Sunday, Sunday

It’s Sunday. The day after our 11th Anniversary. Yup, Hubby and I have been married for 11 yrs. And we’re both still alive. Go figure. Oh, there have been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to kill him, and vice versa. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but we’ve had some good times in there. Yesterday was spent with us being quite a bit lazy. We watched movies (Grown Ups and The Bounty Hunter) along with catching up on the third season of Battlestar Galactica. We also blew stuff up together via Halo: Reach. Hubby made a wonderful dinner for us that I wish there was more of! It was very nice, quiet, and relaxing. We don’t often get or take days like that. Even though we didn’t go out anywhere, Hubby said it was just nice spending the time together. We didn’t have to rush, and the only things we HAD to do involved the Zoo we have here. No kids. Nope, not a one. Youngest is with Grandma and Popeye, while the Oldest is getting herself ready to come home tomorrow.

It’s going to be a very busy week, at the start of Yule. It starts officially tomorrow with Mother’s Night, which Youngest and I have a few things in mind already for it. And I wish I could stay up to watch the eclipse of the Moon tomorrow night as well, but it will be hitting the East Coast about 1 AM, and I have things that need to be done on Tuesday, so it’s a no go. Grrrrr. Today will be spent playing catch up with all the chores and projects that have been needed to be done, but I was sick for a little over a week, and not able to keep up with it all. So cards and other things may go out late this year.

Let’s see, Monday we pick up both kids to bring ’em home. Tuesday will be errands and more errands and me getting ready for work for Wednesday. I work full days Wednesday and Thursday, and only open on Friday. We’ll be leaving to go spend the night with Hubby’s family and then back up here Saturday night. Wish we could head up North to be with my family. I keep hoping every year, and every year it’s always something. I think next year I’m putting my foot down. Don’t care what’s happening or going on, etc, I’m going North. If the rest want to follow, fine. But I’m going North. Tired of being so depressed this time of year because I’d like to actually spend Yule with my mother, and my siblings and I can’t be there. I miss them all.

And that is what one of the major things about Yule is: Family. In my little over a decade of being Heathen, one thing that is always attached to Yule, is family. Of course it’s important the rest of the time as well, but this time of year it seems to be more so. I know Mother’s Night is a big night. That is the night that the female ancestor’s and mothers of the family are honored. Youngest and I are making plans to honor them all, but I also like give Mom a call (when work doesn’t interfere) and just talk with her. Most times I get her to tell me more stories about Grandma and her childhood (Mom’s parents passed away not long after I was born and Dad’s before I was born). Youngest likes hearing about stuff like that too, and I’ve encouraged her to talk to Hubby’s Mom, her other Grandma, and hope that she can learn more about that side.

I guess that’s all the spiritual talk I’m gonna go for here, especially since I didn’t add in a warning ahead of time ;).

Anything to update you all up on? Well, our Girl Scout Troop has been doing wonderfully. The Girls had an Outdoor Skills day last weekend and they all had a blast. I have the pictures up on Facebook. There was tent building, rope and knot tieing, fire and knife safety, along with lots of cooking. They had the fire pit all set up for a Dutch Oven Cake  and Dough Boys, and then the girls learned how to make and use Box Ovens, along with using foil and coals. Yeah, we made a lot of sweet stuff, but it was in the afternoon after lunch. Had we done the cooking before lunch we’d have learned how to make a breakfast casserole with the Dutch Oven and a few other brunch items. They all had a blast, and I was really happy when one of the leaders from the camp we went to decided to spend some extra time with our Troop. We’re only about a year old now, and still new to a lot of things, and many of the girls we have this year are new. This leader helped our girls with a Flag Ceremony. The raising and the lowering of the flag. And I’m proud to say they all stepped right up and got into it! We have a very enthusiastic bunch :). I wasn’t able to stay for the raising as one of the girls needed to use the facilities, but I was there for the lowering. The leader was very thorough with everything. She explained every step, and why it was that way and in ways that the girls were paying attention. Of course she was the same one who helped with the tents and ropes too, and the girls loved those! I’m glad and grateful that this woman gave up her time to show them all this. She didn’t have to and wasn’t asked, but she did. I hope the girls noticed that and appreciate it for what it’s worth.

After we get through the Cookie Sales in a few months, I think we may be planning on a camping trip for the girls, one where they can use all these new skills. And that’s what I love about this Troop. The main leader makes sure that the girls are able to get out there and experience a world that they don’t normally get to. Yeah, a lot of them have been camping, but they’ve never had to build a fire, cook their own food, etc. And these are skills that can be very useful to them. Many aren’t really old enough to remember that bad ice storm we had several years that knocked out power for some areas for over a month. Youngest remembers it, as I’ve never let her forget it. We did well enough with no power. I had a small heater, a grill and a few other things to help us out with keeping ourselves warm, entertained, etc. Anyway, it’s something I hope we get to do, and Hubby and I are already make preparations regardless. We’ve talked, and even though he’s a City Indian, I miss doing stuff like that. I didn’t do it all the time growing up, but between my parents, older siblings and various friends, it was something that was normal. And honestly, I miss being able to go for walks in my backyard, which consisted of a huge cow pasture that, yeah, had cows, but deer and other critters, and lots of stuff to explore.

And I think I’m digressing. Let me check. Yup, I am. Ok, time to close this, proof it, and post it so I can get the day going and lots of stuff done.


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