Quick update

I know I was supposed to be working on the daily updates, but I had to put that to the side for now. I still want to do it, as it will be fun, but sadly my hands did not cooperate. So I haven’t been spending much time here, with Twitter or FaceBook. Trying to keep the hands in shape for work and the Book. But since it’s been a while, I figured I might as well give a quick update.

Last weekend was a good weekend. We went down to Charleston to visit with family and friends. Vader and I both had a pretty decent birthday too. He got Grandma’s backyard and Grace, and I got to relax a bit and go shopping (for something other than things the house needs, like at Bath and Body Works!). Had a very nice lunch with Hubby, Youngest and my mother-in-law. We wanted to check out a new Italian restaurant but they weren’t open for lunch, so we went to Carabas. I love that place :). We also left Youngest behind so she could spend the week with Grandma, Popeye and everybody. She’s been having a lot of fun so far, and we’ll find out just how much when we meet up with Grandma in Columbia today to pick her up.

While we’re in Columbia, we’ll be meeting up with the Oldest. I know we’re going to watch a movie, and I think we’ve narrowed it down to Despicable Me. Far as I know none of us have seen it, and it’s about the only one out right now that we ALL can agree on. Sorry, Hubby and I are not going to watch Eclipse. Youngest is in the same boat as well. And I doubt Oldest would be too keen on Toy Story 3 and Hubby and I agree that neither girl would enjoy A-Team. So, yeah, Despicable Me is looking like the winner.

Speaking of A-Team, Hubby and I went and saw that Monday night. It was AWESOME! I watched the show when I was a kid, and it was one of those few shows where when everyone was home, it was the only agreed upon thing to watch. Last I talked to Mom she sounded pretty keen on checking it out, and I think after watching it, she’d love it. It felt just like the TV show, but a bit more updated. The spirit of the show and the characters is there and I love that they left it open at the end for a sequel. So thanks to our Aunt in Indiana for the gift card to see the movie :). And thanks to my father-in-law for the gift card for dinner as well :). We went to Outback and enjoyed it. Well, except for the d-bags at the table next to us, that didn’t know that camping was not gonna win them any points with their server. They also apparently didn’t know or care that there were children near their tables with the language they used. Now, I have a potty mouth (putting it mildly), but for the most part, I watch what I say when the youngins are around. These guys didn’t. A few f-bombs dropped from them, and I felt like grabbing the manager or dumping my drink on them. Grrr. But we didn’t let them ruin it.

Received a great package int he mail this week too. My mother-in-law said that she ordered me something and I would be getting it soon. I had no idea what it was. I had tweeted a link to Hubby for what I wanted for my birthday, but I also have my Amazon wish list (which I’ve gotten better at up dating ;). ), so it could have been anything. Well, I got the text at work from hubby that I had gotten the package, but when I see what it’s in, I would know what it was. He was right. I saw the large envelope and there was the RoosterTeeth addy on it and I knew what it was :D. I was happy. Still am. This is what I got: http://roosterteeth.com/store/product.php?id=194 This is almost tops the Kindle. I’ve been watching them and am enjoying the commentaries and bonus materials. So now I have all five season of the Red vs Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles. And to top it off, they have the next three seasons coming out in a bundled set in September ;). Yup, this helps to keep things positive.

Smoker moved to his new home last night. It was sad, but he seemed to like his new home and family. I stayed with him for a little bit, to help with the adjusting. He has two kids and two other kitties to play with, and he will be loved. We all miss him here. Like I told Hubby, I can understand why it took so long to get him over there, but at the same time I wish it hadn’t taken that long. We all were getting attached to him, and Hubby even said several times that they better take care of him over there (even though I knew he’d be spoiled rotten!).  So we are down one. Ghost and Tank have been looking for their litter mate, but I imagine they all will have forgotten about each other in a few days. Sadly, cats don’t have the greatest long-term memory (animals in general). In a way it’s good, because then it makes the adjustment period easier on the cat, but we humans have good long-term memories. Yeah. At least I work with his new owner and they don’t live far away, so we can go see him and will get regular updates.

I’ll have to take pictures so you all can see the garden. Youngest and I successfully replanted the previous one after the rain killed the majority of it. About the only thing I haven’t seen come up yet are the onions. I think everything else has sprouted up, and it’s all looking great.

And on that note, I will take my leave. I need to finish getting ready for the road trip and Hubby is still sleeping.


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