Pain, let’s have a talk…

Yes, it’s going to be one of those blog entries. You know the ones: Oh gods the pain! It hurts! Rip my legs and arm off! Ok, for a paragraph, maybe and then a real update.

Today is one of the bad days I mention every once in a while. Where the pain hurts and NOTHING I try (and I have tried A LOT of stuff) works. The legs are achy, as is my right side. I can live with that. The left side, however, totally different story. Sadly, I’ve been having more of these days than I care to admit or share. At the moment there is no doctor (free clinics suck ass) and the ER is worthless. So once I finish stressing the right hand, I’m gonna get Hubby to move the DVD player back to the bedroom. My bed, complete with a heating pad would be lovely. It does not help much, but better than most things. It at least relaxes everything so I can move a bit better. I was supposed to make a few phone calls today, but I will wait and see how I’m feeling tomorrow. If you have dealt with someone who is in pain, you know that they are less than pretty to deal with and become quite moody, bitter and in my case, down right mean. On bad days I do try to limit my contact with people. I’m not stupid, I know what an outrageous bitch I can become, and even try to shy away from my family when it gets really bed. Not always successful, but I do try.

So why am I updating? How am I updating? I’m updating because 1- it’s been a while and 2- the distraction. I may not even post this. Depends on how I’m feeling when I finish. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now, but I need a different distraction. And I’m typing this with (funny enough) the one part of my body that had been diagnosed with arthritis when I was much younger. Ok it was my right wrist, but I have felt that shit move a bit into the hand. You see, I know it’s not arthritis the rest of me is feeling, because it feels nothing like the right wrist. And the treatments in the past for my legs have helped my wrist, so I’m able to do more with it now than I ever have. So, hey, a bright spot.

In other news, to help keep my mind distracted (and it requires minimal use of the entire body) I’ve put myself on a quest to finish getting all the achievements for Dragon Age: Origins. I have 8 more to go  to finish up the total 72 to earn all 1,650 points in the 360 version. About three of them will take me a while to get, mainly because it requires another playthrough of the entire game almost. The rest involve the DLC, and honestly, I’m not thrilled about the prospect of going through the Golems of Amgarrak again for the last 2 I need from that bit of Downloadable content. *sigh* It sucked the first time. I love that Bioware is still showing support for the game, but I wish they’d give us something new, like Awakening, instead of rehashing Awakening and A Paragon of her Kind (ie, Branka’s storyline). That’s what it felt like to me. And it sucked. The rest was ok, even though I wasn’t particularly enamored with Leliana’s Song. That was entertaining at least.

Ok, enough pain and gaming talk.

In other news Hubby’s second to last semester is going well. He’s been brining home several goodies from his bake shop class :).

Youngest seems to be adjusting well to Middle School. It remains to be seen though. She does say that it’s pretty boring so far. I told her that was fine. I will take boring over bad any day!

Panthers play the Jets tonight. It’s a pre-season game, so no big whoop, only here’s the thing: Bossman is a big Jets fan and he’s in Charlotte to see the game. I hope Carolina stomps them into the ground! Oh, wait! Nope, that may not happen. You see, we got rid of a lot of veterans and have got a shit load of rookies with a coach and coaching staff that should have been fired long ago. Yes, John Fox, I mean you. Football is not a sport I particularly care for, but I’ve met several of the Carolina Players and grew to respect them and care for them. As a team. And I don’t know why, but I just don’t like the way Fox has been running things. He’s made the wrong changes to the roster in several cases (one or two I can deal with), and as far a making sure his coaching staff can adapt and change, and GROW, he hasn’t done that. Mr> Richardson, If you should read this, please note that Mr. Fox has ruined your team. Get rid of him ASAP and give us someone who can be a leader, please. Thank you.

Ok, I’m tapped. Don’t think I’ll edit this other than the spell check. So if you have to piece together my interpretation of the English language, my apologies.

Turn my back for a minute while trying to make the bed, and they have to take over: Vader, Smoker and Tank.

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