Third one in a row

Ok, this is becoming a habit. Haven’t updated the blog like this in ages… Not since April of last year I think. But then again I am not quite awake so this could be me dreaming or this could get very interesting, very fast :). I promise to keep it as close to PG-13 as possible, folks, but no guarantee! Heehee.

Yesterday turned out to be a very pleasant day. It was spent with my Youngest and two of my nieces I hadn’t seen in months. it was a lot of fun. We met up at Build-A-Bear at the mall and the Youngest proceeded to go nuts there. Out of pocket the whole thing cost 21 cents. Can’t get any better than that! And she walked out with a Bear for her (her first one, though she’s gotten a trillion other animals from there) and one for her sister. They both were dressed up and each were given an accessory. So I can’t wait to see the Oldest’s face when she gets it this next weekend when we go and visit. It will be nice. After build-A-Bear we grabbed lunch at the food court and took up one of the tables (with the bar chairs that you have to climb up on! Thanks to my kid!) for a few hours just shooting the breeze and catching up. Then we went and got some cookies and checked out Boarders, which was closing down. It was sad, because even though I didn’t always get the chance to go there, they always had great sales and I could find things a lot easier than the other places. My oldest niece found a Warrior’s Manga for the Youngest and it was even cheaper than we figured. I figured 4 bucks. It was 2.97, so that was a nice addition to her day. Then sadly we had to depart. But we planned on another outing for next month and maybe we can turn this into a monthly thing. That would be nice. I have some stuff form them for the Oldest (Youngest got a bunch too!) that I need to remember to put in with the stuff that is going with us next Saturday for the visit.

The rest of the day was spent with me making a few trips out after I got home, but it was what I wanted to do anyway. That and it would mean I wouldn’t have to go out today. If we do go out today, I might take the Youngest to a few neighbor’s to sell some cookies. Which we did sell a few yesterday, as my nieces were all excited they had a direct line to the Girl Scout Cookies now. Of course, several people are. Now if I can get them to make good on their word to buy a lot, we’ll be golden! 

Vader was mad at me yesterday. Poor puppy (put in here just for the Hubby :P!) had to spend the day without me and was very insistent I was not going to leave him again. Had it not been raining last night I probably would have taken him with me to the store and to get dinner, but I don’t like muddy paw prints all over the place, so he had to stay behind. There was much pouting.

I didn’t accomplish much writing yesterday (again) BUT, I did manage to do something productive for it. You see, I write a lot of Fantasy based things that take place over huge tracks of land, and it makes it easier if I can map things out for the various places so I can keep better track of it all. So I spent a good chunk of time last night using Google to find reference points and what not, so I could create the map for this wonderful world of mine. It was much easier doing it that way than the way I used to it, which was with mountains of reference books and map books and trips to the library and banging my head against the wall. I used to have this work mapped out, but since it had been written for a gaming company, and I have to re-write the whole thing, I cannot use those maps anymore. So new ones need to be created. It was fun and it was neat to see just what Google could find for me! And I am surprised at myself that I recalled as much as I did about map making. Yup. I’m such a nerd and a dweeb all rolled up in one!

No workout yesterday. Will be doing one today. Other than that, I think working on the kids room and doing some more laundry will be about all we accomplish today. None of us are really feeling well, and didn’t get much sleep last night (this is why I don’t like metal rooks and cannot understand why people want them- it rains and you can hear EVERY little rain drop ), so I don’t think we’re going to do a lot. I think I’ll make some meatloaf for dinner tonight. And maybe some cookies, if I have the eggs. Don’t really want to leave the house, unless it’s to go up the street for a few minutes and that’s it. When it rains, the legs normally don’t like me and this morning they hate me and are getting the hands to join in. hence why I am going to make myself workout. I know I will feel better afterwords.

Ok, time to try and get the day started.

Before I go! A hearty congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on their engagement! It had been rumored for a few days due to certain pics he’d posted on Twitter, but he confirmed it yesterday I believe. They are such a cute couple and she has been good for him. Very happy for them!


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