manager or dumping my drink on them. Grrr. But we didn’t let them ruin it.

Received a great package int he mail this week too. My mother-in-law said that she ordered me something and I would be getting it soon. I had no idea what it was. I had tweeted a link to Hubby for what I wanted for my birthday, but I also have my Amazon wish list (which I’ve gotten better at up dating ;). ), so it could have been anything. Well, I got the text at work from hubby that I had gotten the package, but when I see what it’s in, I would know what it was. He was right. I saw the large envelope and there was the RoosterTeeth addy on it and I knew what it was :D. I was happy. Still am. This is what I got: This is almost tops the Kindle. I’ve been watching them and am enjoying the commentaries and bonus materials. So now I have all five season of the Red vs Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles. And to top it off, they have the next three seasons coming out in a bundled set in September ;). Yup, this helps to keep things positive.

Smoker moved to his new home last night. It was sad, but he seemed to like his new home and family. I stayed with him for a little bit, to help with the adjusting. He has two kids and two other kitties to play with, and he will be loved. We all miss him here. Like I told Hubby, I can understand why it took so long to get him over there, but at the same time I wish it hadn’t taken that long. We all were getting attached to him, and Hubby even said several times that they better take care of him over there (even though I knew he’d be spoiled rotten!).  So we are down one. Ghost and Tank have been looking for their litter mate, but I imagine they all will have forgotten about each other in a few days. Sadly, cats don’t have the greatest long-term memory (animals in general). In a way it’s good, because then it makes the adjustment period easier on the cat, but we humans have good long-term memories. Yeah. At least I work with his new owner and they don’t live far away, so we can go see him and will get regular updates.

I’ll have to take pictures so you all can see the garden. Youngest and I successfully replanted the previous one after the rain killed the majority of it. About the only thing I haven’t seen come up yet are the onions. I think everything else has sprouted up, and it’s all looking great.

And on that note, I will take my leave. I need to finish getting ready for the road trip and Hubby is still sleeping.

Sims and more Sims plus a haircut and Zombies

Last night Hubby and I watched perhaps the best comedy movie in a long time. Zombieland. It was just made of awesome and had us both laughing pretty hard throughout the whole thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. Woody Harrleson as Tallahassee was priceless and one of my favorite performances to date. Plus seeing Bill Murray playing himself was too cool. I geeked out and squeed a lot :). Watching the movie made me rethink my Zombie Plan. I need my own Tallahassee to go along with my puppy, Vader and his little pack of Zombie puppies. Oh and I can’t forget my own Zombie Kitten Horde :). Speaking of which, two of the three are laying down with Trouble, snuggling her. Very cute.

Sims 3 Ambitions has been a lot of fun. I love the Tattoo artists and the fact that I can allow my author Sim the ability to be self-employed as a writer. We can now buy all kinds of real estate for the Sims and then upgrade them so that they can earn more money from them. I have yet to check everything out with it as I’ve been having a blast with exploring some of the ins and outs with writing, architectural design and being a real estate mogul. It feels as though EA is bringing the best of the Sims 2 into the game now and expanding on it. Oh, and with the real estate, you can purchase properties in China, Egypt and France and upgrade them as well :). If I wasn’t on the Hubby’s laptop I’d post some of the screenshots I have. We can now have our Sims do their own laundry, which helps to boost their moods. There is a consignment shop where they can sell certain items and buy some unique things that can only be found abroad. The Fire Station is nice add-on, as well as the Junkyard.

Youngest has experimented with the Ghost Hunters and the bake sale that kid Sims can hold now. She’s had a blast with it, along with the Sculptor. We both want to try out everything, but it may take a while to go through it all. The last Expansion pack I can remember adding this much stuff and change to the base game was for the Sims 2, with Seasons.  Which, EA, I am still waiting for the weather to show up here. I love the gardening aspects of Sims 3, but miss the rain, snow, heat and all that.

Next Stuff Pack is due out this fall and it deals with cars and related items. If you want to have a seriously NASCAR redneck Sim, now you can. Looks interesting and would fit in with a few Sims I have. Plus the access to new types of cars… Yup, want it.

And no picture, sorry. I take pictures, not the other way around. But I got my hair cut. It was getting down to my waist and with it being thick and heavy, and with the heat, humidity and the pain spreading in my arms and hands, I needed to get it cut. So it is now just below my upper shoulders. And it feels great to not take forever to wash it or brush it. A few people were upset over my cutting it, but I told them next time they can care for my hair and see just why I did it. And most of those people have thin hair that is VERY easy to care for. But I’m happy with it and that’s what matters. Youngest got hers trimmed at the same time and we’re getting her ready and set for Middle School when it starts next month. Can’t wait.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this day, America’s birthday. We’ll be grilling out and enjoying watermelon and it seems we have some neighbors down the other end of the road (opposite end from the drunk Mexicans) who know how to use fireworks and bought some decent ones. So it may not be just us sitting out there tonight keeping the bush and house from catching fire, but also watching some decent fireworks. Just wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. Gonna be tired from keeping the animals all settled down (not a one of them likes fireworks, except Cujo, who just ignores them) and from helping Hubby with fire duty. But it looks to be a decent holiday so far. And lastly, a heartfelt thank you and wishes of good tidings to the past and present men and women of our military. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for keeping us all safe. Thank you.

A topic a day for a week or more.

Yup, gonna try to post a topic or two a day here on the blog to accomplish a few things. One is to get this thing back into being more active. Another is this does actually help me with the typing and writing skills. It was an idea I came up with yesterday on Twitter. So far I have enough topics to take me to next Friday, a break on Saturday, and then another topic on Sunday. So to start things off, I talk about one of the few sports I actually give a shit about :).

Where I grew up, in the Catskills of Upstate New York, we didn’t have High School Football. In fact I can probably count on one hand how many neighboring schools had it. Nope, at my school and several surrounding ones, it was all soccer. It was the sport of choice for a lot of us and it was VERY popular. I knew about football, how could you not? There was the Super Bowl and I remember that was the big thing every January. But Soccer was the sport that had everybody in the town coming out and getting together and watching the kids run back and forth. It was one of the few sports that damn near everyone, of every single click out there in school, knew how to play. And we were kind of spoiled with our High School team. It was unusual for our boys varsity team to NOT go into the State Championship games. A few years ago, there was a football coach in Summerville, SC who had scored a record with over 500 or so wins, and I looked at it like, WTF? The coach for my High School soccer team had hit that years before! That was chump change compared to his record. According Hubby, it’s not everyday that a football coach gets that kind of record. So ;)?

While growing up I had two of my brothers on the soccer team (the younger went to live with our oldest sister in the South and had to teach them how to play the game!), and they were always winning. It was like ‘loosing’ was not in the vocabulary and if they happened too, the coach didn’t treat them like dirt (not that I can recall). Sure they had to practice a little harder, but they all seemed to be practicing hard anyway. The girl’s team didn’t get that much attention, but there were a lot of times I remember them doing really well, and even making the championship several times as well. My school was the bomb when it came to the game. So, with all this information that you now possess, when you hear me talk about the World Cup, you know that I’m not a fair weather fan or a bandwagoner. I may not be that INTO the MLS here in the States, but there are a few players that I have been keeping track of (I knew about Donovan BEFORE the World Cup in 2002). My main team is Manchester United in England, and has been for a good long time. It saddens me to think that we are nearing the end of Ryan Giggs career and yes I was actually happy when Becks left the team. Not a huge fan of his, but I do respect the man. And because of the team I’ve grown to love and adore a few other players around the world, like Christiano Ronaldo, Rudd van Nistlerooy and few others. The team also helped to mold Tim Howard into one of the world’s greatest Keepers ever.

So, now on to the main topic here. The World Cup. Going in I was a bit torn with if I really wanted to support USA, as we do not have the greatest team, minus a few players. I’ve never been a big Bradley fan as our coach. I was ready to see England come in and stomp some teams into the ground, even though Beckham wasn’t going to play due to a Achille’s Heel issue. Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands were also on my list of teams to watch. Out of all of those teams, only two are left and one is slated to make it to the finals. Germany has been a surprise to a lot of people this year, and I’m glad. They have been a fav of mine for some time now, and I’m glad they’ve made it this far.

The United States:  Donovan and Howard tried their best. Dempsey stepped up and did better than I thought he would. The team on the whole did better than I thought they would. If there is one thing I like about football over soccer (and there isn’t much at all) is the instant replay so the refs can go back and check over a call of theirs to see if they had missed something. This would have helped out the US greatly and perhaps wouldn’t have beaten the team down. It would have fueled the boys to go out and kick some ass even more than they did. The refs disallowing goals (and not just against the US) is a problem. It doesn’t happen too often in the BPL, and since I don’t watch many MLS games, I’m not sure if does there. But when it does happen, I wish the coaches could challenge it and then the ref go and review it. The tech is there, and I wouldn’t mind a few minutes more of stoppage time in order for the ref to make a fair and balanced call. But, FIFA has been making clear that currently they have no interest in doing so. They suck. Still, proud of the home team to making it to the Round of 16. And if you are interested, a branch of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter ran a video where they simulated the US v Ghana game BEFORE it happened. It is scary just how close it is to what really happened. Very scary. Great job on the video Jack and Geoff!

England: I may not be a big Becks fan, but I think the team was missing him. That’s all I can come up with. They had a piss poor performance, even though they did make it to the Round of 16. Where did Rooney go??? It’s like he never showed up. That’s not the Rooney from Man U that I know. No way. Frankly I think the team was sleeping during most of the World Cup and they woke up for all of five minutes. With their match against Germany, they looked awesome in the beginning and I was proud to see my boys out there! Even if I was rooting for both teams. But my heart went down a bit and I was becoming pissed when I saw them basically lay down to Germany! I was gobsmacked! Where was Rooney? What happened to the Keeper, the one they should have had playing against the US but didn’t? I don’t think David Beckham is a very good player. No, I do not. Yeah, he could pull of a few tricks here and there and has the pretty looks, but look at his overall record. But, we could have used him on the field. He does have something going for him. He’s been England’s Captain for a while now, a role he had to step down from. But as captain, he was able to rally the troops and encourage them to keep going. I think had he been on the field, he could have lit a fire under Rooney’s ass and we could have seen more goals from England. And more yellow cards with a red mixed in with it ;). I love Rooney. He’s the reason the Brazilian Refs wanted to learn English!

Portugal: It’s no secret that I like Portugal because of one Christiano Ronaldo. The man can play. He is one of the best strikers we’ve seen in the world in a long time. When he doesn’t have the entire opposing team on top of him, he can dance with that ball like no one else can. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do what he does with his feet. Don’t know much about the other guys, but from what I have seen, given enough practice and a steady coach, the team shows promise and I can see them going further in the next World Cup. That was a brutal match against Spain.

The Netherlands: I come from Dutch ancestry, so that is honestly the main reason why I throw my support behind this team. And I must say I am happily surprised that they are doing so well. They managed to knock Brazil out of the running for the Cup, and that’s no easy feat. Brazil has long been THE main contender of International Soccer, and for anyone to take them out of contention is awesome! Would have been nice to have van Nistlerooy out on the team this time around. But he was the one who messed that up. The team is doing well without him, so no major loss there.

Germany: Holy Gods in Asgard! You want to talk about coming out of nowhere! I remember a lot of people saying this team was going to be going no where fast this year. Guess again! They handed Argentina their asses this morning with a 4-0 win! They stomped England into the ground! Who haven’t they stomped? Seriously! I got into Germany for much the same reason as the Netherlands. But then I got to know a lot of the guys and then was sad to see some go. Oliver Kahn being the main one. One helluva keeper he was. But I’m glad to see he has left the team in capable hands and that the boys, even with many being relatively new to the international level, are doing him proud :). Can’t wait till their next game! Oh and the guys at Achievement Hunter (c/o Rooster Teeth) did another simulated game for Germany and Argentina. Not as scarily close to the US/Ghana match, but close enough.

One last note about the World Cup and then I’ll move on to the next topic. The vuvuzella? It needs to be taken out completely. I know it’s apart of South African culture and what not, but it has made it hard for me to watch any of the matches and has taken away the enjoyment of listening to the cheers, songs and jeers from the crowds. Anyone seen with one of these things should be brought up on charges of inhumane treatment of their fellow-man, and anyone seen blowing one should be shot on the spot, no questions asked. I hate them. I can imagine it made it hard for some of the players to concentrate. So, hopefully, Brazil takes note as it hosts the 2014 World Cup, and does not allow anything near that annoying anywhere near the games.

Ok, Topic Number Two is brought to by this guy:

Chef Jason Ellis of Hell's Kitchen

A few weeks ago, Hubby was given the opportunity to meet with and cook for (along with his entire Buffet class) Chef Ellis off of Hell’s Kitchen. He is from the Greenville area and went to Greenville Tech, so the school and a local restaurant were putting together a few things for him in honor of the show. So Hubby felt no pressure what so ever when finding out that he was going to be cooking for the man, plus a few producers from the show. Ok, so he did, but Chef Ellis was pleased with what with the class’ performance. For those in the know, Hubby is a huge Gordon Ramsay fan and wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen once he’s done with Culinary School. He also got to a restaurant to hang with Chef Ellis and several other people and watch Hell’s Kitchen with them. He had a lot of fun and it was a perfect opportunity for him.

The two Jason's at the viewing party

That’s it for today. I’m not hurting as bad as I was yesterday, but it’s close. May have to give in and go to the ER at this rate. Not sure if it’s the weather or if it’s something else. And we’re gearing up for the Fourth! Can’t wait. Grilling out, watermelon and gardening are all in the works :).

It’s been how long since the last one???

Holy Shnikes! It’s been since Youngest’s birthday when I updated last. Not good at all. Sorry, but I’ve been busy, on top of not feeling 100%. The busy comes from work, the family life, animals and the Book. The not feeling well stems from the issues with the legs, and it’s spreading out now :(. Not too worry (much), I am in the process of getting into the Free Clinic up the road from here. The ER is going to be about useless unless it really is an emergency. So hopefully the Free Clinic can help, even if it’s a little.

The Horde (aka, Tank, Smoker and Ghost) are upsetting the Hubby ;). Which, yes they are getting bigger and I do owe a lot of pictures of them (and of other things) to a lot of people. I just realized I haven’t unloaded pics off the camera in forever, so I think it’s about time I did that. Maybe later though. Smoker will be leaving us soon to go live with his new family. Even though they are close by and we can visit, it’s gonna be hard letting the little guy go. Sucks it’s taken this long, but I can understand the reasons behind it. *sigh*

I have been noticing lately that there has been A LOT of interest in my blog entries about video games. Makes me wonder if maybe I should change this over to a gamers blog or make up another one devoted to just that. Is there enough interest in my opinion about video games to warrant such action? I have no idea. I looked through the blog stats and so far the most viewed entries are the ones about games, and more specifically my two about Mass Effect 2. Was it just because it was all about ME2 or was it because it was a chick talking about a game? Raises more questions. Frankly if you wanted to know about these games, I’m one of the last people you want to look at. There are some with much more knowledge than what I have. But if it’s opinion you want, I got plenty of that ;). Might do a poll in the future to see. In the meantime, drop me a line here, on Twitter, Face Book or even over at RoosterTeeth (look over to your right folks, all that stuff is linked there. On RT I go by vatazes.) and let me know if you have any opinions about it. The entries I’m talking about are here and here.

More gaming news, for those that are interested, yes I am hooked on the Kinect. Yes, I want it, and yes, I cannot wait until it comes out. They have exactly what I had hoped they would have with Kinect on the Xbox 360, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Recall when I did that blurb on E3 last year and they talked about Project:Natal and how I thought it would be wonderful if they utilized it in such a way that it would be perfect for a home trainer/gym? Yeah, I bet you did. Anyway, they’ve done that and took it even further than I expected. I so cannot wait to try it out. If you want more info on that game and Kinect in general, mosey on over to Microsoft’s Xbox site and check it out. And, yes, for those of you in the dark still, Fable III will be Kinect compatible. And yes, we did happen to upgrade to the new Xbox 360 slim. When Hubby was on the road, he had his own 360, and then we had the one for the house. When he was laid off, we still had the two systems, and never bothered to condense them, mainly because the money we’d get from selling one would not be enough to justify it. And taking it to GameStop to get cash, is pointless. So when they announced the new 360 slim at E3 this year, we did our research and a friend came through with a great tip: GameStop was taking the original 360’s and allowing you to trade them in towards the Slim with a bonus added onto it. So we did more research and after a phone call or two later to our local store (we love you guys!) and we had it set up so we were trading in BOTH of the 360s we currently had and would not have to spend a dime to get the new system. Very sweet deal. I know it didn’t work out that well for others who tried the same thing, but to that I say come to my neck of the woods and I’ll see about hooking you up! I know they’d love the business! So this is a bonus for us in so many ways. Yeah, we have to manage time on the 360 better since we are down to one, but the fact it uses less power, takes up less space, has a bigger hard drive than the other two combined, and looks nicer, I think we came out on top.

Ok, time for none gaming news. Sorry guys. Time to update the family and friends while the hands are still willing to work for me!

The last meeting for Youngest’s Girl Scout Troop, before they broke for summer, went well. Not everyone showed up, but the ones that did had a blast. And Vader went to the meeting as well! And he was such a good boy. Youngest used him to teach the girls how to care for a pet. We brought a lot of his stuff and I am proud of my girl. I didn’t have to worry about picking up the slack for her or leading her on too much with it, like I thought I might have to. She did so well, and jumped on the questions from the girls and was very good at explaining things and showing things, etc. After the class was done, the girls put on a little play to finish up some stuff for their Theater Badge and at the end of the meeting, several of the girls were given badges. Youngest has the one for Pet Care, Theater, and Eco-Friendly. The latter two the Troop all worked together on them, and Youngest did A LOT of work on her own for the Pet Care.

And her party was a blast and a success, with one tiny exception: the heat. It reached roughly 100 to 103 that day and of course the party was held during the hottest part of the day. What in the world was I thinking? Oi Vey! But everyone was pretty cool about it. The kids seemed to all have a good time, and my daughter was happy. And that is what was most important.

Originally I was supposed to have my last week of vacation this next week. It was to have started today at 2PM and I was to head up to New York for the week to spend with my mother and then go with her to my nephew’s wedding in New Hampshire. Sadly, those plans were squashed when the Hubby was fired and we have been fighting with Unemployment since. I think what pisses me off about the whole thing more than anything, was I was so damn close to being able to go. I even held out at the last-minute with the RSVP for the invitation to the wedding in hopes there would be some miracle. I had it all worked out, etc. But like Mom and I talked about the other evening, once we get Youngest settled in for her new school year, we just save up the money for a trip up North like we have been for the school stuff, and earliest this winter, latest next summer, we should be with my side of the family for a week or two :). So, a note to life in general: if you have any emergencies or bouts of disappointment in store for us over the next six months to a year, please go back to where you came from. This one has had enough, and I need to see my mother and siblings. I’d like to take Hubby up there to finally meet the rest of them and let Youngest get re-acquainted with them all. And I’d like to introduce them all to Vader! Cujo, too! So that is the plan.

Let’s see what else? Besides being busy, not much else. I may add more over the weekend, but I think my hands are ready for a break. Hope everyone is well, and that the weather holds for the festivities this weekend. For those of you traveling, be safe and have lots of fun! I’ll be out on my porch watching the drunk Mexicans up the road shooting off fireworks, with my bucket of water and fire extinguisher at hand. I imagine the BFF remembers that one year for New Years that they set the bush on fire in the yard! Oh, what an exciting time that was! Happy Fourth everybody!