Sims and more Sims plus a haircut and Zombies

Last night Hubby and I watched perhaps the best comedy movie in a long time. Zombieland. It was just made of awesome and had us both laughing pretty hard throughout the whole thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. Woody Harrleson as Tallahassee was priceless and one of my favorite performances to date. Plus seeing Bill Murray playing himself was too cool. I geeked out and squeed a lot :). Watching the movie made me rethink my Zombie Plan. I need my own Tallahassee to go along with my puppy, Vader and his little pack of Zombie puppies. Oh and I can’t forget my own Zombie Kitten Horde :). Speaking of which, two of the three are laying down with Trouble, snuggling her. Very cute.

Sims 3 Ambitions has been a lot of fun. I love the Tattoo artists and the fact that I can allow my author Sim the ability to be self-employed as a writer. We can now buy all kinds of real estate for the Sims and then upgrade them so that they can earn more money from them. I have yet to check everything out with it as I’ve been having a blast with exploring some of the ins and outs with writing, architectural design and being a real estate mogul. It feels as though EA is bringing the best of the Sims 2 into the game now and expanding on it. Oh, and with the real estate, you can purchase properties in China, Egypt and France and upgrade them as well :). If I wasn’t on the Hubby’s laptop I’d post some of the screenshots I have. We can now have our Sims do their own laundry, which helps to boost their moods. There is a consignment shop where they can sell certain items and buy some unique things that can only be found abroad. The Fire Station is nice add-on, as well as the Junkyard.

Youngest has experimented with the Ghost Hunters and the bake sale that kid Sims can hold now. She’s had a blast with it, along with the Sculptor. We both want to try out everything, but it may take a while to go through it all. The last Expansion pack I can remember adding this much stuff and change to the base game was for the Sims 2, with Seasons.  Which, EA, I am still waiting for the weather to show up here. I love the gardening aspects of Sims 3, but miss the rain, snow, heat and all that.

Next Stuff Pack is due out this fall and it deals with cars and related items. If you want to have a seriously NASCAR redneck Sim, now you can. Looks interesting and would fit in with a few Sims I have. Plus the access to new types of cars… Yup, want it.

And no picture, sorry. I take pictures, not the other way around. But I got my hair cut. It was getting down to my waist and with it being thick and heavy, and with the heat, humidity and the pain spreading in my arms and hands, I needed to get it cut. So it is now just below my upper shoulders. And it feels great to not take forever to wash it or brush it. A few people were upset over my cutting it, but I told them next time they can care for my hair and see just why I did it. And most of those people have thin hair that is VERY easy to care for. But I’m happy with it and that’s what matters. Youngest got hers trimmed at the same time and we’re getting her ready and set for Middle School when it starts next month. Can’t wait.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this day, America’s birthday. We’ll be grilling out and enjoying watermelon and it seems we have some neighbors down the other end of the road (opposite end from the drunk Mexicans) who know how to use fireworks and bought some decent ones. So it may not be just us sitting out there tonight keeping the bush and house from catching fire, but also watching some decent fireworks. Just wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. Gonna be tired from keeping the animals all settled down (not a one of them likes fireworks, except Cujo, who just ignores them) and from helping Hubby with fire duty. But it looks to be a decent holiday so far. And lastly, a heartfelt thank you and wishes of good tidings to the past and present men and women of our military. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for keeping us all safe. Thank you.


One thought on “Sims and more Sims plus a haircut and Zombies

  1. Girl, I love ya but thin, otherwise known as fine, hair is NOT always easy to care for. It weighs down easily and gets very limp if you don’t use the proper hair products to keep it looking nice. The ends split way to easily, which can require constant trimmings to keep under control. It can also tangle easily if you don’t watch it. Mine has been a challenge for the last couple of years.

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