Go ahead, yell all you want…

Have a lot of blog ideas and I need to get going and put them here. Slowly but surely I will be. Still owe several people a blog on how I did the Minecraft cake for my thirteen year old. But today I am going to blog about something else.

Today I finally spent my birthday money. Most of that I had been holding onto since the beginning of July. You see, for a while I had been wanting a new Kindle. I love my old 2nd Generation Kindle. The e-ink was and still is my favorite feature, right next to the fact I can save money in most cases with my books AND more importantly save on space. Living in a tiny place makes you rethink and reevaluate a lot of things. Hubby and I have always had a love affair with books, and we passed that onto the Middle Child (now Thirteen!). It wasn’t until last summer we finally went through all of our books and actually downsized. We used to have at least 8 book shelves full, plus a few more boxes of books. With the baby on the way we had no choice. Thanks to the Kindle we could downsize and still have our books. We’ve kept the ones we love the most.

But I’m digressing. I have been doing the research for the better part of 7 months about the various Kindles out there. I always came back to the Touch 3G. It has everything my 2nd Gen does, with a few bells and whistles that I love. Yes, I found the Fire exciting, but the Touch 3G always caught my attention. Then when Microsoft announced the Smart Glass during E3, the Fire began courting me. I knew for my birthday I was going to get a new Kindle and I believed the Fire would be it. Especially if it proved compatible with Smart Glass. But the 3G was in the back of my mind. So cue in the week of my Birthday: Hubby and I were close to going ahead and ordering the Fire. I’d gotten several Amazon gift cards to go towards it and I was so wanting to go ahead and get it right then and there.Cue my father-in-law ;). He mentioned something about Amazon making an announcement soon about a second generation Fire.

Now, if you know the history of me and Kindles, then you know that after Hubby and his mom worked so hard together to make sure I’d get my Kindle, Amazon made an announcement roughly two weeks later about the third generation :(. Made me soooo mad. Every source we could find online about any news for the new Fire all seemed to agree that the end of July/beginning of August there would be an official announcement. So we decided to wait. And wait. And wait. Needless to say, during that time I still came back to the Touch 3G.

Just what makes that one so special? It doesn’t have a color screen. You’re limited in the number of games you can play. You can’t watch video. You can’t do this or that. Can I read a book on it? Can I surf the web a little bit to see mostly text based sites? Do I need a mini version of my laptop when my phone does that just as well? And most importantly, I’m getting older (GASP!) and the eyes are not that great. I cannot read for long on a back lit screen- my head hurts too bad and my eyes are worse.

After much reflection and more research and disappointment by Amazon, I decided today that I would give into the Touch 3G. It’ll be here tomorrow, and then the Middle Child will get my 2nd Gen Kindle. She’s excited. So am I.

There are a few out there who think I am Nucking Futs for downgrading my choice. That’s fine. Thing is, I know what I want: A simple E-reader that doesn’t do much. I love the fact that with it’s 3G capability I can shop for books and read fan fiction (GASP!) any where. The Touch covers those two things beautifully. The Fire does not. I can listen to music via my laptop, mp3 player and phone. I do not need another device to do that. I can watch videos on all those, plus the Xbox. Do I need something else that can do that too? Not really. It’s just more headaches. I wouldn’t mind a tablet one day, and maybe when they announce the Fire 2 I will want one. But, for now I am content with the basics.

Plus when Smart Glass comes out, it’ll work with my phone, so we’ll be good.

I have no idea how often I will be updating this blog or when the next entry will be up. I do want to keep this going as I miss writing all the time. And there are lots of things to update you all on, stories of the pets and game reviews. So lets see what happens.


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