A topic a day for a week or more.

Yup, gonna try to post a topic or two a day here on the blog to accomplish a few things. One is to get this thing back into being more active. Another is this does actually help me with the typing and writing skills. It was an idea I came up with yesterday on Twitter. So far I have enough topics to take me to next Friday, a break on Saturday, and then another topic on Sunday. So to start things off, I talk about one of the few sports I actually give a shit about :).

Where I grew up, in the Catskills of Upstate New York, we didn’t have High School Football. In fact I can probably count on one hand how many neighboring schools had it. Nope, at my school and several surrounding ones, it was all soccer. It was the sport of choice for a lot of us and it was VERY popular. I knew about football, how could you not? There was the Super Bowl and I remember that was the big thing every January. But Soccer was the sport that had everybody in the town coming out and getting together and watching the kids run back and forth. It was one of the few sports that damn near everyone, of every single click out there in school, knew how to play. And we were kind of spoiled with our High School team. It was unusual for our boys varsity team to NOT go into the State Championship games. A few years ago, there was a football coach in Summerville, SC who had scored a record with over 500 or so wins, and I looked at it like, WTF? The coach for my High School soccer team had hit that years before! That was chump change compared to his record. According Hubby, it’s not everyday that a football coach gets that kind of record. So ;)?

While growing up I had two of my brothers on the soccer team (the younger went to live with our oldest sister in the South and had to teach them how to play the game!), and they were always winning. It was like ‘loosing’ was not in the vocabulary and if they happened too, the coach didn’t treat them like dirt (not that I can recall). Sure they had to practice a little harder, but they all seemed to be practicing hard anyway. The girl’s team didn’t get that much attention, but there were a lot of times I remember them doing really well, and even making the championship several times as well. My school was the bomb when it came to the game. So, with all this information that you now possess, when you hear me talk about the World Cup, you know that I’m not a fair weather fan or a bandwagoner. I may not be that INTO the MLS here in the States, but there are a few players that I have been keeping track of (I knew about Donovan BEFORE the World Cup in 2002). My main team is Manchester United in England, and has been for a good long time. It saddens me to think that we are nearing the end of Ryan Giggs career and yes I was actually happy when Becks left the team. Not a huge fan of his, but I do respect the man. And because of the team I’ve grown to love and adore a few other players around the world, like Christiano Ronaldo, Rudd van Nistlerooy and few others. The team also helped to mold Tim Howard into one of the world’s greatest Keepers ever.

So, now on to the main topic here. The World Cup. Going in I was a bit torn with if I really wanted to support USA, as we do not have the greatest team, minus a few players. I’ve never been a big Bradley fan as our coach. I was ready to see England come in and stomp some teams into the ground, even though Beckham wasn’t going to play due to a Achille’s Heel issue. Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands were also on my list of teams to watch. Out of all of those teams, only two are left and one is slated to make it to the finals. Germany has been a surprise to a lot of people this year, and I’m glad. They have been a fav of mine for some time now, and I’m glad they’ve made it this far.

The United States:  Donovan and Howard tried their best. Dempsey stepped up and did better than I thought he would. The team on the whole did better than I thought they would. If there is one thing I like about football over soccer (and there isn’t much at all) is the instant replay so the refs can go back and check over a call of theirs to see if they had missed something. This would have helped out the US greatly and perhaps wouldn’t have beaten the team down. It would have fueled the boys to go out and kick some ass even more than they did. The refs disallowing goals (and not just against the US) is a problem. It doesn’t happen too often in the BPL, and since I don’t watch many MLS games, I’m not sure if does there. But when it does happen, I wish the coaches could challenge it and then the ref go and review it. The tech is there, and I wouldn’t mind a few minutes more of stoppage time in order for the ref to make a fair and balanced call. But, FIFA has been making clear that currently they have no interest in doing so. They suck. Still, proud of the home team to making it to the Round of 16. And if you are interested, a branch of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter ran a video where they simulated the US v Ghana game BEFORE it happened. It is scary just how close it is to what really happened. Very scary. Great job on the video Jack and Geoff!

England: I may not be a big Becks fan, but I think the team was missing him. That’s all I can come up with. They had a piss poor performance, even though they did make it to the Round of 16. Where did Rooney go??? It’s like he never showed up. That’s not the Rooney from Man U that I know. No way. Frankly I think the team was sleeping during most of the World Cup and they woke up for all of five minutes. With their match against Germany, they looked awesome in the beginning and I was proud to see my boys out there! Even if I was rooting for both teams. But my heart went down a bit and I was becoming pissed when I saw them basically lay down to Germany! I was gobsmacked! Where was Rooney? What happened to the Keeper, the one they should have had playing against the US but didn’t? I don’t think David Beckham is a very good player. No, I do not. Yeah, he could pull of a few tricks here and there and has the pretty looks, but look at his overall record. But, we could have used him on the field. He does have something going for him. He’s been England’s Captain for a while now, a role he had to step down from. But as captain, he was able to rally the troops and encourage them to keep going. I think had he been on the field, he could have lit a fire under Rooney’s ass and we could have seen more goals from England. And more yellow cards with a red mixed in with it ;). I love Rooney. He’s the reason the Brazilian Refs wanted to learn English!

Portugal: It’s no secret that I like Portugal because of one Christiano Ronaldo. The man can play. He is one of the best strikers we’ve seen in the world in a long time. When he doesn’t have the entire opposing team on top of him, he can dance with that ball like no one else can. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do what he does with his feet. Don’t know much about the other guys, but from what I have seen, given enough practice and a steady coach, the team shows promise and I can see them going further in the next World Cup. That was a brutal match against Spain.

The Netherlands: I come from Dutch ancestry, so that is honestly the main reason why I throw my support behind this team. And I must say I am happily surprised that they are doing so well. They managed to knock Brazil out of the running for the Cup, and that’s no easy feat. Brazil has long been THE main contender of International Soccer, and for anyone to take them out of contention is awesome! Would have been nice to have van Nistlerooy out on the team this time around. But he was the one who messed that up. The team is doing well without him, so no major loss there.

Germany: Holy Gods in Asgard! You want to talk about coming out of nowhere! I remember a lot of people saying this team was going to be going no where fast this year. Guess again! They handed Argentina their asses this morning with a 4-0 win! They stomped England into the ground! Who haven’t they stomped? Seriously! I got into Germany for much the same reason as the Netherlands. But then I got to know a lot of the guys and then was sad to see some go. Oliver Kahn being the main one. One helluva keeper he was. But I’m glad to see he has left the team in capable hands and that the boys, even with many being relatively new to the international level, are doing him proud :). Can’t wait till their next game! Oh and the guys at Achievement Hunter (c/o Rooster Teeth) did another simulated game for Germany and Argentina. Not as scarily close to the US/Ghana match, but close enough.

One last note about the World Cup and then I’ll move on to the next topic. The vuvuzella? It needs to be taken out completely. I know it’s apart of South African culture and what not, but it has made it hard for me to watch any of the matches and has taken away the enjoyment of listening to the cheers, songs and jeers from the crowds. Anyone seen with one of these things should be brought up on charges of inhumane treatment of their fellow-man, and anyone seen blowing one should be shot on the spot, no questions asked. I hate them. I can imagine it made it hard for some of the players to concentrate. So, hopefully, Brazil takes note as it hosts the 2014 World Cup, and does not allow anything near that annoying anywhere near the games.

Ok, Topic Number Two is brought to by this guy:

Chef Jason Ellis of Hell's Kitchen

A few weeks ago, Hubby was given the opportunity to meet with and cook for (along with his entire Buffet class) Chef Ellis off of Hell’s Kitchen. He is from the Greenville area and went to Greenville Tech, so the school and a local restaurant were putting together a few things for him in honor of the show. So Hubby felt no pressure what so ever when finding out that he was going to be cooking for the man, plus a few producers from the show. Ok, so he did, but Chef Ellis was pleased with what with the class’ performance. For those in the know, Hubby is a huge Gordon Ramsay fan and wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen once he’s done with Culinary School. He also got to a restaurant to hang with Chef Ellis and several other people and watch Hell’s Kitchen with them. He had a lot of fun and it was a perfect opportunity for him.

The two Jason's at the viewing party

That’s it for today. I’m not hurting as bad as I was yesterday, but it’s close. May have to give in and go to the ER at this rate. Not sure if it’s the weather or if it’s something else. And we’re gearing up for the Fourth! Can’t wait. Grilling out, watermelon and gardening are all in the works :).


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