Really people? Seriously?

Check this link out, and if you are a gamer, I’ll give you a few minutes to recover from laughing too hard, cleaning up the soda you just spewed and to pick yourselves up off the floor. The headline reads: ‘Zombies Ahead’, Warns Electronic Road Sign in SC. Nothing new as there were at least three other places hit with the same thing two years ago. What is so funny is the fact that this one gets specific about warning you against Hunters and Tanks. This is where being a gamer comes in. Hunters and Tanks are a type of Zombie from the Left 4 Dead series. And if you are a blog regular, you know that we have named several of our cats after those same Zombies (though Hunter is now called Moxie by her new owner). When I saw this article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This is Tank...
and this little cutey is Hunter/Moxie. I'm glad they weren't sighted when that alert went out. I think Grandma and I would have had a heart attack not knowing how they could have gotten out and that far away!

 In other news, I’m doing so-so. Going to attempt to take the kids to school for the first time in a week. Couldn’t last week because I wasn’t feeling good and/or the meds made me too loopy to drive. So I am going to try today. No meds and I feel kinda sorta ok. So we will see.

The cats in general are all doing better. Can’t remember and feeling to lazy to check if I did post this earlier, but we got all six kittens fixed. And four of them came back with upper respiratory infections. Yup, not taking them there again. All of them became sick, and the hardest hit was Trouble. Our 11 year-old baby wasn’t moving, eating, drinking and couldn’t breathe that well. She went to the vet and thankfully the vet was kind enough to prescribe antibiotics to the rest without a visit. Otherwise it would have been very expensive. Trouble got more than just the antibiotics though. She has an IV she has to have daily, eye drops and her own special food, which we have to give to her by syringe. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds, but at least she is doing better. She’s more active and fighting with us over whether she really needs us to continue on with all this stuff. I think she’s has enough.

Our fat girl and Queen, Trouble.

 And in other news, I got the kids to school ok. So there is hope for me yet! Yay!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if we are still going to be moving back to Charleston this year or not with the baby on the way. Well, to be frank, we will be moving come June, just not to Charleston (unless a miracle happens). Between my health wrecking havoc on my ability to work and with Hubby still in school, there is no way we will be able to afford to move across state. Anything we had in savings has been eaten up for bills and living expenses, our credit is worthless, and we have no equity.collateral to speak of that would be able to help us out in any way. So we’re gonna be here for another year, and in the meantime, moving into a place that will hopefully have at least one more bedroom, but definetly a second bathroom and a dishwasher. Pickings are slim, but we have until June to figure it all out. But, should something happen that would allow us to go ahead and move to Charleston before next year, I’m all for it. I just am not expecting it or looking for it (already have and nothing).

Well, I am getting sleepy and would like to rest for a bit. See ya all later!


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