Snow Day for all!

Schools in our area are closed today and tomorrow. I was not able to get to work this morning, either. And not for lack of trying. I did manage to get it out the drive way, but making all the way up the hill- not happening. When tires start slipping and spinning and wanting to throw you into someone else’s home, it’s time to pack it up. So we have spent a lot of the day outside, playing. A few chores were done, but mostly just playing. I have a few photos up on FaceBook. Might put the videos up there later too. And yes, Snow Puppy is having the time of his life with this stuff! I think he’s been more insistent on going outside than the kids! Now, as far as work goes, call outs were 100%. Bossman has been at the store since 2AM and might be going home soon, unless the higher-ups tell him to go ahead and get a hotel room. So there is a chance the store will be closed again tomorrow. And not by anyone’s choice. It’s already started sleeting and freezing rain here, so if it continues, conditions are going to get very icy and then I won’t make it up the hill at all. Already talked to the Bossman about that. I will be there if I can get up the blasted hill. Might be the only one, though….

In other news, we watched How to Train Your Dragon today with the kids. Youngest got it over the holidays and this is the first chance we’ve had to sit and watch it. As someone who is Heathen and Asatru, surprisingly, I loved it! Only a few nitpicks here and there, but overall, very good, especially for a kids movie. Then again, I love dragons too, so that may have had something to do with it :). Youngest said the whole thing was her favorite when I asked her which part she liked best. So, very cool. Do recommend it, Heathen or no.

Haven’t really broached the gaming subject in like forever. Been playing Fable 3 and World of Keflings mostly, mixed in with Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Really have not been feeling too well over the last month, with being sick and all, so not much working out has occurred, but I do try for once a week. I think that’s better than nothing. And with this one, you don’t have a trainer yelling at you for not being there. I kinda like that. With Fable 3 I am working on my Prince character (have 2 Princesses already) and trying to play this one a little more evil. It’s hard to do, when my first instinct is do the right thing, especially if the kids are watching me play. He actually has three wives and two kids already. Working on the Henry VIII achievement there. Have six spouses as a monarch and kill two of them. Yup. World of Keflings has been fun, but much more tedious than Kingdom for Keflings. Much harder to get achievements with. And to get blueprints to build more buildings. Still, it’s fun and worth the points I paid for it.

Games coming out this year I can’t wait for: Dragon Age 2, Elderscrolls V: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3. Dragon Age 2 comes out in March and the rest in November and December. Gonna have to take those two months off to play :). The one I can’t wait for the most, though, and at the same time am apprehensive about is Skyrim. There is a lot of talk about making it an MMO. My major problem with MMO’s in general is you pay for the game initially and then you have a monthly fee you have to pay in order to keep playing the game. I stay away for that reason alone. If you want an example of an MMO for those not in the know, World of Warcraft is perhaps the most popular and well-known one out there. Of all time. Yeah, I’ve toyed with the idea of trying it, but then we come to the money. And here we start my reasoning behind it:

Yes, I do have an XBOX Live Gold account, which allows me to play the multiplayer portion of the games on the XBOX. HOWEVER, it’s not a fee for just ONE game and it allows me to do so much more than just play games. Often times Gold Members see little perks, like early or exclusive releases for Marketplace items, etc. We also get access to Netflix, FaceBook, Twitter, Last.FM and ESPN on our consoles. I think Zune is available to all members, Silver and Gold. And Hubby and I rarely ever pay full price for our Accounts either. Right around the holidays they have sales that we catch. One year we each got our Accounts renewed for $30 each.

An MMO is not like that. In most cases you cannot play the game without paying the monthly fee. And if you can play it, then you have very limited access. And that fee is for ONE game only. I’ve heard a rumor two about games from the same company maybe offering joint fees at a discount, but I have yet to see anything. If anyone knows different, feel free to let me know. When you have a family of four where they are all gamers to some degree, it is not economical for us to pay a fee for everyone to play the same game. Especially when in most cases it has to be on the same computer. We’ve run into the problem a few times with certain DLC from the XBOX, but it’s been easily resolved. It’s not so easy in MMO’s. If we were rich, I still wouldn’t want to pay so many separate fees. And Hubby feels the same way.

So when they keep brining up MMO with Skyrim, it makes me very nervous, especially since I’ve been waiting about 3 years for this game. I’m a huge fan of the Elderscrolls games, having started with Morrowind. And if we have to pay an extra fee to play this game, in addition to our Gold Memberships, then I will be most upset. It’s why I didn’t play the one Final Fantasy Game a few years ago. I have a family and they come before my hobby. So I am hoping when Game Informer comes out with its newest issue, and it’s promise of a nice huge spread on the game, that more information will be out for me to find out. If it’s got extra fees, other than the DLC releases, then it’s a no go. Especially if we have to pay a separate one for each of us. There are 3 definites to play the game and one maybe. If they go with the standard $10 – 15 fee, then we’re looking at $40-60 each month that could be going towards food, clothes, bills, etc. So, here’s hoping.

Guess that’s it for now. I’m going to make some Potato Soup for dinner tonight and hope that I can get to work in the morning. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!


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