It’s been how long since the last one???

Holy Shnikes! It’s been since Youngest’s birthday when I updated last. Not good at all. Sorry, but I’ve been busy, on top of not feeling 100%. The busy comes from work, the family life, animals and the Book. The not feeling well stems from the issues with the legs, and it’s spreading out now :(. Not too worry (much), I am in the process of getting into the Free Clinic up the road from here. The ER is going to be about useless unless it really is an emergency. So hopefully the Free Clinic can help, even if it’s a little.

The Horde (aka, Tank, Smoker and Ghost) are upsetting the Hubby ;). Which, yes they are getting bigger and I do owe a lot of pictures of them (and of other things) to a lot of people. I just realized I haven’t unloaded pics off the camera in forever, so I think it’s about time I did that. Maybe later though. Smoker will be leaving us soon to go live with his new family. Even though they are close by and we can visit, it’s gonna be hard letting the little guy go. Sucks it’s taken this long, but I can understand the reasons behind it. *sigh*

I have been noticing lately that there has been A LOT of interest in my blog entries about video games. Makes me wonder if maybe I should change this over to a gamers blog or make up another one devoted to just that. Is there enough interest in my opinion about video games to warrant such action? I have no idea. I looked through the blog stats and so far the most viewed entries are the ones about games, and more specifically my two about Mass Effect 2. Was it just because it was all about ME2 or was it because it was a chick talking about a game? Raises more questions. Frankly if you wanted to know about these games, I’m one of the last people you want to look at. There are some with much more knowledge than what I have. But if it’s opinion you want, I got plenty of that ;). Might do a poll in the future to see. In the meantime, drop me a line here, on Twitter, Face Book or even over at RoosterTeeth (look over to your right folks, all that stuff is linked there. On RT I go by vatazes.) and let me know if you have any opinions about it. The entries I’m talking about are here and here.

More gaming news, for those that are interested, yes I am hooked on the Kinect. Yes, I want it, and yes, I cannot wait until it comes out. They have exactly what I had hoped they would have with Kinect on the Xbox 360, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Recall when I did that blurb on E3 last year and they talked about Project:Natal and how I thought it would be wonderful if they utilized it in such a way that it would be perfect for a home trainer/gym? Yeah, I bet you did. Anyway, they’ve done that and took it even further than I expected. I so cannot wait to try it out. If you want more info on that game and Kinect in general, mosey on over to Microsoft’s Xbox site and check it out. And, yes, for those of you in the dark still, Fable III will be Kinect compatible. And yes, we did happen to upgrade to the new Xbox 360 slim. When Hubby was on the road, he had his own 360, and then we had the one for the house. When he was laid off, we still had the two systems, and never bothered to condense them, mainly because the money we’d get from selling one would not be enough to justify it. And taking it to GameStop to get cash, is pointless. So when they announced the new 360 slim at E3 this year, we did our research and a friend came through with a great tip: GameStop was taking the original 360’s and allowing you to trade them in towards the Slim with a bonus added onto it. So we did more research and after a phone call or two later to our local store (we love you guys!) and we had it set up so we were trading in BOTH of the 360s we currently had and would not have to spend a dime to get the new system. Very sweet deal. I know it didn’t work out that well for others who tried the same thing, but to that I say come to my neck of the woods and I’ll see about hooking you up! I know they’d love the business! So this is a bonus for us in so many ways. Yeah, we have to manage time on the 360 better since we are down to one, but the fact it uses less power, takes up less space, has a bigger hard drive than the other two combined, and looks nicer, I think we came out on top.

Ok, time for none gaming news. Sorry guys. Time to update the family and friends while the hands are still willing to work for me!

The last meeting for Youngest’s Girl Scout Troop, before they broke for summer, went well. Not everyone showed up, but the ones that did had a blast. And Vader went to the meeting as well! And he was such a good boy. Youngest used him to teach the girls how to care for a pet. We brought a lot of his stuff and I am proud of my girl. I didn’t have to worry about picking up the slack for her or leading her on too much with it, like I thought I might have to. She did so well, and jumped on the questions from the girls and was very good at explaining things and showing things, etc. After the class was done, the girls put on a little play to finish up some stuff for their Theater Badge and at the end of the meeting, several of the girls were given badges. Youngest has the one for Pet Care, Theater, and Eco-Friendly. The latter two the Troop all worked together on them, and Youngest did A LOT of work on her own for the Pet Care.

And her party was a blast and a success, with one tiny exception: the heat. It reached roughly 100 to 103 that day and of course the party was held during the hottest part of the day. What in the world was I thinking? Oi Vey! But everyone was pretty cool about it. The kids seemed to all have a good time, and my daughter was happy. And that is what was most important.

Originally I was supposed to have my last week of vacation this next week. It was to have started today at 2PM and I was to head up to New York for the week to spend with my mother and then go with her to my nephew’s wedding in New Hampshire. Sadly, those plans were squashed when the Hubby was fired and we have been fighting with Unemployment since. I think what pisses me off about the whole thing more than anything, was I was so damn close to being able to go. I even held out at the last-minute with the RSVP for the invitation to the wedding in hopes there would be some miracle. I had it all worked out, etc. But like Mom and I talked about the other evening, once we get Youngest settled in for her new school year, we just save up the money for a trip up North like we have been for the school stuff, and earliest this winter, latest next summer, we should be with my side of the family for a week or two :). So, a note to life in general: if you have any emergencies or bouts of disappointment in store for us over the next six months to a year, please go back to where you came from. This one has had enough, and I need to see my mother and siblings. I’d like to take Hubby up there to finally meet the rest of them and let Youngest get re-acquainted with them all. And I’d like to introduce them all to Vader! Cujo, too! So that is the plan.

Let’s see what else? Besides being busy, not much else. I may add more over the weekend, but I think my hands are ready for a break. Hope everyone is well, and that the weather holds for the festivities this weekend. For those of you traveling, be safe and have lots of fun! I’ll be out on my porch watching the drunk Mexicans up the road shooting off fireworks, with my bucket of water and fire extinguisher at hand. I imagine the BFF remembers that one year for New Years that they set the bush on fire in the yard! Oh, what an exciting time that was! Happy Fourth everybody!


3 thoughts on “It’s been how long since the last one???

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  2. Uhhh, I think I’m responsible for at least a chunk of the traffic to your gaming entries. I glanced over it the first time but the main reason I was on it so much is I generally got to this blog from the Mass Effect blog link on your livejournal. Hope you had a bunch of others besides me going there since I’m not really a gamer.

    1. A small portion perhaps :). It’s been forever since I’ve updated livejournal and I know I owe a few phone calls. Things have been wacky and crazy.

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