End of the month all ready????

Damn, July just flew away. I wanted to blog more, but it didn’t happen. Maybe as the pain evens out and I can find a happy medium between use, pills and rest. Would like to take the pills out of the equation entirely, but the pain is too much for that. Especially in my left arm, from the fingers to the elbow, once in a while creeping up to the shoulder. Then you have the upper back… Yup, I’m falling apart here. But I keep trudging along, making a good attempt at keeping positive, no matter how bad it looks, which frankly is not easy. And I know I fail at it miserably at times. Just ask Hubby and the Youngest.

Woke up this morning at 2 AM. Why? A combination of pain, Smoker being sick (he is doing much better!) and Cujo growling at everything that moved. I tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t meant to be. I think that added to my not being able to handle the pain today…

Left work early (arm would not cooperate, and though I can do a lot of things one-handed, the pain was more than I could handle), and took a nap with Vader, Smoker, Cujo, Ryoko and Ghost. So we’re all ready to listen to our radio show tonight: Raven Radio. In one of the few moments I will talk about religion here, this has become one of my favorite Heathen programs. If you aren’t Heathen, I wouldn’t really recommend it as it’s not Asatru/Heathenry 101 and you will be lost. If you are Heathen and never heard of it, I recommend it. Lots of great info, conversations, and I love it when Grundair takes the 747 out for a spin :). For the most part they do try to keep it family friendly, but they have broached a few touchy and adult topics. Anyway, I often end up waiting for them to post the podcast version since it airs Thursday nights at 10PM EST and I often have to work on Fridays. If I had a laptop, it’d be a little easier, and I could listen to it in the bedroom as I get myself ready for the night and the next day. Needless to say I’m a bit excited about tonight’s show. Not only will I be listening live, but they are continuing the “Women in Heathenry” topic from the last show. And I can’t wait until they get Councilman Dan Halloran (from New York) on. He was supposed to be on it a few weeks ago, but something came up in his schedule and wasn’t able to.

Ok, enough religion. For now, anyway :P. Still not a topic I like to broach here since it does tend to stir people up and that is NOT what this blog is about. … Unless I feel like stirring it up, in which case I have other places to do so.

Getting Youngest ready for school. It’s been fun and from the looks of it she doesn’t need a lot as far as school supplies, which is good. Especially since I have to buy her a new wardrobe. At her Elementary School, they wore uniforms (which I liked) and we didn’t have to spend a truck load on clothes for her during the year (and her grandparents always helped out). Now she is growing up and growing out of her clothes. Darn kids ;). We’ve already got a bunch of stuff for her and will be getting the rest soon. With how topsy-turvy it’s been this summer for work and finances in general I’m surprised (and happily so) that we’ve done this well. Only a few more weeks.

Hubby finishes up his Summer Semester this next week and then has a week off before starting the Fall one. He finishes up in the Spring, and we can’t wait. I am very proud of him for finally going through with this. And if all works out as planned, this will allow us to move back to Charleston. The jobs are more fruitful down there with what he’s looking for: higher end restaurants. So far so good. Yay!

How about Manchester United trouncing the All Stars last night? Hubby got upset with me because I showed my Red Devil support instead of rooting for the All Stars. Sorry, I’m a Man U girl at heart. And Giggs played. Yup, still a softie for that man!

Ok, the hands are telling me enough. So I bid you all a good night and hope all is well. Hopefully I can get going with the daily blog posts and be able to work more on the THE book, besides just researching and doing a little typing here and there.

Before I go, a few more links of interest:

Joe Mallozzi and his quest for the environment: http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/july-27-2010-my-annual-green-rant-mailbag/

Machinima.com’s You Tube Channel, for those who like to see their favorite games in a different way, plus some Comic Con coverage: http://www.youtube.com/user/machinima#p/c/713F3A61E36CDE8D Dragon Age: Warden’s Fall is a favorite of mine.

Epica, a Dutch band that I adore greatly and wish I was able to go to their concert when they make it Stateside this fall: http://www.epica.nl/

Red vs. Blue: Recollection Box Set: http://roosterteeth.com/store/product.php?id=200 It’s made of awesome :D.

Petsuppliesnet, one of the best and more affordable places to get the medicines (including flea treatments) for your pets. This is how we’re able to afford the stuff for our zoo. Otherwise we’d be in trouble: http://www.petsuppliesnet.com/

Ok, that’s it. Really. My hands are ready to mutiny and the tummy is shouting for its promised popcorn.


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