I moved to the South…

Mainly because of the Hubby, but also to get away from the COLD. As a kid I loved it. Especially the snow. As I’ve gotten older and developed some health issues, the cold is no longer my friend. And they are threatening some snow here in the next week. Not cool. I know the Youngest wants snow and has been asking and asking for snow. I’d like to see some for her and for Vader (aka Snow Puppy!). Just hope there isn’t any ice involved, because of the hill we live on (if you recall from past posts), or rather the bottom of the hill we live on, makes it very difficult to make it up it. If my Intrepid was still working, no problem. Big ass car with a killer engine, VS the KIA (which is a good car) that can race like the wind, but as far as making it up the hill, nope, it does not do well. So we shall see. Worse comes to worse, with Hubby home this year for Winter, then I can get him to drive the car to the top of the hill, while I get a sleigh hitched up to Vader to take me up after it. Or I could just use him to get to work ;).

In other news, plans are still going for the topic a day. But it’s been slowed due to the hands and computer and in some cases a genuine lack in time. Have a lot planned, just need the time and the hands for it. And time will be short this weekend. We have a lot of Girl Scout stuff planned and I can’t wait! Neither can the Youngest. Saturday we’re going to do Outdoor Cooking with the Troop. And of course we’re looking at rain and cold temps. But, the girls will be learning how to cook meals outside, with something other than a grill. And something other than s’mores :). Sunday afternoon, the Troop will be helping out a local charity, Country Santa. This was started by a local man who wanted to help those families with children to ensure the kids were able to enjoy the holidays. He takes donations and collects toys and other things all year round and then hands them out to needy families. The Troop leader and a few of us parents wanted the girls to do something to help the community but something that didn’t involve them collecting money. Too many times schools, troops (Boy and Girl Scouts, etc) and many other well-meaning people, rely on money collection to help others. But that’s not really teaching anybody anything, other than money will help. So the girls will be doing something there to really have it hit home that they are really doing something good. Most likely they will be wrapping and/or organizing the presents. No money involved and they will still be helping others.

Not feeling too well tonight. I think the cold that has been threatening over the last few weeks is finally creeping in and winning. So I’ve bathed myself in Vicks, getting ready to take some meds and I may just pass on Fringe tonight so I can get a little bit more sleep. It’s gonna be a long few days and I can’t really bow out of any of it. And I don’ t want to, either, which really makes me hope this is just a little thing and I’ll be fine in the AM. But, I have that certain kind of luck :(. Oh well. Night all and hope to have another update on Sunday, or sooner.


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