Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day for all my friends and family in the US. We have a nice dinner planned today with Turkey, Duck, veggies, and lots of desserts (been making lots of sugar-free sweets too!). The Oldest is with us for the holiday, and the animals were beside themselves with joy. Seriously you should have seen them. Vader reverted to his “I’m only ten pounds and tiny now” as opposed to the 70+ pound dog he really is. And the entire Horde have welcomed her back in full force. Ghost helped her play Kinectimals and that was too cute.

Yes, we have the Kinect for our XBox 360. And it has been wonderful. Except when it picks up the animals, like Vader. He’s big enough to be picked up by the camera. Makes for interesting times. Like when I work out with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. He’ll walk by and I’m out of rhythm with the personal trainer. So we have to train him to not want to play while we’re standing up and acting crazy. Yup. Poor puppy. The Horde (as mentioned before) love it and try to help us play. They love Kinectimals in particular. The older cats haven’t had much interest in it yet, and I doubt they will. I may do a proper review of the Kinect and it’s games over the next few weeks. But as an early Xmas gift for the family, it’s been a lot of fun and worth it.

And speaking of games, something kind of cool happened. Remember this blog entry?

Gamers- The Husband and the Wife

Well, I’ve had a few new comments on that entry, from the author of the article I wrote about and people from  MSXBOX-WORLD. Very cool, honestly. And no, they weren’t jerks or anything, just being nice guys and thanking me for an interesting read. So I thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. And yes, different opinions are a good thing, especially if we can be mature about it :).  Those comments made my day.

Work has been a bitch over the last week. Our District Manager has been practically living at the store and not being the greatest person ever. Won’t go into detail, but he and his boss, our Area Director, both, reminded me just why I refuse to be in management for this company.  But thankfully, I have the next four days off. Otherwise you might see me on the news for a mass murdering spree. A few co-workers have been adding to the stress that the upper management has been putting on us, and with the holidays upon us, the customers are doing a great job at being the meanest SOBs ever.

Which brings me to the main thing that has been bothering me. I know and expect to deal with attitudes from people when working with the public. And the holidays are a stressful time for everybody. But when you forget how to act like a human being and like a complete ass. This is what we have been dealing with at work. It happens a lot during he year, where you get the person you cannot please no matter what. But once Halloween is over, the number of times this happens increases to a scary level. They are more prone to yelling, thinking they ordered something when they didn’t, cussing and swearing, throwing stuff, and I could go on. I do know that some people who work with the public deserve to be yelled at and treated poorly, because they were the ones who started it and really shouldn’t be working with anybody to begin with. But there are some of us out there who are not like this, who do try to make sure you get what you ordered, and make sure it gets to you in a timely manner. But when we are unable to, think of why it might be. Did the person in front of you order 16 cheeseburgers, with 10 chicken sandwiches, 20 fries, 20 drinks? And didn’t bother calling in the order and THEY expect it to be ready the moment they walk in the door? Did someone decide at the last-minute that they wanted this cheeseburger instead of that one and then play it off as they ordered it that way to begin with? There are some days when I'[m not even home yet and I want to cry because these people do an excellent job at making me feel less than human. It really makes me wish I was in the position to say screw it and quit. I can’t stand it when people act like this. It’s one thing if they have a legitimate concern and something else when they are just being d-bags that need a reality check. We all have bad days, but there is no reason to spread it around. So, please, when you go out, act human. It’s not that hard to do. Even I manage it once in a while.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m tired and the weather hates me. So do the kids and animals. Apparently Thanksgiving has its own version of Santa Claus and they felt the need to be up at 3:30 this morning. I’m not kidding. And with me being a light sleeper, who had JUST gotten to sleep… Yup. I’ll need to remember to act human, especially with everything that needs to be done today. I’ll hook up my MP3 player and be on my best behavior ;). And snuggle Vader.

Have a great day everybody!


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