Changes, they are a comin’…

Expect some updates to start here, soon. Expect there to be changes in appearance, some content, and life in general. Reopening the blog, will be adding advertising, and a few other things. So, it will be a lot messier around here than normal. Excuse it while the construction crews come in and out.

No worries- there will still be Vader updates ;).


Review time!

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I received my Kindle Touch 3G. I am very pleased with it. As far as eReaders go, it’s almost perfect. I have a feeling if I had gone with the Fire, I wouldn’t be as happy. I could sit here and do a side by side comparison of the Touch 3G and the Fire, but I won’t. You might find a few mentions of the Fire in the review, but I’m not here to trash it. It does it’s own job well, it’s just not meant for me. Not to say that eventually I wouldn’t want one of the Fires when they get around to releasing them. Without further ado…

As you all know by now, the eInk was the biggest seller for me. It still is. But I won’t bore you with me droning on and on about it ;). A surprising feature, an upgrade really, is the battery life. I’ll get into more detail about the 3G and wireless ability later, but for now keep in mind I do use them regularly and they are traditionally battery hogs. When running anything over a network you will use more power than if it wasn’t. If you turn your wireless card off on your laptop, you can squeeze some extra battery life out of it, and the same for your phone. The Touch 3G’s battery has not been charged since the first day. I had to charge it that day due to the number of books it downloaded (almost 300). I checked the battery last night and it’s just now getting down to the low end of the spectrum. I knew it’s battery had been worked on to extend the life, but after my 2nd Generation Kindle, where the battery would need to be charged after a while of heavy use (including net surfing) this is sweet.

There is a small learning curve with the touchscreen, but once you learn where everything is and how sensitive it is, everything runs smoothly. I don’t have to hit the screen hard to get it to respond, like I have with some touchscreen phones, and even to a degree the Kindle Fire. Just a tap and it responds. And like the other Kindles, you can set how big the text is, so if you miss something while tapping and open something completely different, it’s your fault.

I am still exploring a lot of the features on it, and it feels like a new discovery every time I do. They took everything I adored about the previous Kindles and expanded on them. I can still organize my books into collections (including any PDFs I have on there, numbering in the several hundred), highlight certain things, share it with FaceBook or Twitter and play a few games. I was thrilled that a few of my games (Every Word in particular) were able to be used on it. I still haven’t figured out how to get the Touch to show the book covers in the listings, as opposed to the book titles. Maybe I’m looking too hard, but in all the pictures of it, that’s how you see the books listed. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if I can do that or not, but the nerd in me would love it!

I have a small child in home, and this is where the push to stay with an eReader came into play. Not to get too TMI for some of you, I still nurse her and I like to play games, watch TV or read during these times. (Yes, there are times where I just spend it relishing holding my child, but if a mother says she does that each and every time, she’s a liar!) With my older one I could read a paper book, no problem. She ignored it. Not this one. She has to play and mess around, and grab everything I am working with. The case I have for the Kindle allows me to prop it up and be able to read. I have it just out of reach for little hands and I don’t have to physically flip the page- just tap it and done.

I was shocked at how much lighter it was to my previous Kindle. It’s almost like you are holding a piece of paper, only sturdier. This is nice for those times the baby does happen to grab for it and it lands on her. Yes, I still worry about possible injury, but it will take a lot more than it slipping out of my hand to cause a serious problem.

Speaking of which, it has been dropped a few times. And survived. I am clumsy and suffer from butterfingers. The Touch 3G handled the few drops it had before I got the case for it, and with it’s case I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about unless I get really pissed and throw it. And for those interested, here’s the case I bought.You can do a search for Case Crown’s on Amazon and be wowed like I was at all the different ones they make. And what is the best about them, you get quality for less money. We haven’t paid more then ten dollars for the cases for our Kindles, and they work beautifully. I picked one up for Hubby’s Fire and he loves it. He can prop it on it’s side and watch videos or read an article that way. And both cases are pretty sturdy, and secure the devices inside so there is little to no fear of it slipping out. Haven’t taken a hammer to it to see if it would protect the screen, but it feels like it would do it’s job from any run of the mill accidents.

I think about the only thing I dislike about it, is it is not truly a 3G device. You have access to AT&T’s 3G network (as evidenced by all the ads they have on it, which is no longer a choice.). Only you don’t have free reign access, like with the previous Kindles. With my 2nd Gen, I could go online with it and be anywhere. As long as there was a cell tower nearby, I was gold. With the Touch 3G, you have access to a few things unrestricted. You can download your books, and the Amazon store with no problem. However, most other surfing on the web requires a wireless connection. Considering I have my own set up at home and most everywhere else has WiFi available, this isn’t that big of a problem, but it’s not what I was expecting, especially since the reason behind the ads was to help pay for the 3G usage. Then again, this is AT&T we’re talking about and they are far from being a favorite of mine. But, if this is the only thing I have found wrong with it, then I can deal with it.

I am currently reading Game of Thrones and Hunger Games on it, and the Touch is working smoothly. When I tap it to go to the next page, there is next to no delay. The only time I’ve noticed one was if I was downloading something, and it wasn’t for very long. With my 2nd Gen, there often was a delay between pages, even when I wasn’t doing anything else on it. The books downloaded seamlessly, in all my collection folders, so there was very little re-organizing to do. Set-up was hassle free.When I first turned it on, it went straight to the hand book so you could learn what to do ASAP, especially considering there are only two buttons on the entire device- the power button and the Home button. Note that neither are labeled.

I honestly think the only other complaint I have about the Touch 3G is that is doesn’t come in other colors. But unlike the majority of it predecessors, it comes in a color I don’t mind so much, and the case I got is black and that works for me.

All in all, very pleased with it. Yes, I would highly recommend this to someone who wants an eReader. Even if they’ve never owned one before. It is very simple and easy to use, which is great. I have enough complications in life. Don’t need to add more to it :)! So thank you to those who made it possible for me to get my Touch 3G! Love you all for it and it is a gift I will love and cherish for a long while!

In other news…

Still working on getting this blog back up and running. I think I’ve got a decent enough start here with the past two entries. Just need to find more time to do it. But since the kids are in school and Hubby is gone during the day, I should be able to find more time. Right now, I’ll be happy with a once a week entry. I would prefer almost daily ones, as I miss writing those. But, baby steps. And I have other things that I need to work on, so once a week is my goal.

Feel free to post a comment here, on my FaceBook, Twitter or even over at RoosterTeeth, telling me I’m full of shit and don’t know what I’m talking about :P. Baby is waking up so I need to do a quick edit and go get her. Cheerios and Blue’s Clues time!

Go ahead, yell all you want…

Have a lot of blog ideas and I need to get going and put them here. Slowly but surely I will be. Still owe several people a blog on how I did the Minecraft cake for my thirteen year old. But today I am going to blog about something else.

Today I finally spent my birthday money. Most of that I had been holding onto since the beginning of July. You see, for a while I had been wanting a new Kindle. I love my old 2nd Generation Kindle. The e-ink was and still is my favorite feature, right next to the fact I can save money in most cases with my books AND more importantly save on space. Living in a tiny place makes you rethink and reevaluate a lot of things. Hubby and I have always had a love affair with books, and we passed that onto the Middle Child (now Thirteen!). It wasn’t until last summer we finally went through all of our books and actually downsized. We used to have at least 8 book shelves full, plus a few more boxes of books. With the baby on the way we had no choice. Thanks to the Kindle we could downsize and still have our books. We’ve kept the ones we love the most.

But I’m digressing. I have been doing the research for the better part of 7 months about the various Kindles out there. I always came back to the Touch 3G. It has everything my 2nd Gen does, with a few bells and whistles that I love. Yes, I found the Fire exciting, but the Touch 3G always caught my attention. Then when Microsoft announced the Smart Glass during E3, the Fire began courting me. I knew for my birthday I was going to get a new Kindle and I believed the Fire would be it. Especially if it proved compatible with Smart Glass. But the 3G was in the back of my mind. So cue in the week of my Birthday: Hubby and I were close to going ahead and ordering the Fire. I’d gotten several Amazon gift cards to go towards it and I was so wanting to go ahead and get it right then and there.Cue my father-in-law ;). He mentioned something about Amazon making an announcement soon about a second generation Fire.

Now, if you know the history of me and Kindles, then you know that after Hubby and his mom worked so hard together to make sure I’d get my Kindle, Amazon made an announcement roughly two weeks later about the third generation :(. Made me soooo mad. Every source we could find online about any news for the new Fire all seemed to agree that the end of July/beginning of August there would be an official announcement. So we decided to wait. And wait. And wait. Needless to say, during that time I still came back to the Touch 3G.

Just what makes that one so special? It doesn’t have a color screen. You’re limited in the number of games you can play. You can’t watch video. You can’t do this or that. Can I read a book on it? Can I surf the web a little bit to see mostly text based sites? Do I need a mini version of my laptop when my phone does that just as well? And most importantly, I’m getting older (GASP!) and the eyes are not that great. I cannot read for long on a back lit screen- my head hurts too bad and my eyes are worse.

After much reflection and more research and disappointment by Amazon, I decided today that I would give into the Touch 3G. It’ll be here tomorrow, and then the Middle Child will get my 2nd Gen Kindle. She’s excited. So am I.

There are a few out there who think I am Nucking Futs for downgrading my choice. That’s fine. Thing is, I know what I want: A simple E-reader that doesn’t do much. I love the fact that with it’s 3G capability I can shop for books and read fan fiction (GASP!) any where. The Touch covers those two things beautifully. The Fire does not. I can listen to music via my laptop, mp3 player and phone. I do not need another device to do that. I can watch videos on all those, plus the Xbox. Do I need something else that can do that too? Not really. It’s just more headaches. I wouldn’t mind a tablet one day, and maybe when they announce the Fire 2 I will want one. But, for now I am content with the basics.

Plus when Smart Glass comes out, it’ll work with my phone, so we’ll be good.

I have no idea how often I will be updating this blog or when the next entry will be up. I do want to keep this going as I miss writing all the time. And there are lots of things to update you all on, stories of the pets and game reviews. So lets see what happens.

Couponing for the non-extreme

Howdy all. I know, it’s been way too long since an update. I tried a few times (even have an unfinished Dragon Age entry), but wordpress decided it wasn’t going to cooperate, so we’re gonna try here. Wish me luck…

I have been on Maternity Leave since June 1st. Not bed rest, and hopefully won’t be on that, but the pain was becoming too hard to handle, causing cramping and other unpleasantness. So between the boss and the doc, they both agreed it was time. I have been feeling better, somewhat. I say somewhat in that I have had more good days than bad ones, but overall, not much has changed. I still feel pain, my body lets me know when I overdo it (which I try not to, but it’s not easy), and I still have eating issues. On the bright side in the last month I’ve put on 9 pounds :). I about hugged the nurse when I saw the first five of that gain. I know that the old addage of a pregnant woman is supposed to gain weight really isn’t true. It doesn’t really matter TOO much how much mom weighs, as long as the uterus and baby are growing at a normal rate. Somehow this little bugger has managed to keep growing, even with me shrinking. But it was a mental thing for me. I like loosing weight at a healthy rate, and the rate I was loosing it at (reference last posted journal entry for hell with stomach), not the quick pace I was loosing it. Thankfully, even with as sick as I got with my Gall Bladder, baby was not harmed by it. But I still about hugged the nurse :).

Hubby has a nice new job now, working as a Line Cook for a pretty upscale restaurant in Greenville. So far so good. Kids are doing good, helping out around the house, doing some baking and lots of gaming and movie watching. The garden hasn’t been doing too well. Most everything could not handle the intense heat we had for a while and then the torrential downpours that would occur here and there.

A bit of sad news. Trouble, our 11 year-old Queen of the House kitty, passed away in May. Well, it was more of a thing that we had to put her down. If you know anything about cats and their weight, here’s a scary figure for you. In March when the upper respiratory illness hit, she weighed over ten pounds. When we took her in May to see just what might be done to help her, she weighed about 6-7 pounds. She lost a third of her bodyweight, which is not good for the smaller guys. She wasn’t moving, wasn’t eating, drinking, nothing. We could barely get a reaction out of her at times. So the decision, sadly enough the day after Hubby’s graduation from Culinary School, we put her down. There was nothing we could do. No guarantee that she’d be better or worse. It wasn’t easy as she’d been apart of our lives for so long. We still catch ourselves looking for her. The pain of loosing her has died down a little, but her legacy still lives on. She has a brother in Charleston and a few of the younger kittens are trying to vie for the spot of Tubby. I don’t have the heart to tell them that there will always only be ONE Tubby.

Ok, now for some fun, or not so fun stuffs. Since I’m on leave, and not bringing ANY money in right now, things are very tight and pretty frustrating. We do get food stamps and a few family members and friends have been kind enough to help where they can (though it’s never expected, but always appreciated). The move has been put off indefinitely. If I were able to work now, it’d take place shortly after the baby is born. But, even though we’ve tried looking, there isn’t anything out there we can afford right now.

That brought the house to do the declutter project, if you follow me on FaceBook, you know all about it. What was supposed to only be a two-three week project took us about a month and a half to complete. But we have a little bit more space (that is quickly being filled by baby stuffs), a lot less trash, about 4 boxes of books went to the library and a grand total of about 11 boxes to Goodwill. One box is still waiting its trip to Goodwill, but that will happen this week.

And yes, we take our unwanted stuff to Goodwill. As long as it’s in good shape. We used to bother with the flea market, but after the last trip there where it cost more getting there and paying for the table and hauling the stuff back, we decided no more. And this way we give back to the community, and it benefits everyone. The books, we decided were not going to Goodwill. Nope, the library was the place of choice on that one. We actually donated enough to get rid of a poor, way out of shape bookshelf and still have room to add more books later :).

One way we have been working on saving money has been with coupons. I’ve dabbled with them through out the years, but nothing very serious. It was always hard to keep up with and I ended up with more expired ones than I did use. Well, a friend turned me onto the Southern Savers website. And then I noticed the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC. Needless to say I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks that have been most helpful in stretching an almost non-existent budget. Now before you call “Horders”, I am not, nor will I ever be like the extreme couponers. In fact one thing I dislike about that show is that what they don’t tell you (most of the time) is that these people do not always go out on these huge shopping trips. And the stockpile they have? Most of them have been building it for a long time, with small trips here and there. I still will never get to that level, especially not now. I don’t have the patience for it. But I have picked up some stuff, as I said earlier, that has helped me to get us the things we need and not spend so much for it.

I don’t go dumpster diving, steal papers from foreclosed homes, or beg for coupon inserts. You will never see me do that stuff. Goes against several of my pet peeves. I do have a binder for my coupons, though. I doubt it will ever be bigger than the 1 1/2″ it’s all in now, which suits me fine. It’s just easier to plan shopping trips this way. So trick/tip #1 from the websites and show. At most, you will see me pick up four Sunday papers from our local Wal-Mart. I get it from there because the Wal-Marts in our area have a deal with our major local newspaper. The Sunday edition is only 0.98 when normal price is about $1.50-2.00. And with the way the hands are some days, four is the most I feel I can handle when it comes to cutting them all out. That and I don’t want to hog all the papers. Now as far as finding out which week I get four, or just one, or none at all, I go to the Southern Savers site. They do a preview of the next weeks inserts, so usually about Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be able to decide. Trick/Tip #2. I also do spend a bit of time at the computer hunting down coupons. I use the database and links supplied by Southern Savers and The Krazy Coupon Lady. I also go to the manufacturers websites and sign up and am able to often get good ones that really help out for things we need.

Which brings me to another thing about why I could never go to the extreme. How many of them get this work in their favor is they buy everything they have a coupon for (90% of the time combined with a sale) and they use it. That’s nice when you have skin that will tolerate anything you put on it. A Hubby who does not have a restrictive diet. And the list goes on. I cannot do that. So I hunt down the coupons for things we need and can use. Sometimes we try new stuff with the coupons, but for the most part, certain items have to be purchased, regardless of sale or coupon, because that’s what we have to use. Maybe one day I may try the extreme route and donate to a charity(s) the majority of the stuff. But that is a long way off.

Another trick/tip I’ve picked up through all of this, is calling or e-mailng the manufacturer and asking them coupons. Or just by thanking them for supplying a great product. This has helped me with buying the Dreft laundry soap for the baby, as well as helped with the cats and the cat litter. Our local Bi-Lo had the Tidy Cats litter on sale for 4.99/14 lb container. I had two $2.00 off coupons any size that I’d gotten from calling Purina. I bought three of them, spending only 10.97 for 42 lbs as opposed to what I normally end up spending for one 32 lb container at Wal-Mart for about $12. A pretty decent savings.

And here’s tip/trick #4: combing coupons with sales. If I take the time and plan out each trip, especially if the store of choice has a lot of stuff Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales, I can typically save about 50% on the entire bill. Nothing like the TV, but still very helpful and ensures we get what we need. After you take out the food stamp money from the order, the actual out-of-pocket cost is very low, it’s refreshing.

So far the couponing hasn’t been a huge help in the bill shrinking department, but it certainly hasn’t increased it at all. And it helped out big time when I received a few gift cards and checks to buy things for the baby. Since I didn’t have to pay much for the smaller ticket items thanks to the coupons, I was able to pick up a few bigger ticket items needed for the baby. But as I get more into a rhythm with couponing and learn more, we might see it helping to shrink the household bills more. It would be nice.

So, you see, you don’t have to be an extremist with this stuff. In fact, thanks to an increase of extremists, a lot of stores are changing their policies to dissuade people from doing so. It pays to get familiar with a store or two, especially if their policy with coupons is more friendly. I’ve discovered I save more when I go to Publix and Bi-Lo. And a bonus with Bi-Lo, they have a fuel perks program that goes off the entire bill BEFORE coupons and sales, so no matter how little I actually pay for my trip, I get the full amount for the fuel perks. Which has helped tremendously. Wal-Mart I can’t save that much to save my life, so I only go there for items that we need that I know are not on sale at other places. I still try to make sure I have a coupon, though ;).

Ok, that’s it. I’m done in. Time to proofread and grab something to eat and rest for a while this afternoon. Girls helped in getting a lot of stuff done. I still have a few things, but I did manage to get most of it done earlier. Just a little here and there. I’m off!

Baby news and other stuff.

Ok, for those not on my FaceBook or Twitter, or I don’t have ANY way of contacting you, I have a baby update: IT’S GONNA BE A GIRL! Yes, we were hoping for a boy since all we have is girls, but as long as it’s healthy and makes it to full term, we’re happy. We went for the ultrasound this morning to find out. And so far so good, baby looks healthy, and she was moving all over the place. During the part where it counted (as far as gender is concerned) she was still and we got a good look. Twice.

Baby is due the end of August and we can’t wait. Still tons to do before she gets here, but we’re working on it. Some things are done, and many are in progress.

Oh, and for those asking- I do not want a baby shower before the baby is born, if you are so inclined to throw me one. I will not stop anyone that wants to. But, please, respect my wishes on this one. The last one was born the day of hers, and there have been quite a few among family and friends that have had similar things happen. And this does not mean you can’t send any gifts or anything for baby, if you want to. I just don’t want a gathering or get together till after the fact. Plus, if a certain child the Hubby had is any indication, even with the increases of technology, it’s NEVER a guarantee.

Ok, other stuff. Earth Day is coming up, and though I’m all for saving the planet, I have to wonder about how a lot of people go about doing it. I scratch my head a lot and have to think real hard about just how “Earth Friendly” is what it is you are using/doing? A lot of times I can’t think of any way it really is. And that’s the sad part.

One of those things is Earth Hour. On paper, a wonderful idea, and even the founders have said that its main purpose is to raise awareness and get people more active in switching their lifestyles. That’s good. By all means I am not against that, as long as people follow-up on those changes in said lifestyle and make sure they really are good/better for the environment. Sadly there is one thing that my little pea brain cannot wrap itself around, and perhaps there is someone out there who can help me see that this, in fact, does not happen. When you run a business that has A LOT of electrical items (computers, kitchen items, etc) and they are considered to be electric HOGS (ie, uses a lot of electricity), one of the last things any business owner wants it’s everything to be TURNED ON AT THE SAME TIME. Shut off at the same time, fine. That’s no problem. What the problem and concern is the power surge that occurs as you are turning all these things on. It can run up the electric bill greatly and in some cases, dangerous. Granted the power grid and most electrical things are built better and can compensate for this, but not EVERY building out there can afford or whatever, the new fangled stuff they need. And here is my fear with Earth Hour.

Thinking about what I just said about Power Surges, and think about this. Take a small town that DOES not have the greatest running power plant. The area is too small to justify spending all the money needed right now to upgrade it, to make it more efficient. Chances are, if the population of said town is small enough that there won’t be much hoopla after they TURN their lights back on. But it could cause problems. Remember, the place is old and not upgraded. And yes, those places do exist.

Now think about a city. Maybe New York city, with one of the largest city populations in the USA. Granted, they have a lot of power plants and I imagine a lot of them are in better shape than the last one I mentioned. It has, as of the last census, 8,274,527 people living in it. If ALL of them, or the majority of them, turned off their lights at the same time, no problem. It’d just be really dark. But can you imagine the stress and strain it would have on the Power Grid? That scares me. It could cause major problems within one of the old apartment buildings (not all of them are like you see on Selling New York), and possibly a fire or a longer term blackout. I don’t even want to venture the worst case scenario for the power plants. Plus depending on how the electric companies charge, you could see a higher bill.

Now, there is another concern I have here. Do the people who start things like this actually research a lot of the things that are involved? Is it really more environmentally safe to use candles over lightbulbs? Would they be willing to give up their precious cell phones that are made from oil products? Do they really believe that if we went totally over to solar panels and windmills that we’ll be able to keep up any kind of quality of life?

A company recently decided to change the packaging of some of their cookies to try to help the environment. They went from cardboard to a plastic cover. They had been using recycled cardboard to begin with. Plastic is made from oil. The same oil that we had to deal with the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The same oil used to make gasoline that creates a lot of emissions bad for the air. The same oil, that when you make something out of it, is not biodegradable. And depending on what kind of methods you use, etc, it may not be recyclable. Tell me how smart that was.

Honestly, it feels like people are trying to hard, and several in the wrong direction. And just like with many things, the general public will automatically deem it as fact without researching it for themselves to make sure. That’s honestly the scariest part of all of this. We do need to make sure we take care of the environment. We really do only have one planet and things aren’t looking the greatest for her right now (but I doubt it’s as bad as the media says. The same media that like to sensationalize everything), and we should raise awareness.

But don’t be stupid. Ask questions. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten a good enough answer, or you know it to be wrong, keep asking, and keep searching. And as I’ve said, if there is anyone out there who can verify or disprove what I have said about the power grids, I would love to hear from you. It is something that I am genuinely curious about, and wonder about the exact impact it would have.

Next time: Vacation update, Dragon Age II review and a bunch of craziness :).

Figure it’s about time to update…

Well, vacation started today, sometime after 11 AM. And even though I had to go pick up soon-to-be-Middle child from school early (allergies hit her hard- the pollen has been so thick that it’s like we’re swimming in it), so far so good. Yes, my nails are painted :P. And I napped, even though it didn’t really help (naps and I rarely get along). Now, for the first week of my two glorious weeks off, I’m gonna be pretty busy. Girl Scouts, Family stuff, helping friends, and yard work, plus housework. All kinds of stuff. Then the second week, the girls have their Spring Break from school. Plan on a few things, but think on the whole, we’ll be doing a whole lotta nothing. Long over due I think.

Vader is happy. Mommy will be home for two weeks. As fr as he’s concerned Mommy does not have to leave ever again without him. Ever. He always starts pouting when he sees me in my work uniform. He’s worse when I leave the house in the morning to take the kids to school, not in uniform and he has to get into his crate. Cujo, well, the old fart is used to this stuff. Vader is also a momma’s boy to the extreme. Yes, we’re checking into to ways and talking to vets and doctors about the best ways to keep puppy from becoming jealous of the baby when he gets here.

Vader and Cujo, the puppy and the old fart.

Over the next two weeks, I should be updating the blog more. I do want to review Dragon Age II. Have been working on my third play through on the game, and I have things I love and adore and things that have been steadily getting on my nerves. Love the game, but frankly there are times when it feels like they rushed it. Maybe it’s just me. Dunno.

Kitty update! Boomer, last night, decided he was going to help the girls with the laundry. He and his litter mates typically do, and they love the dryer. When I was a kid, we had this one cat, Muffin, who ended up going for a VERY short spin in the dryer. Ever since then I’ve been checking the dryer whenever the cats are around. The older ones don’t care much for it, but from Tux on down, they all love it. Especially if there are nice, warm clothes in it. Anywho, a little while later I walked down the hallway to my room, and I hear this cat yowling. At first it sounded like it was coming from under the house, as we have a few strays and outdoor kitties that sometimes camp out there. Then I thought of the time about a week or so ago when Zombie figured out a way into the air vents. So I had the girls help me do a cat head count. Boomer was the only one unaccounted for. The yowling was still going on, but it wasn’t coming from the vents. I opened the dryer door, and there he was! Thank the gods it was empty and hadn’t been running. And you know what? When I was checking on the clothes in the dryer this morning, guess who decided to get back into it??? Oi vey!

Boomer, snuggled up next to Vader.

Baby update: After loosing six pounds from when I couldn’t eat for that week, well I am happy to say that I gained three back since then. I have never been happier about gaining weight, especially since I’ve been steadily working on loosing some since the pain issues began. And baby is growing at a nice, normal rate. The amnio test came back negative, so no defects. And the heart rate is still going strong. Still no clue as to what exactly is wrong with my stomach. The blood work came back normal. So now it’s just sit and wait for the baby to be born, hope it doesn’t get worse, and then do some tests. Joy. But the baby is doing fine, and right now, that’s good for me.

And yes, it will be a boy. I have enough girls, and seeing as how this will be my last, I want a boy. So, a boy I will have :p. Confirmation next Friday.

And to all you very lucky people who are going to RTX, RoosterTeeth’s first official convention, in Austin this year, you better have lots of fun, drink lots of booze, and take care of the guys for me! Wish I could be there, but even if money weren’t a factor, my health is, so life sucks. And don’t forget about pictures! I want lots and lots of pictures!

A bunch of the RT guys as their Sim selfs. From the Strangerhood.

If you are a friend of mine on FaceBook, then you have heard me talk occasionally about a friend of mine who lives in Tripoli, Libya. Well, he had decided to stay there after it hit the fan, and even started his own reporting on the events there, giving us a view that Ghadaffi (or however they have chosen to spell it ATM) wouldn’t let our reporters have. He’s apart of the RoosterTeeth community and amazingly, that was one of the very few social sites not blocked by the Libyan gov’t. Well, for a long while things went dark, and a lot of us were getting worried for him, especially when one of the last postings he did spoke of house searches and people being taken away. Thankfully we finally heard from him, and he is safe and sound, and no longer in Libya. Things were getting worse and I’m glad he finally left. Proud of him for what he did while there, and proud of him for making his way out. Here’s to you Madman!

Let’s see, what else? Not sure. Getting a little sleepy, and it’s about time for the meds :(. The cats are kicking their oats all over the place and Vader is on the bed, pouting that I’m not back there yet. It’s past his bedtime, you know.

Oh, Stargate Universe! Will have to do a proper review soon, but I think I may have a marathon viewing of the past few episodes first. Still makes me mad that they canceled it. And yes, once SGU is done, I am done with SyFy. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve invested years into a channel that was supposed to cater to my geek and nerd sides, and more and more, it does not. It allows more crap in as well as things that have no place there. But I’ve ranted and raved about that time and again, haven’t I? At least SGU hasn’t been letting me down. Show is still good, even if Telford is back on Earth. Wish he wasn’t. Loved having him on Destiny. And as for the latest episode: It was great seeing McKay and Woolsey again. Though I would have put Daniel (even with his history with the planet) to negotiate with the Langarens. He always seems to be able to talk himself into and out of any kind of situation, and he is a bit more of a people person than McKay. But, it was McKay’s formula they were pitching, so I guess so.

Still the favorite, Col Telford *sigh*

More later guys. Vader and my bed are calling!

Really people? Seriously?

Check this link out, and if you are a gamer, I’ll give you a few minutes to recover from laughing too hard, cleaning up the soda you just spewed and to pick yourselves up off the floor. The headline reads: ‘Zombies Ahead’, Warns Electronic Road Sign in SC. Nothing new as there were at least three other places hit with the same thing two years ago. What is so funny is the fact that this one gets specific about warning you against Hunters and Tanks. This is where being a gamer comes in. Hunters and Tanks are a type of Zombie from the Left 4 Dead series. And if you are a blog regular, you know that we have named several of our cats after those same Zombies (though Hunter is now called Moxie by her new owner). When I saw this article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This is Tank...
and this little cutey is Hunter/Moxie. I'm glad they weren't sighted when that alert went out. I think Grandma and I would have had a heart attack not knowing how they could have gotten out and that far away!

 In other news, I’m doing so-so. Going to attempt to take the kids to school for the first time in a week. Couldn’t last week because I wasn’t feeling good and/or the meds made me too loopy to drive. So I am going to try today. No meds and I feel kinda sorta ok. So we will see.

The cats in general are all doing better. Can’t remember and feeling to lazy to check if I did post this earlier, but we got all six kittens fixed. And four of them came back with upper respiratory infections. Yup, not taking them there again. All of them became sick, and the hardest hit was Trouble. Our 11 year-old baby wasn’t moving, eating, drinking and couldn’t breathe that well. She went to the vet and thankfully the vet was kind enough to prescribe antibiotics to the rest without a visit. Otherwise it would have been very expensive. Trouble got more than just the antibiotics though. She has an IV she has to have daily, eye drops and her own special food, which we have to give to her by syringe. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds, but at least she is doing better. She’s more active and fighting with us over whether she really needs us to continue on with all this stuff. I think she’s has enough.

Our fat girl and Queen, Trouble.

 And in other news, I got the kids to school ok. So there is hope for me yet! Yay!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if we are still going to be moving back to Charleston this year or not with the baby on the way. Well, to be frank, we will be moving come June, just not to Charleston (unless a miracle happens). Between my health wrecking havoc on my ability to work and with Hubby still in school, there is no way we will be able to afford to move across state. Anything we had in savings has been eaten up for bills and living expenses, our credit is worthless, and we have no equity.collateral to speak of that would be able to help us out in any way. So we’re gonna be here for another year, and in the meantime, moving into a place that will hopefully have at least one more bedroom, but definetly a second bathroom and a dishwasher. Pickings are slim, but we have until June to figure it all out. But, should something happen that would allow us to go ahead and move to Charleston before next year, I’m all for it. I just am not expecting it or looking for it (already have and nothing).

Well, I am getting sleepy and would like to rest for a bit. See ya all later!