The Longest Quickest Update Ever

Hey Folks. I know I’ve basically ignorned this blog, which is bad. I’ve enjoyed updating, but I’ve let Real Life step in and take over. But thing is, I need this blog. It’s a great way to reflect, vent, share, etc. So, here are two bits of news:

Good News: Will start updating again by or around December 1st. Will start on weekly updates, see how hands are doing (yes, they still bother me) and maybe go onto daily updates like I talked about doing before.

Bad news: My computer died on me. Yes, it died. Still not sure why, as I don’t have the equipment to figure it out. But we somehow managed to pull together the money and get me an early Xmas gift: a new computer. It’s a refurbished Dell, so not brand new, but more powerful than what I had and I will so not complain about the price.

So, if the computer is bust, how am I updating now? Hubby’s laptop. He’s been kind enough to share, and I’ve been careful not to go overboard with it. Helps I have net capabilities on both the phone and Kindle, or I’d be a mess right now. Seriously. I haven’t been without a computer since 1998, and have no plans of ever being without one again.

Ok, just an update to let you all know I am still alive and have plans on updating here again. And FYI, the new computer should be here by next Tuesday. Yay! And as always, I apologize for any spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s early and I’m tired, and we all know I can’t spell to save my life. And I’m using the QuickPress function to update and it has no spell check :P. So a manual edit and then post. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family!


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