A pretty decent four days

It’s been a pretty decent fours days. But now the creeping feeling of work looming over me is coming back in full force, especially with some news that was imparted to me, that I ain’t sharing :P. Sorry, but it’s not common knowledge, and it’s the type of news that really makes me want to quit my job. Anyway, onto better things…

Thanksgiving was a great day. Even if I barely slept the night before. Didn’t get to bed till late and then the kids and animals treated it like it was Christmas morning and Santa had just come by. Great. Anyway we had everything I mentioned in the last blog post, except for the Duck, as that hadn’t finished thawing yet. We waited and had that for dinner on Friday. Since the oldest was home, I had wanted to put the tree up that afternoon, but I ended up not feeling so good, and the others were just tired. We bummed around all afternoon and evening, doing pretty much nothing. It was a nice change of pace. I did have the girls go to bed a little early as Friday morning we were going to catch Harry Potter. They didn’t grump or groan, but I wasn’t going to have them fall asleep in the middle of the movie or be cranky. Yes, even 16 and 11 year-olds can be cranky if not given enough sleep.

The movie was great. Been a long time Potter fan, especially of the books. The movies have been hit and miss with me, as I’m a firm believer that Chris Columbus should have stayed with them. But this movie was good. Not the best, but it definitely is an improvement over the rest. Feel bad for the Oldest though. She had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t wait, and we thought there was still some movie left. Amazingly enough, there wasn’t, and she ended up missing the final scene! I felt so bad for her. We cannot wait for the next one to come out this next year. About my only nit-pick of the entrie movie is Bill Weasley. The guy looks nothing like how he was portrayed in the book, minus the red hair. And where was Charlie!?!? Loving my Draco though.

After the movie, we had a light lunch as we would have to eat an early dinner. After that, we put the tree up. Or rather the girls did and I watched :P. Parent’s prerogative I say. And they did a great job. The bottom looks really bare though. Since we have the kittens (baby and older) we can’t have anything on the bottom for fear that they will destroy them and/or hurt themselves. Smoker has already knocked the tree down. Waiting to see if anyone else follows suit. But the tree looks good and since it won’t be till the Winter break when the Oldest is home again, I’m glad we put it up earlier this year.

What did we do yesterday? Oh, yeah, not much. Some chores, and putzed around the house. And Youngest and I braved the traffic to run a few errands. Besides the holiday traffic, we had the Clemson/South Carolina game right up the road from us, and well, besides Clemson games always brining in increased traffic, it’s also a huge rivalry. So, yeah, it was busy and crowded EVERYWHERE.

Today Hubby and I spent time on the computer. We have it almost where it needs to be. Long of the short is that when my previous computer died, we figured things out and found myself a refurbished Dell that is a bit more powerful than my last one, minus two areas. Graphics and Network. So we worked on that. Thought I had the graphics issue taken care of till I played Sims and it crashed. The Wireless Card won’t do what it’s supposed to, or the computer won’t, or both just hate each other. I have no idea. So I just put it down, and have it hooked up to a long network cable. I want my wireless card *sob*.  Guess I’ll just be working on it a bit at a time over the next week or so.

I need to back up a little bit here. I know you guys have heard me talk about this one internet radio show I love to listen to, Raven Radio. Well, last week the hosts asked the listeners to come up with ideas for the show. I sent one in. They picked it! So I got a t-shirt out of it, and then when I said if they wanted any input to my idea just let me know, and I was asked if I wanted to be on the show. I had a fangirl moment there. Yes, I did. Complete with squeeing. I was immature, even. And I’m not kidding. Just ask Hubby. Anyway, the idea I had was about Yule, the past and present traditions, and what do Heathens in mixed houses do during Yule? I’m really glad they liked the idea and I enjoyed the show. I hope everyone else that listened did as well. And yes, I didn’t say much, but let me put two things into perspective here. 1- I’m so used to listening in that at one point I did forget to butt in. If I’m ever on there again, I’ve promised myself that I won’t do that again. In fact they may have to tell me to shut up. 2- I do work with the public, so I’m used to talking to people I don’t personally and having to think on the fly. But first and foremost I’m a writer. I do better with the written word. I may not be cut out for something like radio. And I’m ok with that. I still had a lot of fun, and one day I would love to sit around the fire with the hosts and a few of the regular guests they have on.

Oh, and if you did listen in, or catch the podcast and you hear a dog whining, that was Vader. I had the Youngest on the other end of the house, as she loves listening to the show as well, and I didn’t want feedback issues or her trying to take over the show (she would, I swear!). Anywho, Vader helped us discover that we have a nest of kittens living underneath us now. And he was trying to get them out from under the floor and inside where he thinks kitties are supposed to be! He was digging, sniffing, whining, and being a general pest. And now Tank is being the pest as he can hear them. And yes, we know who these kittens are. Our outdoor cats, Bob and Not-Bob (I’ll go into their story later, as to why they aren’t with the litter) had kittens just before Zombie had her last one. Well, they were next door at the abandoned trailer. Key word is “were”. They’ve decided they like the heat from underneath our place and so there they are. It’s gonna take a few days for our guys inside to adjust to them being there, and hopefully they won’t make a lot of noise or have our guys too out of sorts in the night.

And with Yule upon us, I do plan on expanding upon what we have done in the past for it and what our plans are for it this year. I won’t be tonight, as I still have to get ready for work and a few other things are calling my attention (like dishes). But since I want to do my topic-a-day, that is on the list. So a few topics in mind, which is good. I might actually start that Tuesday. Would tomorrow, but I have a Fable III date ;). Ok, not a date, as we’re working on the henchman cheevos, but close enough. And yes, it is Hubby sanctioned :)! He was the one that arranged it. And that will be explained further once I go into my review for Fable, which is on the topics list.

Time for an edit, post and then to get stuff done. Later!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day for all my friends and family in the US. We have a nice dinner planned today with Turkey, Duck, veggies, and lots of desserts (been making lots of sugar-free sweets too!). The Oldest is with us for the holiday, and the animals were beside themselves with joy. Seriously you should have seen them. Vader reverted to his “I’m only ten pounds and tiny now” as opposed to the 70+ pound dog he really is. And the entire Horde have welcomed her back in full force. Ghost helped her play Kinectimals and that was too cute.

Yes, we have the Kinect for our XBox 360. And it has been wonderful. Except when it picks up the animals, like Vader. He’s big enough to be picked up by the camera. Makes for interesting times. Like when I work out with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. He’ll walk by and I’m out of rhythm with the personal trainer. So we have to train him to not want to play while we’re standing up and acting crazy. Yup. Poor puppy. The Horde (as mentioned before) love it and try to help us play. They love Kinectimals in particular. The older cats haven’t had much interest in it yet, and I doubt they will. I may do a proper review of the Kinect and it’s games over the next few weeks. But as an early Xmas gift for the family, it’s been a lot of fun and worth it.

And speaking of games, something kind of cool happened. Remember this blog entry?

Gamers- The Husband and the Wife

Well, I’ve had a few new comments on that entry, from the author of the article I wrote about and people from  MSXBOX-WORLD. Very cool, honestly. And no, they weren’t jerks or anything, just being nice guys and thanking me for an interesting read. So I thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. And yes, different opinions are a good thing, especially if we can be mature about it :).  Those comments made my day.

Work has been a bitch over the last week. Our District Manager has been practically living at the store and not being the greatest person ever. Won’t go into detail, but he and his boss, our Area Director, both, reminded me just why I refuse to be in management for this company.  But thankfully, I have the next four days off. Otherwise you might see me on the news for a mass murdering spree. A few co-workers have been adding to the stress that the upper management has been putting on us, and with the holidays upon us, the customers are doing a great job at being the meanest SOBs ever.

Which brings me to the main thing that has been bothering me. I know and expect to deal with attitudes from people when working with the public. And the holidays are a stressful time for everybody. But when you forget how to act like a human being and like a complete ass. This is what we have been dealing with at work. It happens a lot during he year, where you get the person you cannot please no matter what. But once Halloween is over, the number of times this happens increases to a scary level. They are more prone to yelling, thinking they ordered something when they didn’t, cussing and swearing, throwing stuff, and I could go on. I do know that some people who work with the public deserve to be yelled at and treated poorly, because they were the ones who started it and really shouldn’t be working with anybody to begin with. But there are some of us out there who are not like this, who do try to make sure you get what you ordered, and make sure it gets to you in a timely manner. But when we are unable to, think of why it might be. Did the person in front of you order 16 cheeseburgers, with 10 chicken sandwiches, 20 fries, 20 drinks? And didn’t bother calling in the order and THEY expect it to be ready the moment they walk in the door? Did someone decide at the last-minute that they wanted this cheeseburger instead of that one and then play it off as they ordered it that way to begin with? There are some days when I'[m not even home yet and I want to cry because these people do an excellent job at making me feel less than human. It really makes me wish I was in the position to say screw it and quit. I can’t stand it when people act like this. It’s one thing if they have a legitimate concern and something else when they are just being d-bags that need a reality check. We all have bad days, but there is no reason to spread it around. So, please, when you go out, act human. It’s not that hard to do. Even I manage it once in a while.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m tired and the weather hates me. So do the kids and animals. Apparently Thanksgiving has its own version of Santa Claus and they felt the need to be up at 3:30 this morning. I’m not kidding. And with me being a light sleeper, who had JUST gotten to sleep… Yup. I’ll need to remember to act human, especially with everything that needs to be done today. I’ll hook up my MP3 player and be on my best behavior ;). And snuggle Vader.

Have a great day everybody!

The Longest Quickest Update Ever

Hey Folks. I know I’ve basically ignorned this blog, which is bad. I’ve enjoyed updating, but I’ve let Real Life step in and take over. But thing is, I need this blog. It’s a great way to reflect, vent, share, etc. So, here are two bits of news:

Good News: Will start updating again by or around December 1st. Will start on weekly updates, see how hands are doing (yes, they still bother me) and maybe go onto daily updates like I talked about doing before.

Bad news: My computer died on me. Yes, it died. Still not sure why, as I don’t have the equipment to figure it out. But we somehow managed to pull together the money and get me an early Xmas gift: a new computer. It’s a refurbished Dell, so not brand new, but more powerful than what I had and I will so not complain about the price.

So, if the computer is bust, how am I updating now? Hubby’s laptop. He’s been kind enough to share, and I’ve been careful not to go overboard with it. Helps I have net capabilities on both the phone and Kindle, or I’d be a mess right now. Seriously. I haven’t been without a computer since 1998, and have no plans of ever being without one again.

Ok, just an update to let you all know I am still alive and have plans on updating here again. And FYI, the new computer should be here by next Tuesday. Yay! And as always, I apologize for any spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s early and I’m tired, and we all know I can’t spell to save my life. And I’m using the QuickPress function to update and it has no spell check :P. So a manual edit and then post. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family!